Windows 7 users still not ready to upgrade to Windows 10

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Windows 7 users are not ready to upgrade

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The recent April 2019 report by NetMarketShare revealed that Windows 7 users are not giving up on their favourite operating system.

The latest figures show that only 0.09% of Windows 7 users upgraded to Windows 10 after Microsoft officially announced the end of support deadline.

As a quick reminder, Microsoft is all set to end official support for Windows 7 in just around 8 months’ time. The company will no longer release security updates and patches after January 2020.

The tech giant is trying very hard to upgrade to convince its users to make the transition to Windows 10. However, despite all its efforts, the market share of Windows 10 increased from 43.62% to only 44.10%. 

Windows 7 is very popular in the business environment

However, it should be noticed that there are thousands of businesses around the world that are still operating on a Windows 7 environment.

Upgrading to Windows 10 overnight is not a feasible option for them. Alternatively, they will have to pay thousands of dollars to receive extended security updates beyond that period.

As a matter of fact, the upgrade is crucial for them to avoid malicious attacks.

A similar situation was faced by Windows XP users back in 2017. Although Microsoft ended official support for the OS, it had to release an update after a devastating WannaCry malware attack.

This time, Microsoft wants to avoid falling into the same trap again. The tech giant is highly encouraging its users to upgrade to the latest version of Windows.

Interestingly, if you have a Microsoft 365 Business license, you can enjoy a free upgrade to Windows 10.

Upgrade your PC ASAP

Apparently, Windows 7 users are not yet ready to give up on their OS. The upgrade is a real mess for large organisations that are comfortable on a Windows 7 environment.

Furthermore, individual Windows 7 users find it as extremely simple and user-friendly. Windows 10 can turn out to be a nightmare for some of them. Many users want to avoid the bugs that come along with Windows 10.

However, the upgrade seems to be a viable option if we dive deep into the details. You can not afford to lose your sensitive information just because of your favorite operating system.

Once Windows 7 retires, more and more attackers will try to take advantage of the situation. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you should plan to take the leap as soon as possible.



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