Windows 7 is the second most popular OS among gamers

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Valve just provided some new data gathered by its Steam gaming platform which reveals some interesting piece of news. Even if Windows 10 is the primary choice for Steam users, Windows 7 is the operating system with the fastest rate of growth.

Steam users love Windows 7

It turns out that a significant share of Steam users use Windows 7 to play their favorite games. According to Valve, the 64-bit version of Windows 10 experienced a share increase of 0.44% in August, for a total of 50.03%. The 32-bit version dropped with 0.27%, reaching 0.63%. This means that, overall, Windows 10 is currently powering 50.66% of the systems that have Steam installed.

All other versions of Windows saw a decline in user share in August, with the most significant decline seen in the 32-bit version of Windows 7, shedding 0.96% to 3.12%. The good news is that Windows continues to remain the leading desktop OS for playing games on Steam with 96.30% overall.

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update brings lots of goodies to gamers

Microsoft is getting ready for the big launch of the new version of Windows 10 on October 17, so save the date. The company will include a few improvements for gamers in this version of Windows 10 but it remains to be seen if they will help boost Windows 10’s share on Steam.

Until now, Windows 7 was the operating system that managed to survive the Windows 10 push, despite going down from more than 50% before the launch of the newest version of Windows.

Microsoft might have to worry about the fact that users don’t really want to let go of Windows 7 even if in January 2020 the OS will not be supported anymore.



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