Video editing software for Windows ranges from versions targeted especially at beginners to more feature-packed versions for advanced video editing enthusiasts.

They vary as much as the reasons why users take up video editing. You can make home videos, you can become a YouTube star, and you can even create VR experiences.

Most video editing tools for mainstream users are best used for any of these reasons. Whatever software you decide to get, you should first make sure to check out its main features just to see if they’re following your specific needs and targets.

Best 1080p editing software for Windows 10

  • Wondershare Filmora Video Editor
  • Video Editor Master
  • 5K Player
  • HD Video Converter Factory Pro
  • Blender
  • VideoPad Video Editor
  • Nero Video Editor

1. Wondershare Filmora Video Editor (recommended)

1080p editing software

Filmora Video Editor is an easy-to-use Windows video editing software. It allows you to edit your videos effortlessly to make them look amazing. The software is ideal for both beginners and pros.

Its essential features include:

  • Drag and drop function
  • Importing clips
  • Choosing a transition style
  • Picking your favorite soundtrack

The final product will turn out perfect for your specific purpose. The software comes with an easy interface, and there’s no technical knowledge required.

The interface provides full access to the program’s various filters such as transitions, overlays, lighting and split-screen effects. You’ll be able to fine-tune the results with the help of a host settings options.

The video will be saved, uploaded to YouTube or Facebook or burned to a DVD.

4. HD Video Converter Factory Pro (suggested)

1080p editing software

The HD Video Converter Factory Pro is an all-in-one video converting software that builds more than 250 formats and optimal profiles for hot TVs and portable gadgets. It’s able to convert all popular videos flawlessly.

Check out its more interesting and useful features:

  • It lets you easily edit HD and SD videos.
  • It enables you to solve all conversion and playback issues.
  • You can compress 4K UHD videos or reduce a video file without losing quality.
  • It offers a built-in video editor to split, crop, merge and retouch video and boost volume.
  • It can convert between standard and high-definition videos with high quality.
  • You can also batch-convert video files to save time.
  • You can batch-compress video files with smaller output size to free up space.

If you’re a video editing lover, you’ll love this handy video editing software compatible with all Windows versions.

    –  Download now Trial version from the official site

2. Video Editor Master

1080p editing software

Video Editor Master is a powerful video editing app that provides you desktop quality tools in which you’ll be able to add effects and transitions.

It helps you cut and merge videos together with just a few touches, and it offers lots of special effects.

Here are some of the most interesting features this program includes:

  • Organizing your pics efficiently on slideshow view
  • Video to MP3 Converter functionality
  • Collaborating your videos with pics and other videos
  • Attaching audio clips in the background of the videos
  • Multi-effects integration on just a portion of the video
  • Personalizing videos with customized text and fading effects
  • Redesigned toolbox that includes improved sharpness, brightness, and Video controls
  • Frame Grabber for capturing frames
  • Creating custom video size clips for social media
  • Advanced functionalities for core users

The app can be found on its official website and it comes equipped with lots of tools to improve the video quality. It also supports multiple resolutions and HD quality up to 1080 pixels.

3. 5K Player

1080p editing software

Regardless if you’re new to video editing or you’re more advanced, the 5K Player will turn out to be a great video editing software.

Even if it comes for free, it will manage to solve your video needs in no time. 5K Player can edit, play, and convert videos on your Windows PC really fast.

It only requires the least video editing knowledge from your part to be able to handle it. You can command this video editing freeware within just a few minutes. Take a look at its best features:

  • You can edit video soundtracks by pushing the buttons to import a soundtrack.
  • You can edit video subtitles.
  • You’ll be able to adjust the video aspect ratio.
  • The video rotating feature support image rotating at 90 and 180 degrees.
  • The edit video synchronization feature lets you sync the video with a soundtrack.

5K Player is one of the easiest solutions to video playing, editing and converting and can be downloaded from the official website.

It will play all popular video formats such as .mkv, .mp4 and it will also play audio formats such as .mp3, .aac, .ogg and so on.

Besides its sophisticated editing functions, the software also holds fine control to 4k/5k/1080p videos playback.

5. Blender

1080p editing software

This is quite a different breed of video editing software. It’s targeted at 3D rather than 2 D editing. This free software packs a lot of features with enhanced functionality.

Check out what it has to offer:

  • You can create mixed reality short films.
  • You can also create, edit, animate and light 3D animations.
  • Luckily, you’ll get lots of help from the Blender community.

The Blender community is enormous, and it’s more than willing to help newcomers with tutorials that will teach you how to start your journey and to be able to master the fantastic piece of software.

There’s also an official Blender YouTube channel which provides hours of tutorials and talks and presentations as well.

6. VideoPad Video Editor

1080p editing software

VideoPad Video Editor is an entry-level video editing app. It’s primarily designed for creators who want to publish their videos on Facebook and YouTube. It’s effortless to use, and it will make your workflow of social publishing much easier.

Take a look at its social publishing features:

  • You get the ability to easily fill out all metadata (description, tags, titles) for your YouTube video.
  • You can upload videos straight from the app without using YouTube’s web publishing tools.
  • The app comes with a significant library of tools and plug-ins for increased efficiency.
  • It provides optional support software from advanced audio mixing to photo tools.

Videopad features all the basic home editing features, and it’s specially designed for beginners in the video editing niche.

7. Nero Video Editor

1080p editing software

You may already be familiar with Nero’s DVD burning and copying software. Nero Video Editor is not as popular as this one, but its video editing program is also excellent and filled with useful features. It’s a reliable consumer video editor with a focus on creating videos that you will export to physical media. Here are its best features:

  • Nero Video Editor supports Ultra HD standard for Blu-Ray.
  • The software comes with powerful tools for building out DVD menus and functionality.
  • It has lots of effects and transitions, and most of them support 4K.
  • The user interface is counter-intuitive and straightforward.
  • The buttons are large and clearly labeled.
  • Most features are hidden behind just a few menu clicks.
  • It comes with advanced and express editing modes.

Besides offering strong 4K support, Nero also supports the H.265 HEVC video format, and this is a relatively new video compression standard.

These are the best video editing tools for Windows that support 1080 pixels. Check out all of their features and decide which video editing software is the best for your own video editing needs and plans.