Windows 7 market shares drops below 40 percent and Windows 10 takes over

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Microsoft hasn’t provided the exact figure for Windows 10 adoption recently, but the Windows 10 mobile OS has been doing pretty well in the phone market as we reported for the previous month.

The new market share figures emerged from StatCounter, show that the adoption rate of Redmond’s OS Windows 10, has grown noticeably and has ultimately impacted the Windows 7 market share which has dropped below 40%. The current figure for Windows 7 is 39.93 percent, and these stats show that it is certainly the first time since the OS’s debut in 2009, that its market shares have dropped to such a large degree.

Windows 10 is substantially establishing its dominance over Windows 7 as the top desktop operating system around the world. While it is still a little behind Windows 7, but from stats that we have reported in the previous months, it is only a matter of time untilWindows 10 completely steals the limelight and officially becomes the most used desktop OS globally, which is anticipated to happen by the end of this year.

The August 2016 market share figures for Windows 10 are 24.43 percent, which not only puts it as a runner-up for the most adopted OS but also puts it ahead of its predecessor Windows 8.1, and its competitor Mac OS X.

Holding the bronze medal in the race is the Apple OS X (soon be macOS), with 9.87 percent of the market share. Held aback are Windows 8.1 with 8.36 percent and Windows XP, which has dropped to 5.85 percent. Seems like it was about time, users moved away from the OS that was launched 15 years ago.

Is it because of the free Windows 10 upgrade campaign?

Well surprisingly No! The good news for Microsoft is that the number of Windows 10 downloads and upgrades are growing even after their free upgrade campaign period had ended on July 29. Starting from August, the promo ended and users had to pay to perform the switch.

Microsoft foresees further escalation in the Windows 10 share by the end of this year, especially after they released their Anniversary update. Many corporations are in the channeling phase of Windows 10 and were awaiting the Anniversary update before further implementation and now that the update has been released, the numbers are expected to go up by a massive figure.

For more information regarding developments in Windows 10 market shares, stay tuned and we’ll bring you the latest news.


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