Compass+ app lets you check cardinal directions in Windows 10, 8

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Technology is making huge progresses with every year and Window 10, 8 tablets are right in the middle. Your Windows 10, 8 slate can do so many things, and yes, if you were wondering, there are even Windows 10, 8 compass apps that you can use to see cardinal directions.

Compass+ isn’t the single compass app available for Windows 10, 8 users, but it’s the one that I like the most and have tested it both on my Windows 10, 8.1 tablet and my desktop laptop and can vouch for its usability. Of course, if you will use it on a Windows 10, 8 laptop or any device that doesn’t have the magnetic sensor built-in, it will only tell you the location. If you’re interested, you can also check out some GPS apps to be used on your Windows 10, 8 tablet, as well.

Compass+ for Windows 10, 8 is a great navigation tool

Turn your Windows 8 device into a compass. Great for outdoor navigation and geocaching. Hardware compass only!

The app is really, really easy to use and there aren’t too many features, just as you would expect from a basic utensil like the compass. By using the Compass+ app on your Windows 10, 8 tablet, you will be able to enjoy outdoor navigation and geocaching activities. We will soon a review a geocaching app for Windows 10, 8, so stay tuned.

Compass+ has a reference angle and it shows your position from satellite, and also comes with the option of sharing your location. As you will change your location and you will keep your Windows 10, 8 tablet, the compass will change and will indicate the cardinal directions – North, South, East and West.

Download Compass+ app for Windows 10, 8

If you don’t really like the UI of this app, here are other compass apps that you can download from the Microsoft Store:

  • Swift Compass: This app has mostly positive reviews and users appreciate its accuracy. It works with both GPS or your built-in digital compass and it’s very useful if you often go hiking as it shows altitude and speed when moving.
  • Compass App: As its name suggests, this app helps you to quickly get your bearings. In terms of features, you can snap view, pinch and zoom, swipe to rotate, and more.


Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in January 2014 and has been since updated for freshness, and accuracy.


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