How to Get Microsoft Games in Windows 10 [Solitaire Collection & More]

Learn how to get some original Microsft games on PC

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  • Our favorite Windows games from the Windows 7 days are no more natively available on the OS.
  • The Microsoft Store gives a very large array of games and applications compatible with the latest Windows operating systems.
  • Without the Microsoft Store, you will still be able to get some of these games, but it is a more complex process. 
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We will discuss Microsoft games in Windows 10, so if you have enjoyed playing any Microsoft games in the past, you will want to read on.

The old Microsoft games you were accustomed to have received a massive overhaul in Windows 10 and now look much more impressive.

The games that we are all used to and love from Windows 7 and other versions of the OS have received a major upgrade in the newer versions of Windows.

We have previously discussed the new Microsoft Minesweeper, which has one of the most significant changes, but the others have also been upgraded.

Microsoft Solitaire, the other card games, and Mahjong have gotten more than a new coat of paint. And today, we will be taking a look at them.

Does Windows 10 have Microsoft Games?

You may think of games like Chess, FreeCell, Hearts, Mahjong, Minesweeper, Purple Place, Solitaire, and SpiderSolitaire. These are all popular from the Windows 7 era and make up what most users know as Microsoft games.

In Windows 10, you no longer have these games readily available as part of the OS. But can you still play the games? Of course, you can.

We will be talking about some of them revamped in Windows.

What happened to games on Windows 10?

What used to be Games on your OS has been moved to the Microsoft Store starting from Windows 8. So while you may have the same old exciting games, you will be downloading them from the store.

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How do you get Microsoft games on Windows 10?

1. Microsoft Solitaire Collection

  1. Launch on the Microsoft Store app by clicking the icon on the taskbar.
    microsoft games windows 10
  2. In the search bar, type Microsoft Solitaire Collection, and click on the Microsoft Solitaire Collection option.
    microsoft games windows 10
  3. Now, click on Play.
    microsoft games windows 10
  4. Click on any of the games to start playing.

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Previous versions of Windows had card games, such as Solitaire, Hearts, and FreeCell, that have been updated over time, and Windows Vista and Windows 7 had arrived at their best versions in both gameplay and graphics.

It would have seemed that they had nothing more to add in Windows 10, but Microsoft has surprised us with a revamped game called Microsoft Solitaire Collection.

This new game, apart from integration to Xbox Live and a new look, has encompassed Solitaire, Spider Solitaire, and FreeCell, but it now contains two new game modes: Pyramid and TriPeaks.

As a bonus for joining Xbox Live, you have Daily Challenges, Medals, and Xbox Achievements, and you can race against your friends to get the biggest score and the most Daily Challenge Badges. The game also shows the Leaderboard, where you can compare scores with the other players.

In addition, we have a new feature that allows you to create your card themes and backgrounds. This will enable you to build a custom deck of cards and background with any image you want, making the game unique.

Furthermore, you can quickly swap between games by right-clicking the background and selecting any other game in the collection from the top of the screen. The stats are shown on the app’s main screen; this way, you can see your progress on all games without the need to open each of them.

2. Other games on the Microsoft Store

  1. Launch on the Microsoft Store app by clicking the icon on the taskbar.
    microsoft games windows 10
  2. You can scroll through the different applications or search for a game by typing the name in the search bar.
  3. Click on the Get button.
    microsoft games windows 10
  4. Once it is installed, launch the game and start playing.

This step applies to all other apps on the Microsoft Store. You must locate them and click the Get button to download them on your computer.

How do I download games on Windows 10 without the store?

You must use third-party sources to get Windows games if you don’t have access to the Microsoft Store. Note that part of the process entails using Windows PowerShell. Finally, remember that adopting these techniques will only allow you to get free games.

We have written a detailed step-by-step guide on downloading the Microsoft app without using the Microsoft Store.

Now you should be able to get any of your favorite Microsoft games for Windows 10 and 11. The steps are straightforward, especially if you use the Microsoft Store. Now you can enjoy Microsoft games like Chess, Freecell, and Solitaire on Windows 10.

In the comment section, let us know if you have succeeded with any of these solutions.

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