Xbox S could fit inside Xbox X and it’s almost half the price

by Claudiu Andone
Claudiu Andone
Claudiu Andone
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  • The appearance and price of the Microsoft Xbox Series S gaming console have been leaked.
  • Xbox Series S is very small compared to Xbox Series X and will allegedly have almost half the price.
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Xbox S is small and almost half the price of Xbox Series X
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Update: A few hours after the leaked information Microsoft made the announcement official on the Xbox Twitter account. The price is $299 (ERP)

Brad Sams leaked all the shiny details about the upcoming Microsoft Xbox Series S gaming console on a couple of Twitter posts.

The real surprise is that Xbox Series S’s case is small enough to fit in half of the Microsoft Xbox Series X case.

But Xbox Series X measures only 5.94 inches wide, 5.94 inches deep, and 11.85 inches high so that makes Xbox Series S a pretty small console on its own.

What is new about Microsoft Xbox Series S?

Update 2: WalkinCat leaked the whole Xbox Series X commercial and we also got some of the technical specifications:

  • 1440p resolution at up to 120 FPS
  • DirectX Raytracing
  • Variable Rate Shading
  • Variable Refresh Rate
  • Custom 512 GB NVME SSD
  • 4K streaming media playback and 4K upscaling

First, just to see the size comparison between the two new consoles you just need to take a look at the small clip posted by WalkingCat on Twitter.

Brad Sams also leaked the price of Xbox Series S, $299, almost half the one of the Xbox Series X which is $499.

Also, there will be $25/month and $35/month Xbox All Access financing options for Series S and Series X respectively.

What are the technical specifications for Xbox Series S?

In terms of technical specifications, we expect Xbox Series S to be closer to the power of Xbox One X, still aimed at 1080p monitors.

As Xbox Series X will feature a 12TF computational power and it will be ready for 4K with 60 FPS as a standard, we can only hope that Xbox Series S should reach around half the computational power.

Also, there are rumours that the new Series S will have no internal hard drive which could be bad news for some gamers.

Of course, until the official launch of the two consoles on November 10, all these details can only be taken with a grain of salt.

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