3 best antivirus for Amazon Web Service to protect your cloud account

Ivan Jenic
by Ivan Jenic
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Amazon Web Service is one of the most popular cloud computing platforms in the world. In exchange for a yearly subscription fee, Amazon allows subscribers to have a wide range of virtual cluster of computer through the Internet. Recently there have been reports of hacking into users cloud accounts.

Meanwhile, this has placed more emphasis on the need to have an antivirus software that protects users data. Since most of these cloud services go through normal browsers it is essential for your antivirus to support cloud security as hackers can exploit weakness in users’ networks and access your cloud information. Today, Windows Report will discuss top antivirus that offers adequate security for your Amazon web service.

AWS antivirus to use in 2018


BitDefender Total Security (recommended)


antivirus for awsBitDefender is a major giant in the antivirus industry with its array of products offered to consumers and rates high in customer satisfaction. This program identifies and blocks malicious traffic from infected websites. The software also performs web filtering whereby it checks out potential harmful website before you access it.

The anti-phishing feature also prevents users from falling prey to phishing websites and secures users data. BitDefender has extensions for Firefox and Microsoft Edge which enables it to block phishing and infected websites. The firewall tool works well with the default Windows firewall and gives an extra layer of protection against hackers looking to exploit gaps in your Internet and Wi-Fi connections.


  • High rate of detection of malware
  • Parental control feature

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Trend Micro Antivirus Security


antivirus for awsTrend Micro is Japanese based antivirus company that is respected in the antivirus field. Its premium Trend Micro Antivirus has many useful features and comes with good ratings. This software gives effective malware protection while having good features like firewall booster and anti ransomware tool.

In addition, Trend Micro is quite good in preventing browser from encountering malicious website and has extensions for the three main browsers, Firefox, Chrome and Microsoft Edge. It checks all links and filters it to give protection. It also checks links that you point to and gives rating to them before you click on them.

Furthermore, the antivirus has a firewall booster which boosts the default Windows firewall. It detects and prevents botnet style attacks. It works very and also scans your WI-FI networks to check if your network is still secured


  • Excellent anti-phishing features
  • Good firewall booster


  • No multi license platform

Download Trend Micro from the official website


McAfee Antivirus Plus


antivirus for awsMcAfee gives you multi licensing option for a subscription of one; this makes it an attractive choice for those that want multiple platform security. The antivirus also packs lots of features which makes it one of the top antivirus programs available.

McAfee has good results against phishing websites by keeping your browser away from traffic from this dangerous websites. The My Network feature displays the entire devices on your network and lists the IP address of each of them. It also allows you to configure your network security properly and lists the devices on your network that could benefit from McAfee security.


  • Cross platform compatibility
  • Multiple licenses for a single price
  • Decent malware detection rates


  • Some conflicting lab test results

Furthermore, McAfee antivirus is a good antivirus that gives you the flexibility of protecting multiple devices with at an affordable price. It’s also feature rich with good firewall features and good detection rates.

Download McAfee Antivirus Plus from the official website

Do share with us your experience in using any of the antivirus software for aws we mentioned above. Feel free to comment below.