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  • Graphic designers know that using stylish fonts can spruce up any image, presentation or poster. 
  • To install fonts in Windows 10, all you need to do is download the file and drag in the Fonts area in Windows Settings.
  • We have a comprehensive collection of Windows 10 Tips you should know to make your life easier. Have a look and start saving time.
  • If you want to become a Windows expert and start fixing your own PC, have a look at our in-depth Tutorial Section.
add and remove fonts in Windows

A great way to customize your Windows 10 computer is to change the default fonts and add custom designs, that you can use in any graphics program, like Art Text.

Or course, it won’t change your creations as dramatically as a photo effect or another visual customization, but it will complete the effect you want to achieve and make more flowing.

Even if Windows versions have changed over time, the process of installing custom fonts has remained the same. As you will see here, installing and deleting fonts can be done with great ease by anyone and it doesn’t require much training.

Installing new fonts on Windows 10 isn’t hard, and in this article, we’re going to cover the following topics:

  • Fonts folder windows 10 – Fonts folder is located in Control Panel in Windows and it holds all your fonts. You can install new fonts simply by moving them to the Fonts folder.
  • How to install fonts Windows 10 – Installing new fonts on Windows 10 is same as on any other version of Windows.
  • Adding fonts to Windows 10 – Adding new fonts to Windows 10 is relatively simple, and you can do that with just a couple of clicks.

What are Windows font packs and how to change them?

  1. Where to find Windows 10 Fonts?
  2. Installing Fonts in Windows 10 
  3. Uninstalling Windows 10 Fonts

Where to find  Windows 10 Fonts?

1. [Recommended] Adobe Fonts

For customising your system as well as content creation, you will need to find quality fonts. With thousands of fonts and a reputation for top-notch quality and security, Adobe Fonts is our preferred platform for getting custom fonts.

With Adobe Fonts, you can take all the guess-work out of font installation, and you have the added benefit of knowing that these have been tested and work perfectly with all Creative Cloud apps.

All the fonts available on Adobe Fonts are already licensed, so you can use them in all your personal and commercial use without having to fear about any copyright infringement.

To summarise, by using Adobe Fonts, you have the following benefits:

  • Licensed fonts to use for commercial projects
  • Thousands of high-quality fonts with new ones being added regularly
  • Perfect integration with all Adobe Creative Cloud apps
  • Hassle-free installation

=> Start using Adobe Fonts

2. Font repositories

Finding fonts on the web is very simple. If you are particularly interested in one font, chances are you will find them on one of the many font databases. I’ll give you a few of these awesome websites, where you can download fonts for your Windows 10 computer.

Keep in mind that most of them are free, so be sure to check all of them before you decide to buy a font. Here are some great font databases to help you download fonts:

You can easily find any font simply by entering its name in the search bar. You can also find the desired font simply by using many available filters or by selecting the appropriate font category.

If these websites don’t have the font that you are looking for, then you are in a tough position. Here, you can find thousands of fonts that are compatible with your Windows computer.

Also, keep in mind, if you come across font packs, they might be somewhat different than regular fonts. We’ll talk about them in a moment.

3. Microsoft Store

windows 10 fonts

  1. Go to Windows Settings > Personalisation > Fonts > Get more fonts in the Microsoft Store.
  2. Browse the selection of fonts available
  3. Click on the font you want > Install
  4. The font will be downloaded and automatically installed

Installing Fonts in Windows 10

  1. Locate and open the downloaded archive.
  2. Unzip the font file (you can recognize it by .ttf, .otf, or .fon extension).
    Font pack windows not installing
  3. After extracting the font file, simply double click it to open it.
    Adding fonts to Windows 10

Now you’ll see some basic information regarding the selected font. In addition, you can preview your font and see how it looks like in different sizes. If you want to install that font, simply click the Install button and the font will be automatically installed.
Windows font too small


Having font size problems in Photoshop? Here’s a quick way to fix the problem!

There’s also another way to install fonts. If you don’t want to preview your font, you can install it with just two clicks:

  1. Make sure that the font file is extracted.
  2. Now locate the font and right-click it.
  3. Choose Install from the menu.

You can also install a font simply by dragging and dropping it to the Fonts section. Fonts section is located in the Windows Settings app, under Personalisation.

  1. Press Windows Key + S > Personalisation > Fonts
  2. Locate the desired font and drag and drop it to the highlighted areahow to install fonts in Windows 10

In almost all cases fonts are distributed in .zip archive, so you can easily open them without using a third-party tool. However, if you want a dedicated tool for archiving, we advise you to check out the list of best archiver tools that we covered recently.

Uninstalling Windows 10 Fonts

  1. Open the Settings App
  2. Go to Personalisation > Fonts
  3. Click on the font > Uninstall

Additionally, you can do the same by navigating to Control Panel > Fonts. You can delete a font file using two methods:

  1. Select the font you want to delete and click on Delete option from the menu on the top.
    Font blurry windows 10 delete font
  2. Locate the font you want to delete, right-click it and choose Delete from the menu.
    Windows font not showing delete font

After choosing the Delete option the confirmation message will appear. Now you just have to click Yes to remove the font from your PC.

Note: Keep in mind that this action is irreversible, so you won’t be able to restore your font. If you want to restore a deleted font, you’ll have to download and install it again.

Installing new fonts on Windows 10 isn’t that hard, and after following our guide you should be able to install font packs and fonts on your Windows 10PC without any problems.

FAQ: Installing fonts in Windows 10

  • Which font is best for Windows 10?

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, so there isn’t a best font. However, if you are creating documents meant for sharing, you should keep in mind that not everyone has custom fonts. Therefore, you should use the default fonts which come with Windows, or alternatively, save your file as a PDF and open it with Adobe Reader

  • How do you add fonts to Windows 10?

Download the fonts you wish and follow the steps above to install them. Keep in mind that fonts should always be downloaded from reputable sources, which is why we recommend Adobe Fonts as the best place to download and install fonts from. 

  • How many fonts can Windows 10 install?

There is no limit to how many fonts you can install on Windows 10, but keep in mind that once you go over a few hundred fonts, applications will start to slow down when displaying the fonts list. This guide will show you where you can get quality fonts from.

  • How do I add fonts to Windows 10 for all users?

Right-click on the font you want to install and select Install for all users.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in March 2019 and has been since revamped and updated in April 2020 for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.

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  • Hello I Installed this font on my PC previously but now I want this same
    font does anybody know its name..? I took a screenshot from my desktop
    screen before formatting my PC

    • I hope you already found the font, but if you haven’t and this is still bugging you now, try this:

      That kind of looks like Gruppo to me. Just look up Gruppo on Google Fonts to check and see if that’s the font, yourself. If it is, click the circle with the plus sign in it that’s at the top right corner of the Gruppo block. Then open the selected fonts bar that appears at the bottom of the page and click the download icon. Install the downloaded font as you would a font pack.

      • Sometimes it’s just a glitch, too. Close everything and restart your computer to completely reset what your OS thinks is running, then try uninstalling the font again.

        If that doesn’t work, check to see what programs auto-start on booting. There may be one that uses the font you want to uninstall. If you find a program that uses it, and *IF* it won’t hurt anything to set it to NOT start on booting, set it to not start as part of the booting process. Then try deleting the font.

        If it still won’t delete, then it’s a font you should leave alone, as your OS likely needs it for whatever reason.