Buy Windows 8.1 at a Cheaper Price: Best Offers and Discounts

by Radu Tyrsina
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If you’re looking to save a few bucks with your Windows 8.1 purchase, read below to find out some cheap ways to do it


Windows 8.1 is out in the wild and those of you that have already bought a legal version of Windows 8 will get the Windows 8.1 update totally free. But there are many out there that haven’t tried Windows 8 and are upgrading straight to the Windows 8.1 form. So, if you’re seriously looking to buy Windows 8.1, you might need to look at some cheap Windows 8.1 upgrade offers that are in the market.

I’ll be frank with you and tell you that there are not too many discounts on Windows 8.1, as Microsoft has always been “cheesy” from this point of view, maintaining a high price for its software. But, with a little effort, one can find some ways to get a discount on Windows 8.1, even if it’s a small one. Let’s see what options we have.

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Cheap Windows 8.1 upgrade options

As always, the most serious discount is offered for students and pupils, some schools even getting Windows 8.1 for free. Some of the below options include small discounts, like ten dollars, but with that money you can go once to Starbucks, right? Anyway, these are the Windows 8.1 discount options that we have found, if you know of any others, do let us know.

Buy discounted Windows 8.1 from Amazon

The official price of Windows 8.1 and the price at which you will find the packed retail box with Windows 8.1 is currently $120. By buying Windows 8.1 using the above link, you will get $10 off the price, getting it for $110. It doesn’t seem much, but consider this – Windows 8.1 has just been launched and Amazon already has a discount, even if it is small. Probably, the discount will get even bigger, so if you’re looking to save some extra bucks, you can wait a few more days. My estimate is that in a few months, Windows 8.1 will be less than $100 on Amazon.

Buy discounted Windows 8.1 Pro from Amazon

We know that Windows 8.1 Pro comes with some extra features than the standard Windows 8.1 so it might be looked for especially by IT professionals. At the moment, Windows 8.1 Pro’s official retail price is fixed at $200, which is $80 more than Windows 8.1. On Amazon, you will be able to buy it for the same $10 discount. But, I stress again, this is bound to change in the future, so you better watch out and keep an eye on this.

Windows 8.1 student discount

Most students have probably bought Windows 8 when Microsoft released it last year, but if some of them didn’t, then now is your time to do it. The Windows Pro 8.1 upgrade will cost you $70, instead of $200, so this is a huge $130 saving. This student-only Windows 8.1 discount requires verification of student status prior to purchase, which is usually done with a .edu email address or is dealt by the administration of your school or university. You are also limited to five copies of Windows 8.1 during an entire year.

buy cheap windows 8.1

Clever trick to get Windows 8.1 at a much cheaper price

I am not sure how much this is going to last, probably until Amazon runs out of copies, but what you can do is install a copy of Windows 8 on your device and after that get Windows 8 completely for free. And the price are even better, have a look! You need to run a previous version of Windows to be able to use this, Vista, XP or Windows 7.

Do you know any other ways to get Windows 8.1 at a cheaper price?

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