12 Best DVD authoring software for videos [Black Friday 2020]

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  • DVD authoring as well as DVD copy protection are one of the most important finalizing steps during post-production
  • For a smooth experience you will a need software that can perform authoring as well as editing, our top list will help you get acknowledged with the best tools on the market
  • Check our DVD software section for more helpful guides and top lists made by veteran editors
Best DVD authoring software for videos

DVD authoring is the process of combining images, text, music, animations, auto-play, and other settings into raw video content, to create and produce a finished DVD video product that can be viewed or streamed on different devices.

Such a process requires the best DVD authoring software that support not just authoring but also video editing, to carefully and creatively produce a perfect product.

Anyone in the video content creation and production industry will attest to the DVD authoring process, which is usually the final part in post-production, as being the finishing touch on the process.

Sure you can take great videos with your device, like a smartphone or tablet, but if you want to share the video especially for a large audience like on social media, you need a good authoring software to polish it up.

Once you’re done with authoring, your video content can be shared online or played on different devices and media players, or through USB flash drives.

There are a myriad of professional DVD authoring software tools available to use so you can format and master your finished video. Here are the best you can use in 2017.

Best DVD authoring software to create perfect video content

  1. Adobe Premiere Elements
  2. CyberLink Power Director
  3. Pinnacle Studio
  4. Filmora
  5. DVD Lab
  6. DVD Styler
  7. DVD Flick
  8. Bombono DVD
  9. Wondershare
  10. DVD Author Plus
  11. Video Studio
  12. MAGIX Movie Edit PRO

1. ADOBE Premiere Elements (editor’s choice)

adobe premiere elements

There are so many fun things you can do with your videos but you’ll need a trusted, sound DVD authoring software to make it happen. That’s why ADOBE Premiere Elements was developed.

This innovative authoring tool has so many benefits to you, the user. From helping you organize your videos with ease, to step-by-step guided edits, intelligent editing, and creating stunning yet shareable video memories, you’ll be the talk of town once people get a hold of your content.

Specifically, you can sort your videos by date, tag and find videos by people, places and events, freeze frames with motion titles, create fun bounce-back effects, fix action camera footage, make animated posts for social media, create cool titles with dramatic effects, create a signature look, and add a pop of color for an instant wow effect on your videos.

You can also create slow-motion effects, extract photos from your video’s raw footage, use the Smart Trim feature to carve out the bad parts and leave the good, clear hazy portions, remix music from the library, and tell dazzling stories with your content. ADOBE Premiere Elements has a library of over 50 musical scores and 250 sound effects for your information.

While the tool may look complex, it is as easy as drag and drops to add your clips, transitions, and effects to create vivid and stunning stories. You can also enhance clips with textures and colors from another clip, add signature and copyright lines as a watermark, and even create collages.

If you need help, the e-Live tool within ADOBE Premiere Elements will sort you out.

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2. CyberLink Power Director (suggested)

DVD authoring software

When you want a top quality video, there’s no way you’ll go looking for a shady tool that doesn’t have the latest features on a user-friendly interface. That’s where CyberLink Power Director comes in.

This DVD authoring software is powerful, smart, and delivers on its promises. Features include the ability to capture scenes from multiple angles using the MultiCam Designer, disc authoring and online sharing so you can produce your video on CD/DVD and Blu-ray then publish to social media, smoother previews thanks to the TrueVelocity rendering engine, and faster production than other authoring tools.

One of its newly added features is the Intelligent Color Correction that analyzes your video and adjusts lighting, saturation and color for a consistent look across the entire footage in case you shot it in different settings. Another new feature is the Express Color Grading with Look-up tables, which is a quick way to match your video footage from different sources to achieve a certain effect all through.

Use the Video Collage Designer to combine up to seven different clips into one collage, or enhance video colors using the TrueTheater Color feature that optimizes hues and vibrancy to deliver a true-to-life video appearance.

Other tools you can use include a designer for transition, title, mask, and themes, as well as PiP (Picture in Picture) designer to overlay animated objects on your video. This tool also lets you create 360º videos and add titles to them seamlessly, plus use the View designer to use 360º footage in standard video projects.

There are different packages to choose from including Ultimate Suite, Travel pack, Wedding pack and Holiday Pack (you can use this one over the Christmas season to capture your holiday videos with festive effects and fast templates).

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3. Pinnacle Studio

Pinnacle Studio

This DVD authoring software has a name that matches its qualities – it is the peak of video authoring awesomeness. With this tool, you get an advanced video editor, creative control with unlimited possibilities to enhance color and add effects, caliber tools for multi-camera editing and split screen video, royalty-free music and voiceovers that offer powerful audio options, plus you can burn your video to discs, or upload to social media and export to most major file formats.

The latest versions come with a new user intuitive user interface to streamline your video editing workflow and quick access to the tools with power and precision, split screen video, drag and drop functionality, paint effects to transform your video into a storybook like motion animation, drag and drop filters, morph transitions between clips, enhanced 360-degree editing, NewBlue effect to add emphasis with selective focus, color and tint.

You can also capture live screens, use over 2000 effects, remove distortions, straighten the horizon, and add 3D text to your videos with tilting options. this tool offers a 30-day all-access pass to StudioBacklot.tv where you can get loads of training, royalty-free stock library, and new Pinnacle Studio content.

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4. Filmora (suggested)

DVD authoring software

Just by reading its name, you know this DVD authoring software will rev up your video content. It simplifies the video editing process with features such as camera shake, precision speed controls, PiP Blend and opacity, frame overlays, and an effects store with lots of filters, animated elements and other modern video effects.

It is modern, easy to use and has a delightfully intuitive design that will turn you into a great video editor. Creative features include filters, graphic overlays, text, titles, motion elements (drag and drop), transitions, and royalty-free music from the library.

Other features or tools you can use to create amazing video stories include GIF support, noise removal, color tuning, pan and zoom, 4K editing support, reverse for playing clips backwards, and importing photos and clips from social media.

Advanced features include PiP, audio mixer, green screen to change your background and create special effects using the Chroma key tool, screen recording for your computer screen and webcam, split screen to play multiple clips at a go, 3D look-up tables, video stabilization to eliminate camera shake effects, audio separation to detach audio from your video and edit separately, and tilt shift, among many others.

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Editor's Note: This article was originally published in November 2017 and was revamped and updated in July 2020 for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.