Windows 8 Pro Discount: Upgrade from Windows XP and Get 15% Off [Business Users]

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Just as it does so many times, Microsoft is offering discounts especially in those moments when you have to leap from a much older operating system. In our case, we are talking about Windows XP. As Microsoft has recently announced that they are going to stop support for XP one year from now, they have also informed how we could get a discount on Windows 8 Pro.

Unfortunately, not all users will be able to take benefit of this offer, as it will apply only to business users and Microsoft will offer only up to 100 licences per company. This means that the offer applies to small or medium sized business and it will end on June 30. Besides the 15% discount on the Windows 8 Pro acquisition, you will also get the same discount on the Office Standard 2013.

You can choose the Windows 8 Pro version you want to download from the Microsoft page: if you choose the cheapest one, at $120, you will be able get it at around $100 which, in my humble opinion, is still not such a great price. If I were in a leading position at Microsoft, I’d make an additional discount for, let’s say, at least 30 copies bought. However, this is your offer if you run a business and you want to exchange Windows XP for Windows 8.

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