Will Windows 7 get new Chrome updates after January 2020?

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Since Windows 7 is soon to reach the end of its life in January 2020, many users are wondering what will happen with the software support for this OS.

One good example is that of Google Chrome, as many users are wondering whether or not the browser will continue to offer updates to the discontinued OS.

Can someone from Google please clarify if it is intended to continue providing updates to chrome for Windows 7 users after support for the latter ceases in January 2020?

No official statement has come from either Microsoft or Google representatives, but users continue to speculate.

UPDATE: Google recently offered an official statement on this matter. You can read more about it in this article.

Should Windows 7 receive Chrome updates post-2020?

Some users believe that Google Chrome will follow the trend that it did back when Windows XP got discontinued. Just like Windows 7, Windows XP got extended support for an extra 2 years before being completely shelved.

At that time, major software developers continued to offer updates during this extended period. This included Google Chrome as well.

If history is to repeat itself, users are expecting Google Chrome to continue offering updates for another 2 years for the Windows 7 OS.

I’m taking a guess that as long as Cygwin supports Windows 7 (which should be for as long as Cygwin doesn’t use any new Windows 8.1/10 constructs), Google Chrome will also be supported on Windows 7. Something similar happened to Windows XP where when Cygwin lost support for it, Google Chrome did the same. Of course, this is speculation. Google might do something different entirely.

Given that no official response has come, one can only speculate what the outcome may be.

Do you believe that Google Chrome should receive updates for Windows 7 ? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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