Windows 8, Windows 10 FreeCell: Four Apps to Master the Game

By: Arici Alexandra
3 minute read

FreeCell is a variety of card game invented by Paul Alfille. Unlike many card games, FreeCell doesn’t really rely on luck, but mostly on skill. The better you become acquainted with the game play, the better you can perfect your strategy and game play. Speaking of which – what are the rules for playing FreeCell?

At the beginning of the game, each player can see the all the cards arranged in eight tableau piles. There’s also four cells and four foundation piles. Players will to need to build up all cards on foundations from Ace to King, and to win the game all 52 cards need to be moved there. Tableau piles should be built by alternating card color. Cards in the cells are allowed to go to the foundation and back to the tableau piles. So those were the basics.

If playing a game of solitaire appeals to you and you have a Windows 8, Windows 10 or Windows RT machine, you should know that there are a few alternatives you should be taking into consideration.

Try your hand with these Windows 8, Windows 10 FreeCell apps

FreeCell HD [Free]

free cell hd windows 8

This game allows you to choose the texture and the color of the backgrounds, so you don’t get bored playing it over and over again. The nice sounds will certainly enhance your gaming experience as well. The app also offers the ability to choose how you handle cards: you can move them by tapping columns or by dragging the cards.

The first games you play will be set to an easier mode, so you will be able to get the hang of it, and as you advance the difficulty will increase. Made a mistake? FreeCell HD allows for unlimited undo moves. Statistics are constructed, but only solved games are taken into account.

FreeCell Collection [Free]

free cell collection free windows 8

This app offers not only the ability to play the classic FreeCell but a whole host of variations of FreeCell like Eight Off, Beker’s Game and FreeCell Two Decks. Background and cards can be customized in this app as well.

An extra feature is that you can comfortably switch to Autoplay when you want to take a break or simply feel like you don’t have any valid options. Game progress can be saved at any time. The game runs smoothly, so you won’t experience any lagging when you move the cards.

Solitaire Pack [Free]

solitaire pack free cell windows 8

Not a standalone FreeCell app, but for those who are passionate fans of Solitaire games, it should be a breeze.  The graphics are pretty much similar to the ones we known from older version of Windows – green background and standard looking cards.

Nevertheless the app combines the six most popular Solitaire games for your pleasure. So download this Windows 8, Windows 10 app for free and play unlimited Klodike, Spider, Tri-Peaks, two versions of Pyramid and of course FreeCell.

Solitaire Savant [Free]

solitair savant windows 8

Because we like free apps, here’s another app that packs a whole bunch of Solitaire related games. The Solitaire Savant packs a massive collection of games from Eliminator, Eight Off, Bristol to FreeCell and Penguin Aces. Graphics are pretty much standard in this app as well, but there are some special features we haven’t spotted in any others apps.

For example you can receive updates (News) about the games you love customize your very own game options. Save games and improve your game play with this extensive and fun app.

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