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wireless charging pc monitor for 2019

Wireless is the new convenience in the world today.

The reason is we’re all tired of the clutter that comes with the many unsightly cables in our home or office setup.

Also, countless devices have gone wiresless. Computer monitors seem to have been left behind, but not anymore because they too, have gone wireless.

Wireless computer monitors, including those that can charge your devices wirelessly, are now a reality. Additonally, from the look of things, they are here to stay.

If you’re looking for the best wireless charging PC monitor, here are the top picks you can find in the market to use in 2019.


Best wireless charging PC monitor deals

Dell 23 Wireless Monitor – S2317HWi (recommended)

wireless charging PC monitor


Dell may not be as active as it was back in the day when they would churn out technology innovations, but today, it is the leader when it comes to wireless monitors.

The 23 inch LED-Lit monitor has been lauded by independent reviews for its clarity, affordable price, versatility and immense power.

It is one of the few ones that has wireless charging and connectivity all in one monitor.

Most PC monitors sacrifice on the quality of the image for wireless connectivity.

Instead, this wireless charging PC  monitor has an impressive and crisp display with full 1920×1080 clarity, consistent colors, and 60Hz on a wide viewing angle.

Other features include HDMI, audio line-in and line-out ports, plus easy simultaneous connection to all your other devices.

If you use Windows operating system, you can also connect wirelessly to two mobile devices and the content is displayed for you to multitask using one keyboard and mouse as you scroll both screens simultaneously.

If you’re like me and love working with music playing in the background, this wireless charging PC monitor comes with a full-range, 3W integrated set of speakers.

They have an impressive bass and midrange, plus clear treble frequencies, which most monitors don’t have.

It also has a built-in mobile charging station on its base so you just need to place your Qi or PMA-enabled device to initiate a full charge, wirelessly – no plugging in any cables, or anything else.

With all these amazing features, its no wonder this wireless charging PC monitor was honored at the CES 2016 Innovation Awards.

It is wireless freedom at its best, plus enhanced productivity for you as you collaborate across devices on a single screen.

On accessories, this monitor comes with a wireless charging stand, Dell Adapter, Bluetooth speaker system so you can stream music from your device, a Dell wireless keyboard with chiclet keys and a fast-tracking, full-sized laser mouse.

Samsung S24370DL

This latest monitor by Samsung, also known as the SE370, comes with amazing features such as QI technology, 1920×1080 resolution, Free-Sync capability, HDMI, DisplayPort, and wide viewing angle.

Under the panel is its Qi wireless charging station, which is the spot most people stash their phones when they’re working, which makes much sense, instead of having a separate wireless charging dock with a cable.

A green light goes on to indicate that the device is charging.

Samsung used its technology to build this innovative monitor with an interface standard developed by the Wireless Power Consortium for inductive electrical power transfer of up to 4 centimeter distance on your QI enabled device.

All you do is place it on the stand’s wireless charging spot, and it starts charging.

With the AMD Free-Sync functionality, this wireless charging PC monitor lets you enjoy smooth images whether on slow or fast-moving scenes.

It syncs the screen refresh rate with the content frame rate for lower input latency and reduced image tearing, as well as stuttering during gaming. So you get fast on-screen motion clearly and smoothly with less motion blur, juddering and ghosting.

Other great things about this wireless charging PC monitor are its sleek modern design with slim bezel – an ultra-thin frame around the monitor, for a clean and modern look that draws your eyes to the screen.

You also get Eye Saver mode for optimized viewing comfort, wide viewing panel with 178-degree viewing angle horizontally and vertically.

Also, the monitor is ecofriendly so ideally, you’re saving energy while reducing environmental impact.

You can activate the auto setting to reduce energy use by 10 percent, while use the Eco-Saving Plus feature to reduce brightness and save power.

HP EliteDisplay S24OUJ

wireless charging PC monitor

This wireless charging PC monitor creates the workspace of the future for you with a 23.8 inch display and fully integrated wireless charging.

Also, it is HP’s first with the USB type C. Other cool features are its Bang & Olufsen audio, and QHD, which is pretty cool from any angle.

All you do is set your device on the base of this first fully integrated wireless charging display by HP, to charge while you work – no cables!

You can also declutter your desk with just a single USB-C cable, and connect your PC, notebook or other devices to the high-res display for video, audio, data and power.

The Quad HD.2 delivers up to 77 percent more extraordinary detail and you can expand your view, open more windows, and show content simultaneously from multiple devices with picture-in-picture, and picture-by-picture.

If you’re familiar with Bang & Olufsen audio, then you know you’ll be the envy of the office because the sound is premium quality, and grabs attention from all sides.

Other features include function buttons you can use to navigate the OSD menu, plus, you can pair the display with another HP device like Elite Slice, EliteBook Folio, Chromebook 13, or HP Elite x3 and send video to and get power from the display with the USB-C connection.

The package comes with the HP wireless charging PC monitor, an AC power cord, HDMI cable, MHL and USB cable (type C), DP cable, CD with user guide, warranty and drivers, and the HP Display Assistant Software.

Ready to go wireless? Let us know which of these wireless charging PC monitors you use, and your experiences, by leaving a comment in the section below.

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in March 2018 and has been since updated for freshness, and accuracy.