The Irony: Almost Extinct, Windows XP SP2 Is More Expensive than Windows 8.1

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You would believe that six months before we can finally start digging the grave for Windows XP, the OS would be dirty cheap. Well, how about this – on Amazon, SP is more expensive that Windows 8.1!
windows xp sp2 windows 8.1
While browsing today on Amazon for some software, I was curious to see what was the price of Windows XP. The reason why I got curios is because there were some interesting recent news about it, such as Google extending its Chrome support for Windows XP until April 2015, one year after Microsoft will pull the plug on the eleven-years old operating system and the fact that Windows XP is going to be a gold mine for hackers after Microsoft stops offering security patches.

I was surprised to discover a lot of very expensive Windows XP offers, and while they are being sold by Amazon, it’s obviously that it happens with Microsoft’s full consent. A copy of Windows XP Home Edition with Service Pack 2, like the one in the printscreen, is priced at $141. You even save $58 as its initial price was of $199.99. Compare that to the standard version of 8.1 that sells $119.99 (you could get a better price with these options).

It is getting even more ridiculous with a Microsoft Windows XP Professional Full Version with SP2 that comes with a price of $212.50. The software is described as being aimed for Windows 95 users, but I find it hard to believe there are still people on this world that use Windows 95. And if there are, will they spend that much money for an operating system that is going to die. Let’s not forget that Windows 8.1 Professional retails for $199.99.

If you spend a little while browsing through Microsoft’s products on Amazon, you will find even more ridiculous “deals”, such as this original Microsoft Windows XP Professional Full Version, which obviously doesn’t come with any service packs at all. The price? $144.

windows 8.1 windows xp sp2

I fail to understand why is Microsoft doing this. I applauded their Windows 8 offers for older version of Windows, but why aren’t they taking these ridiculously high prices down? Or, better yet, take the products completely off the selves. What is your opinion on this?


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