Best driver backup software for Windows [2020 Guide]

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Windows driver backup software

Users of Windows PCs can take extra measures to protect their data and keep their drivers safe as well.

This can be done using the best Windows driver backup software that not only keeps your drivers tucked away in a good place, but safeguards the files and installers of the drivers.

There are a variety of commonly used cloud-based driver backup solutions in form of apps, but you can also find other backup tools pretty useful such as those we’ll discuss in this article.

It is important to back up your drivers as you need a copy of your drivers so as not to lose data, or not have installation for your drivers, which affects your computer’s performance.

For better results, always keep your drivers updated (you can turn on automatic updates), look for added features in the tools below, take a copy of third-party drivers and be keen on 32-bit and 64-bit updates – don’t confuse the two.

Check out our top favorites for Windows driver backup software.

Best driver backup software for your Windows 10 PC


Paragon Software (recommended)

Windows driver backup software

This Windows driver backup software offers a free solution with professional functions to backup your drivers, by creating backups of individual files, partitions or the whole operating system in a few seconds, while giving you flexible restoration in worst case scenarios.

It is reliable, flexible and easy to use, keeping your PC and data safe from such eventualities as defective hard disks, sudden system errors, viruses and other threats that affect your data, which cause your OS to stop functioning.

Paragon’s intuitive interface is easy to use and understand, with the simple set and run, and backup planning which is done once, and the rest is executed automatically.

It is a comprehensive and powerful backup and recovery app that allows you to carry out incremental backups on your drivers, external storage, disks, or hidden partitions, plus it comes in handy to prevent data loss and avoid program reconfiguration in the event of a system failure.

Features include disk backup, differential backup, incremental backup, backup for jobs, flexible restoration, and the WinPE based recovery environment to create a full-fledged Windows-based recovery environment and store in bootable media.

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DriverMax (suggested)

Windows driver backup software

This Windows driver backup software is a great solution for backing up your drivers, while downloading the updated versions of the same drivers, simultaneously.

With a collection of more than two million drivers of NVidia, Microsoft, Intel, and many others, you can be sure it will be compatible with any version of Windows currently in use, plus you get automatic driver updates.

It comes in a free or paid version, the latter which goes for about $10 annually, and enjoy features such as wide range of compatible drivers, added security for safe driver backup, automatic updates, system productivity boost with timely updates, and unlimited download features (PRO version).

The benefits of using DriverMax include driver updates that are easily automated and restored for more than 2.3 million devices, scheduled scanning, and full device driver backups any day or week or even month. Your PC will also experience increased productivity as it reduces system freezes and malfunctions while serving the latest and best updates.

For maximum security for your updates, DriverMax tests each new driver automatically prior to installation, to ensure it functions properly. It also backs up current drivers and creates a system restore point so you can roll back the installation quickly.

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Driver Magician


Windows driver backup software

This is an all-in-one Windows driver backup software that is compatible with all functioning and leading Windows versions.

It has automatic updates, driver detection, installer cloning, and back up for essential documents, plus it is available for free, but for the premium benefits, you’d have to pay $29.99.

Driver Magician identifies your hardware, extracts associated drivers from your hard disk and performs the backup of the drivers to your desired location. When you format and reinstall or upgrade Windows, you can restore the drivers just like you would if you had the original driver disks.

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Win Driver backup

Windows driver backup software

If you’re looking for a Windows driver backup software you can trust with your data and system, this is one of your best bets.

Win Driver backup helps you backup all system drivers to keep them safe, and restore them in case of system failure or driver crashes.

This tool backs up all system drivers instantly, including audio, video and network drivers, so you won’t struggle or worry during system crashes, reinstallations or other accidents you didn’t plan for.

You can also restore them in a few clicks back to your hard drive, plus you need not dig through your old drawers for driver CD or websites to find compatible drivers. This software frees you from such annoyances by creating driver backups of your choice.

It is an all-round backup utility that intelligently saves drivers, arranges them neatly in folders with flexible backup methods and comprehensive information about the drivers. Besides backing up drivers, it goes further to backup web browser cookies, Internet Explorer favorites and your registry, for easy recovery.

It is free, specialized and can back up all major system drivers in your PC at zero cost. Additionally, it has a clean and elegant interface and any user can master it, plus resolve future driver issues.

All you need to do is launch Win Driver backup, scan the driver/drivers, and select the driver/drivers you want to back up, then back them up and you’re all set.

Get Win Driver backup




Windows driver backup software

This is one of the best Windows driver backup software that is freely available, and saves your driver details easily. It also backs up drivers from Windows and from non-booting or non-live Windows operating systems.

It is available with a GUI and command line interface, and restores your drivers from the existing backup. You can use it if you need to reinstall Windows or find and install missing drivers to make your hardware function.

It is also portable and highly efficient. Once you launch DoubleDriver, press Backup, then scan your system or other locations, and the software automatically delivers selected drivers that would be missing if you have to reinstall your system.

The drivers, once chose, are backed up to a standard ZIP or EXE folder, and if you want to restore drivers, just launch it and click Restore. Some of the new changes that have been added to this software include a new and faster engine with no dependencies, and a new device driver installation wizard.

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Driver Backup

Windows driver backup software

This is a user-friendly and fast Windows driver backup software, which not only backs up Windows drivers, but also third-party drivers, which can be restore later to your PC with no struggle at all.

Driver Backup comes with three ways of backing up your drivers. You can back up all drivers, only OEM drivers, or only third-party drivers.

It is open source so you can use it freely and redistribute, plus it needs no installation, has an integrated command line interface, and is compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems.

Features include device recognition, command line switches, automatically generates autorun files to restore drivers, offline backup, and backup/restore of Windows drivers.

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This is a Windows driver backup and management software the combines features such as scanning your system to tell how many drivers you have or are missing, including updates, and download the missing ones.

It is free and takes barely a minute to back up your drivers. It also has a backup and restore function, driver uninstall, scan scheduling, and is free of charge.

Its interface is clear, simple and easy to use and understand, plus the scanning technology is powerful and extensive, plus you can restore your computer to maximum stability if you encounter any issues after updating drivers.

You can also make a copy of your drivers for reinstallation purposes. The downside with this Windows driver backup software is the slow downloads, and popup ads that come as it promotes other programs by the developer or for their paid products.

Get SlimDrivers

Now that you know the best Windows driver backup software, we’d like to hear from you on which ones you use from this list, or others not mentioned. Leave a comment in the section below.


Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in April 2018 and has been since updated for freshness, and accuracy.