Wondershare Filmora 12, a Video Editor App for Everyone in 2024

Honest Wondershare Filmora 12 hands-on review

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Key notes

  • Wondershare Filmora 12 is a video editor designed to be used by anyone.
  • The software has 14 new features that step up the game for anyone who wants to create quality videos.
  • Among the improvements, Filmora 12 features cloud storage, syncing, and team collaboration.
Wondershare Filmora 12 new features

Wondershare Filmora is an easy-to-use and trendy video editing software that lets you empower your story and be amazed by results, regardless of your skill level. Filmora 12, the latest version of the app, will take your videos to the next level this season with 14 new features.

What is Wondershare Filmora 12 and how does it help you?

Filmora gives you a helping hand to get started with any new movie project by importing and editing your video, adding special effects and transitions, and sharing your final production on social media, mobile devices, or DVDs.

This tool is a cross-platform for making videos anywhere for all creators and you will experience brand-new ways to express yourself.

And if you have a powerful PC with NVIDIA’s latest RTX 40 GPUs will see immediate benefits with that enhancement from Filmora 12.  The latest NVIDIA studio drivers are fully supported by the new Filmora update, which will greatly improve the speed at which your projects will become reality.

We have covered Wondershare Filmora 11 in a full review and now, we will explore the newly introduced features and give you a few ways of using it.

And as you will see, Wondershare added a whopping 14 new tools and functions and some of them are found in professional-level video editors.

What are the new features of Wondershare Filmora 12?

1. Multiple platform support

Now, Filmora 12 has dedicated apps for Windows and Mac, but also for iOS and Android mobiles, and even a dedicated app for iPad.

That means you can create and share your projects and videos on virtually any platform and thanks to cloud storage, move between them seamlessly.

2. Assets backup & sync

With the new Filmora 12, not only that you can upload your videos straight to your social media accounts or the cloud storage, but by default, you upload your projects straight to the Filmora Workspace.

This way, you may edit your videos anywhere with Filmora, whether on a desktop or on the go and everything will be stored in your dedicated personal cloud space.

For instance, if you’re editing a video on your PC at home, when you save it, it will automatically sync in the Wondershare Filmora Workspace.

Then, you may open your mobile or tablet when you’re away and find the project also synced there to continue the work.

3. Video review and collaboration

When you work with more Wondershare products or get Filmora 12 for studio creation, you can add more team members to your Wondershare ID.

This way, you may share your videos securely and invite your team to add time-coded notes and respond to comments via the Filmora Workspace cloud service.

So, although Filmora 12 is still a great tool for beginner video editors, it can still be used at a professional level.

4. Switchable workspace layouts

In the new Filmora 12, you may choose from 5 predefined workspace layouts that best fit your workflow and monitor size.

However, there is also a 6th, Dual Monitor layout to view media playback on an external monitor. The last one is activated only if you have a second monitor connected.

5. Enhanced keyframe

Another big improvement from Wondershare Filmora 12 is the keyframe which got very complex.

Now, it has been expanded to all parameters, including filters and color correction in addition to position, rotation, and scale.

The interface in Filmora 12 is starting to look more like the one in professional video editors.

6. Draw Mask

The masks in video editors are used to highlight or remove key objects from a clip and now, Filmora 12 has that option.

Create free-form shapes using the pen tool. It lets you freely draw complex mask shapes around objects, which can be either straight lines or curve segments with Bezier path.

Then you can extend the mask, blur the object within the mask, and if you invert it, you can highlight the object.

Of course, you can draw as many masks as you need for more objects and extend the effect to more frames.

7. Adjustment layer

Adjustment layers are another new improvement in Filmora 12. You can create adjustment layers to change the colors of your videos.

You should know that the effects applied to an adjustment layer affect all layers below it in the layer stacking order.

In other words, it will affect all the clips below it so you need to position it carefully. Of course, you may also include animations and transformations so it’s very helpful.

8. AI Smart Cutout

The new Smart Cutout tool allows quick AI-powered selections of both people and objects.

In fact, you may use a brush to highlight the exact portion that you need to cut out and the smart part is that the software tracks that part within all the frames.

Just like the Draw Mask, Smart Cutout is a tool that you usually find in pricy, more complex video editors.

9. AI Audio Stretch

With the AI-powered audio stretch tool, you can intelligently retime audio to match the duration of your video. No need to cut straight across or repeat the music again.

Of course, when you normally stretch an audio track, you will get a change in pitch but that’s where the AI comes into play.

No matter how much you time-stretch the audio, you won’t get any weird chipmunk effects, unless you really want to, of course.

But for that, you can speed up the audio because you have the setting for that within the audio adjusting options.

