Adyen Error Codes: Use These Quick Methods to Fix Them

Incorrectly filled forms are common causes for Adyen errors

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Key notes

  • Adyen error codes can occur due to server issues or problems with the API.
  • Occasionally, issues can be fixed by filling in the required forms correctly.
adyen error codes

Is Adyen showing any error codes? This will cause payment issues, and in some cases, it might leave your data vulnerable. This is why it’s important to use antivirus for online banking for any extra layer of security.

Suppose you struggle to figure out what the error code means and how to resolve it. Then, we will help you with this!

Why do Adyen error codes occur?

There are multiple reasons for errors, but there are the most common ones:

  • Authentication – If there’s a problem with the API key, you might encounter this error. The issue is server-related and not caused by multi-factor authentication software.
  • Missing parameters – If you leave specific fields empty, you might encounter various errors. Consider using form filler software to ensure all the necessary info is added.

How do I fix Adyen error codes?

1. Error code: 000 – Unknown

This error can be due to various reasons:

  • Validation 000: The lookup was unsuccessful
  • The authentication key or the API key is invalid
  • The message fails to parse
  • paymentDetails missing
  • Merchant permission is absent
  • The Account Updater connection only accepts Visa and Mastercard
  • Required CVC for OneClick payments

You can fix the mentioned issues by contacting customer support and letting them know you are facing error code 000 and cannot execute your command. They’ll figure out what’s causing the problem and fix it.

2. Error code: 100 – Required object amount is not provided

The issue is because of a few missing parameters. You can fix this issue by adding the missing parameters, either amount or originalReference

Or you can also identify the missing parameters by comparing the request to the endpoint’s standard request.

3. Error code: 104 – Billing address problem

If you face an Adyen error code 104-Billing address problem, a required field under billingAddress is missing.

Confirm if all the bill’s information is filled in correctly before re-submitting.

4. Error code: 109 – Invalid variant

The 109 error code can be because of missing txvariant details. To solve this error, confirm the requestData and make sure the information entered is correct.

5. Error code: 112 – This bank country is not supported

If you encounter error 112, it can be because the countryCode is missing or the length does not comply with ISO standards.

6. Error code: 114 – Received an incorrect InvoiceLine

The Adyen error code 114 could be because lineReference is set to ‘null’ or incorrect currency is used. You can fix the error by comparing the invoice line to the requestData.

7. Error code: 125 – Invalid recurring contract specified

In the case of Adyen error code 125 (Invalid recurring contract specified), ensure the recurring object is set up correctly.

8. Error code: 174 – Unable to decrypt data

The error occurs due to the following reasons:

  • Using GET instead of POST for HTTP.
  • Environment mismatch
  • Improperly generated Origin/Client key
  • API key mismatch

To fix this issue using a plug-in, generate a new web service using the relevant permissions.

9. Error code: 200 – Invalid country code

This issue can occur if the countryCode is incorrect. You need to use ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 format to fix it.

After doing that, payment errors 200-006, 200-018, 200-023, and 200-011 should be resolved.

10. Error code: 702 – Problem parsing request

This error occurs for the following reasons:

  • The request isn’t in a valid format. For example, this happens if the request contains a field that’s not recognized.
  • Empty input that results in a null result. This occurs if you use requestData from the API Explorer without filling in merchant account info.
  • Internal error
  • shopperEmail is set to null.

11. Error code: 803 – PaymentDetail not found

If you are facing an error 803, it could be due to the following reasons:

  • The merchant has disabled the contract that has ceased to exist.
  • The merchant tries to make a payment via an ongoing contract that has been updated, disabled or removed in the past.
  • selectedRecurringDetailReference could be missing.
  • You disabled the recurringDetailReference using the /disable endpoint.
  • Or you could be missing the requestData.

The simple solution to fix Adyen’s error code 803 is to verify that the values being passed are correct and valid and then proceed with the command to execute the action.

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We hope this guide was helpful to you in solving the Adyen error codes. Have you experienced any of these issues? Let us know in the comments below.

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