Thanks to the rise of the smartphones, people are taking more videos today than ever before.

Also with the growing popularity of social media platforms, sharing the videos one takes has become incredibly convenient.

But with convenience, we enter a whole different game. Simply sharing raw footages will no longer fare well on social media.

Videos need to be absolutely perfect to garner attention. For this purpose many people resort to video editing tools.

While most professionals resort to expensive and heavy video editing tools, there are plenty of light-weight alternatives available for the average user.

Here are the 6 best lightweight video editing tools for Windows 10.

Lightweight video editing software for PC

Vegas Movie Studio (recommended)

lightweight video editing software

The Vegas Movie Studio series are a range of premium video editing software.

Formerly known as the Sony Vegas Movie Studio, the software is available in three different versions: VEGAS Movie Studio 14, VEGAS Movie Studio 14 Platinum, and VEGAS Movie Studio 14 Suite.

While the latter two (which retail at $80 and $135 respectively) are more suited for professionals, Vegas Movie Studio is perfect for beginners.

Vegas Movie Studio 14 retails at around $50, although a trail version (with limited features) is available for free.

Some of the notable features of Vegas Movie Studio include a user-friendly interface, a range of video/audio effects, support for High DPI monitors, direct upload to Vimeo, YouTube or Facebook, and a music maker software.

It also supports an almost limitless range of input/output formats, so compatibility will not be an issue. Also there are plenty of tutorials available online on how to use this application.

If it weren’t for its high price, Vegas Movie Studio would be an almost flawless entry on this list of video editors.

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Filmora Video Editor (suggested)

best video editors

Another lightweight software for editing videos is the Filmora Video Editor. It is a light-weight and easy to use application that is compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10.

It supports almost every video, audio and image format, and it also allows the user to record a live cast of their computer screen.

Filmora is an all-in-one video editor that comes with all the basic tools that a user may need to edit their videos, such as cropping, splitting, trimming and merging.

It also comes with a wide range of special effects tools such as face-off, filters, overlays, transitions, motion effects, picture-in-picture and mosaic. Furthermore, it also supports green screen video editing.

Filmora is incredibly easy to learn and use, thanks to its intuitive interface.

With editing features for everyone, from the beginner to the professional, and well over 300 video effects, it is an all-in-one tool that can help create professional videos.

One drawback of this video editor is that it can sometimes become unstable, specially when the user opens multiple videos for editing.

Filmora is free to download and try, but a license must be purchased at $39.99/year for extended use.

VideoPad Video Editor

best video editors

VideoPad Video Editor is a great intuitive and easy to use video editing software. Beginners will particularly benefit from its drag-and-drop modeled timeline.

This video editor comes with a wide range of special effects and transitions, which can all be applied to make videos that are more attractive.

It also comes with the option to directly share edited videos on social media platforms such as Facebook or YouTube.

Among its range of video transition and effects options are 3D video editing, overlaying text for captions/credits, chroma key green screen video production, a range of visual effects templates, 2D to 3D stereoscopic conversion, and a wide range of video clip transitions.

One of the most notable features of this application is its ability to create stop-motion animation. This means that it can import image sequence from your videos to create a GIF.

VideoPad Video Editor also comes with a range of video optimization options, including Fine-tuning of colors, slowing down/speeding up of videos, reverse video clip playback, video stabilization, adding digital images/photos, creation/import-export of subtitles and other visual effects.

VideoPad Video Editor also has plugin support for thoughts of third-party tools and effects, truly making it an all in one software. This software is free of cost for non-commercial use.

Download VideoPad Video Editor.

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Pinnacle VideoSpin

best video editors

Pinnacle VideoSpin has been a fan favorite for more than a decade now. Its intuitive interface makes it an easy to use software, but that doesn’t limit it’s capability to anytime less than that of a professional editor.

It has all the basic features expected of a video editor. Some of its more notable features include its ability to make photo slideshows, remove unwanted scenes from videos, add audio/text overlays, 2D transitions and numerous video effects.

All in all, Pinnacle VideoSpin is a great video editor. Thanks to its support for numerous file formats, users do not need to worry about compatibility issues.

Also it’s timeline interface makes video editing so much more intuitive.

All this doesn’t necessarily mean that Pinnacle VideoSpin is without its fair share of problems. The first and most notable issue is that users may be required to seek registration prior to installing this program.

Also, since the initial version imposes restrictions on some of the advanced file formats, users will be required to purchase an Advanced Codecs Pack at $10. And one other thing.

This application hasn’t been updated since 2009. That doesn’t necessarily mean that it can’t perform well, but users can expect to run into occasional problems.

Download Pinnacle VideoSpin.


lightweight video editing software

VirtualDub is another great lightweight video editor for Windows 10. It is an open-source software, which means that it is available free of cost and is supported by its community.

VirtualDub comes with a user-friendly interface that makes tasks like adding/deleting files, cropping side bars and rotating videos seem as intuitive as its general range of features.

Apart from editing videos, it also doubles as a simple video format converter.

VirtualDub supports video capturing. What this means is that you will not have to import your files every time you want to edit them.

Furthermore it also allows for extending files using third-party video filters. Finally, it also supports batch processing, which means that it can handle multiple video files simultaneously.

Some beginners have reported difficulty in understanding how VirtualDub works. Furthermore, it has been reported to be prone to delivering poor performances at times.

These are but prices to pay for its free cost.

Download VirtualDub.

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Windows Movie Maker

best video editors

It would almost be a sin to exclude good old Windows Movie Maker from this list. This movie editor is available for free in any Windows OS.

It comes with all the basic video editing features, including cropping, splitting, trimming and merging.

It also comes with a range of other features such as slowing down and speeding up videos, and adding a range of special effects and transitions to make attractive videos.

The best things about Windows Movie Maker are its timeline feature (which makes editing easier), virtually no compatibility issue thanks to its wide range of input/output options, and its free cost. However, one notable disadvantage is the lack of video cutting features.

There you go, these are the best lightweight video editing software that you can install on your PC. If you’ve got other software suggestions, lets us know in the comments below.