Are the Series X Halo Infinite limited edition bundles still available?

by Alexandru Poloboc
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  • A lot of Xbox players are extremely disappointed that they didn't get the chance to own one.
  • We're talking about the Halo Infinite limited edition Xbox Series X, which is really hard to get.
  • The only way of getting one now is if you buy from someone, or if you catch a  retailer restock.
  • Microsoft is also informing players when they can buy more, but you have to hurry if you want it.
halo infinite series x
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If we think about gaming and 2021, usually, the first thing to come to mind is the new generation consoles that everyone has struggled to get their hands on all year long.

The shortage of chips that go into the building process of an Xbox Series X|S, or a PlayStation 5, along with scalping, has made it so these gadgets are hard to come by, and most of the time very expensive.

This year was also marked the 20th anniversary of Xbox, and also the big launch of the long-awaited Halo Infinite.

And yes, of course, Microsoft looked for a way to incorporate all these three milestones into one product, thus creating the Halo Infinite Xbox Series X bundles.

It goes without saying that these consoles were so desired, and received such praise and demand that literally hundreds of people went and bought them at insane prices on eBay and other platforms.

We’re now way past Halo Infinite’s launch, and many gamers are still looking for this unique collectible bundle, hoping that they can still get their hands on one.

Harder said than done, as you might imagine, as purchasing an anniversary Xbox Series X is almost impossible nowadays.

To quickly answer the question in the title, unfortunately, no, there aren’t any Halo Infinite Series X available at this moment, except if you buy from someone that already has.

But, there are still ways in which you can acquire one if you tap into the right sources and you’re fast on your feet.

Microsoft sent players Halo Infinite Xbox Series X email invites

There are, however, players that got really lucky and, when they checked their emails, spotted an invitation coming straight from Xbox, telling them they can now purchase the limited edition bundle.

For the time being, this is one of the easiest ways to get your hands on an Xbox Series X console, especially this particular model, which is so desirable.

But this isn’t the first time Microsoft helps players out this way, it’s actually the second batch of email invites for this limited Xbox Series X model.

If you also checked your inbox and found nothing, make sure you also check the spam and junk folders, just to be o the safe side.

So, if you are also on the hunt for this bad boy, make sure you are eligible for receiving these emails and keen an open eye, just to make sure you don’t miss your chance.

How can I also sign up to receive emails from Xbox?

We’re glad you asked because the answer is pretty simple and accessible for everyone. Basically, all you have to do is sign up for Microsoft Store’s mailing list.

Just head on over to any page of the Store and wait a few seconds for the pop-up to appear. Once that happens, input your name and email address, your location, and press Sign Up.

Pretty easy right? However, some gamers are saying that there is an extra step worth doing if you would like to improve your chances of receiving this important email.

We can’t prove that it works 100%, but gamers that have taken this extra step are reporting that they’ve received the message shortly after.

To do this, just head on over to the Xbox official site and sign up using your credentials. After that, click on your account, on the top right corner, and access the More options area of the menu.

After that, go to Xbox Settings, and select Contact Preferences. Now, make sure that both Xbox Newsletter, and Marketing and Partner Marketing are selected, click Save and you are good to go.

Keep a constant eye on retailer retock schedules

To further increase the odds of you landing one of these limited edition consoles, be sure to monitor restocks for the major distributors.

When we say that, we mean places such as Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, Target, Game Stop, and of course, the Microsoft Store.

As a piece of advice, be thorough this week, 20-27 December, because if you are fast, you just might be able to snatch your perfect Christmas gift.

Indeed, it is hard to score a Halo Infinite Xbox Series X, but not impossible. It’s all about perseverance and making the right moves in key moments.

We just wish that there was something that these big companies could do in order to eliminate scalping, but until that happens, if it ever will, we just have to pick up the scraps left by these people.

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