911 Operator issues: game freezes, maps won’t load, and more

by Madalina Dinita
Madalina Dinita
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911 Operator is a game that will definitely change your perspective on the work of 911 operators. As a player, your task is to answer incoming calls and to react properly. You’ll give first aid instructions, advise, and sometimes you’ll just ignore the call. You can choose to play in any city in the world.

911 Operator has received very positive reviews on Steam. However, players also report that the game is affected by a series of technical issues that sometimes severely limit the gaming experience.

911 Operator reported bugs

No mission description

Sometimes, there is no mission description available. Most likely, this is a bug tied to localization. This issue is quite annoying because players don’t know what the goals are in terms of reputation.

Same problem here. I also have Boston, Seattle and Detroit in the career mode. The real problem of this is however, that the next regular city, New York, is locked. The game awaits completion of the previous cities which cannot be completed as no objectives seem to exist

Game freezes

Players also report that when they try to launch the tutorial or select the campaign, the game simply freezes and then closes with an error message.

Whenever i go to select the tutorial or the campaign the game will load for approx 2 seconds and then freeze. After the freeze i get the “this program has stopped working and needs to close” message… has anyone else had this problem? how do I fix it ?

Units don’t move

As a player, you decide when to send units to a particular case. The only problem occurs when the units you’ve assigned to go to a particular area don’t move at all.

The game ist actually unfortunally unplayable for me. I can’t send any unit to a call or whatever, they don’t move at all. Also at every start, one of the Unit I have on the map is leaving it to north-West into nowhere. everytime I try to play, no matter if I try Free Roam, Career or Tutorial mode.

Map won’t load

There are several maps that won’t load, such as Xi’an City, Ustrzyki Dolne and even big city maps like Dubai or Tokyo . The game devs are looking for a solution to fix this problem.

Yes, unfortunately Xi’an City is no playable. We are gathering those problematic cities and working to resolve issues.

Other frequent 911 Operator issues include:

  • In some calls, the text box disappears and the audio will completely stop
  • Some calls don’t end
  • Sometimes incidents appear for a couple of seconds and then disappear.

If you’ve encountered other 911 Operator bugs, you can use this Steam page to provide devs with more details.