Xbox One’s share button gets more customizable

by Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
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  • The Xbox share button has been improved in a way that now it can even change the TV settings.
  • The customization has made the Xbox share button to be more useful especially in terms of screenshot sharing.
  • Its functionality is still available to the ones testing it first but it is expected to be available in Xbox series X/S soon.

Microsoft has announced that Xbox Series X and S owners will soon be able to fully customize the Share button on their controllers.

While you’ve been able to use the Xbox Share button to create screenshots or game clips, you’ll soon be able to map it to lots of Xbox features including controlling the TV settings.

While the Xbox Adaptive Controller already allowed users to remap buttons, this will be the first time that all Xbox controllers will allow you to customize what each button does.

Still in testing

If you’re an Xbox Insider in the Alpha or Skip-Ahead Alpha rings, you’ll be able to customize how the Share button on your Xbox One controller works.

The new options will let you do things like open the Xbox guide and send messages with a single tap or play and pause media with a double-tap.

The update also brings a few other features. You’ll now be able to see when your controller’s battery is low, just by pressing the Xbox button

And if you leave the controller on long enough without using it, the light bar will start blinking to indicate that it’s in sleep mode.

Benefits of new customization

A new update to the Xbox One allows users to customize the button prompts on their game controllers, as well as upload clips and screenshots directly to Microsoft’s website. 

Microsoft’s proprietary system for sharing content is still slow and underdeveloped, but the company is testing a new web-based solution that may see development in the future.

The new Share button functionality is currently in the process of being tested and will become available to all Xbox One owners soon.

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