Windows Terminal brings all command line tools into a single app

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Windows Terminal command line tool

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Windows users never really liked Command Prompt. The tool lacks many features and doesn’t have a very friendly user interface.

Thankfully, Microsoft understood this fact and decided to launch Windows Terminal.

What is Windows Terminal? This is a new command line app that is coming with centralized PowerShell access, themes and tabs, Bash and the legacy CMD environment.

Microsoft didn’t make any efforts to improve the command line application since its release. On the other hand, many command line tools offer some amazing features.

Windows Terminal connects Microsoft’s command line tools

Windows 10 offers Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) but users did not like the legacy Windows Console. However, tabs is one of the features that attract Mac and Linux users.

Apparently, the classic CMD environment will never get tabs support because of the failure of Sets Project.

In fact, Microsoft itself tried its best to enhance the classic Windows Console. The company experimented with some new feature including Copy and Paste shortcuts (Ctrl+C and Ctrl +V).

The console even got a brand new color scheme to provide better readability. Microsoft added Unicode and VTcodes support but nothing helped Microsoft to gain users‘ interest and attention.

As a result, the company gave up revamping the console and developed a new one from scratch — Windows Terminal. Microsoft is adding multiple tabs support and many features that help users to better customize the tool.

Tabs solve your long time problem to open different consoles in one window including WSL, PowerShell, and CMD. 

Microsoft should share more details about Windows Terminal in the next months. We know that Linux is the favorite platform of many developers.

The company aims to increase the user base of Windows 10. Windows Terminal may even convince some developers to move from Linux to Windows.

Windows Terminal will be available to all users via Microsoft Store.


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