Xbox Accessories App for Windows 10 Gets its First Update

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Microsoft released the official Xbox Accessories App for Windows 10 back at the end of last fall with the purpose of allowing Xbox Elite controller owners to customize its functions.

Since then, the app hasn’t been really updated, and now we spotted the very first update on the Windows Store.

Xbox Accessories App for Windows 10 updated

xbox accessories app windows 10 update store

Unfortunately, there’s no changelog provided for this specific version but we can see that it’s been updated to number 100.1512.2007.0.

The update is also very small, weighing it a couple of megabytes, and since there are no version notes, it’s safe to say that it contains general improvements and bug fixes.

xbox accessories app windows 10 download

The app has been updated to version number 100.1602.16006.0 and the update sits in at a size of almost 10 megabytes.

We’ll be following the feedback zone in case we see any notable changes being reported pertaining to this particular version.

By using the app, you are able to store up to 256 different configurations in the app and save 2 of them to your controller at a time.

You can also choose from 14 digital inputs for each button and you can assign the same action to multiple buttons.

So if you really want to make the most of your Xbox Elite Wireless Controller, you need to try out the app.

We’ve written extensively on Xbox Wireless Controller issues. Check out this guide for more information.


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Why no windows 7 version? Windows 7 is easy to program for and this is the company that MADE windows 7.
What did us Windows 7 owners do to invoke the ire of Microsoft to a point where we can’t get software for hardware that we bought through them?
And for $150 I think Microsoft could afford to throw some programmers together for a few days to put out some basic control software.
I am really really disappointed in you Microsoft. You guys were hardware kings but software support is a BIG part of providing quality hardware.