Nvidia’s RTX 4090: Get ready to enjoy 13K resolution games

by Claudiu Andone
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  • Nvidia RTX 4090 is an amazing graphics card with 24 GB of memory and 19.5 Gbps speed.
  • A gamer used it to upscale Geshin Impact to 13K resolution and play it without breaking a sweat
  • The clip demonstrates crisp graphics and motion fluidity while reaching 30 FPS.

Great news for gamers! The Nvidia RTX 4090 graphics card enables you to enjoy 13K gaming!

It’s amazing how gaming graphics cards have evolved and now we have a really powerful demonstration of their power.

You can play Geshin Impact at over 13K resolution

A gamer who calls himself Golden Reviewer recently demonstrated playing Geshin Impact at over 13K resolution (actually over 16K because he was in 1.5x scaling) by using Nvidia’s RTX 4090 graphics card.

But that’s not all because he also managed to keep keep the framerate at 30 FPS at all times.

The card is running at 178.32 megapixels per frame and a whopping 13760 x 5760 pixels resolution. A single screenshot from the game was more than 80 MB.

Just for reference, that is 1.4 times bigger than 8K, and 8.5 times more than 4K which is simply amazing.

However, there are no 13K monitors or screens on the market right now so this was just an upscaled image.

Geshin Impact running at 13K resolution and 31 FPS

From his demonstration, we get to see a crisp image with outstanding details and still fluid motion.

All this while using 99% of the GPU and only 16 GB of RAM. We need to specify that Geshin Impact is a game designed for mobiles and it was never made to be played at such insane resolution.

What are the Nvidia RTX 4090 tech specs?

Let’s look at the tech specs of this Nvidia graphics card beast:

Architecture Ampere
Process node 8nm Samsung
CUDA cores 10,496
Ray tracing cores 82 2nd-gen
Tensor cores 328 3rd-gen
Base clock speed 1394MHz
Boost clock speed 1695MHz
Memory speed 19.5Gbps
Bus width 384-width
TDP 350W

As it seems, this is an exceptional graphics card that has a lot to offer passionate gamers.

If your system is having problems seeing it, check our guide on what to do if Windows 11 is not detecting your Nvidia graphics card.

Did you get Nvidia RTX 4090 in your configuration? Tell us all about your gaming exploits in the comments section below.

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