10. AI Audio Denoise

And as we’re still on the audio improvements side, getting rid of the unwanted noise in Filmora 12 has become more advanced.

The AI-powered audio denoise tool has a lot of layers of complexity. You may improve the speech, remove the wind effect, take out the reverb, remove the hum and hiss and set an overall effect of the Denoise.

However, you can’t listen to the track while you’re actually tweaking the levels. After each adjustment, you need to play the track again.

11. 3D Titles

Let’s face it! All the successful clips have awesome titles and animations and the new 3D Tiles in Filmora 12 will get you that splash of drama.

You can now choose from a library of 3D Titles but they also added Christmas and World Cup ones so you can spice up your videos.

12. More keyboard shortcut presets

If you’re a novice doing basic editing, you will not be probably interested in more shortcuts than saving your project.

However, if you’re all about productivity, you need fast navigation and operation.

For seasoned users, the software now offers the opportunity to use Adobe Premiere Pro and Apple Final Cut Pro sets of shortcuts.

Of course, you may also define your own shortcuts as you go. It’s only a matter of choosing the right ones for you.

13. Revamped Effects library

Wondershare always adds more and more video effects to Filmora and now, they restructured the Effects Library with more categories.

That will help you browse through effects quicker and find what you need a lot faster. For instance, now you’ve got them structured in categories like Utility, AI Portrait, Shake, Glitch, Distort, and more.

Of course, you still have access to the professional-level New Blue FX and Boris FX video effects that were introduced with Filmora 11.

14. New royalty-free music

There are now more than 100 new royalty-free background music tracks available in Filmora 12 and a lot of them are also free even if you’re using the trial version of the software.

We’re not talking about short audio effects. You can access, preview and download full songs from a lot of themes, including Christmas and World Cup.

What are the other key features of Filmora?

1. Huge library of content

It’s impressive how the library content of Filmora grew exponentially from one version to another.

Now, you have countless clips you can use, not only from the internal library but also from integrated sources like Pexels, Giphy, Pixabay, and Unsplash.

The music and audio FX libraries have grown too, and you may choose from hundreds of them.

We don’t even need to mention the thousands of objects, titles, stickers, and more elements you can add to your creations.

2. Steep learning curve

What was once a tool dedicated exclusively to beginners, Filmora 12 grew into a full-blown video editor for everyone.

The ease of use is still there, and although anyone can do simple video editing, Filmora has now a lot of advanced features that will cater to professional users.

For instance, by using Instant Mode, a beginner can create an amazing video in minutes just by using the huge assortment of templates and titles.

Just add at least 5 video clips, a soundtrack, and some transitional effects and that’s it, your video is ready to be uploaded to your social media page, shared, exported, or simply downloaded in amazing quality.

How much do I need to pay for Filmora 12?

For starters, Wondershare Filmora 12, comes with free testing version. That way, within certain limitations, everyone can test its features.

However, if you grow into it, you will need to pay for a plan to unlock all the features and content. There are a few plans to consider:

Annual Plan – $49.99 for Filmora only and $70.99 for Filmora+Effects & Plug-ins

Cross-Platform Plan – $69.99 for Filmora only and $90.98 for Filmora+Effects & Plug-ins

Perpetual Plan – $79.99 for Filmora only and $100.98 for Filmora+Effects & Plug-ins

The addition of Effects & Plug-ins will add a slew of effects along with video, audio, and photo content you may include in your creations.

Wondershare Filmora 12

Create and edit beautiful videos by using a huge library of free content and video effects!
Free trial Visit website

You know that the prices may change and Wondershare has the great habit of offering a lot of discounts on holidays, for students, and much more.

[wr_pros_cons pros=”Easy to use by everyone|Huge library of free content|Cloud storage and collaboration|Dedicated apps for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android|Advanced AI-powered professional-level features” cons=”The content tends to load slower when you are using more apps at the same time”]

Final thoughts

We have tested the previous versions of Filmora and the latest version, Filmora 12, simply impressed us with its new features.

But we were expecting that. We’re talking about a product that received the Leader of Video Editing in the G2 Fall 2022 Report award and many other distinctions.

And the most important fact is that Wondershare managed to include so many advanced features without compromising the ease of use department.

The cloud sharing & collaboration, the multiple platform support, and the backup & sync features really stepped up the game for this software.

And even if it developed to be a strong video editor, Filmora 12 is still very accessible compared to other similar software on the market.

We strongly recommend downloading the tool and testing it for free so you may get to your own conclusions.

If you’re looking for other options, feel free to look at our list of the best free video editors for Windows 11.

In case you already used Filmora 11, tell us about your experience in the comments section below.

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