7 best animated lyric video software to use

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For as long as anyone can remember, people have been pairing videos with their music so that they could reach a broader audience. We’ve seen the rise and fall of music channels on TV, and now YouTube has taken over as the prime platform for sharing music videos. Music videos don’t have to always be very intricate or even visual for that matter.

A look into lyric videos

A very popular video solution these days is the lyrics video. The lyric video is different than a normal music video through the fact that its purpose is to make the lyrics of the song of whatever the chosen audio is, known to the public. When someone doesn’t really understand what a singer is saying in one of their songs, they look for a lyric video which explains it all.

Many people are looking to make their own lyric videos, for various reasons. Whether they are trying to make it in the music industry or to prepare some fun lyric videos for karaoke night with friends, the demand for lyric video capable software is quite high. In this article, we will be focusing on the top solutions for when it comes to making lyric videos. That being said, these are the top lyric video software options currently available:

Wondershare Filmora (recommended)

Final Cut Pro’s alternative with comes for Windows with non-linear editing capabilities for videos.

  • Similar to how Movavi Video Editor works, Wondershare Filmora is able to edit WMV, AVI, MP4, FLV, MOV, MKV, MTS formats and it manages to do so in a non-destructive manner. Users can expect to see compatibility and tools for editing both 4K and 5K video formats.
  • It offers great features for incorporating multiple source material through a wide array of transitions but also video combining tools. Normal video files can easily be spiced up by using appropriate filters for both the video and audio portions, making it easy to apply one’s personal touch.
  • Drag and drop to import video and audio or arrange lyrics on the timeline.

    –  Download now Wondershare Filmora(free)

Movavi Video Editor

Movavi Video Editor comes as the best alternative to iMovie which is available only for Apple.

  • This application’s whole deal is high definition video. If you’re looking to create lyric videos that focus on high definition and require a high quality and fidelity software partner, Movavi Video Editor might be just the thing you need. The software is able to process the most used formats coming from multiple types of devices like digital photo cameras for instance.
  • Another thing that complements the software’s overall ease of access is the ease with which users are able to start working on their files regardless of where these files are located. This is possible thanks to Movavi Video Editor’s high-quality import features. Allowing it to open important files from a large variety of devices like digital recorders, video cameras or external drives.

Download now Movavi Video Editor free version

Vegas Pro

Vegas Pro is the first option in our list that does genuine video editing. Vegas Pro has been around for quite some time, in which it has bounced from developer to developer in terms of ownership. Originally a product of Sonic Foundry, it has been then picked up by Sony Creative Software only to be later passed o Magix Software GmbH.

  • Vegas Pro is known as an NLE, which stands for non-linear editing. It’s a feature that it has garnered it attention and praise, but Vegas Pro was not intended initially to have the NLE-able status. In the very beginning, Vegas Pro was only meant to be an audio editor but it has evolved into something a lot bigger than that, which is capable of editing both audio and video starting with version 2.0.
  • Vegas Pro can be used to edit both video and audio at the same time thanks to its real time multitrack function. This can be done on an unlimited number of tracks which means that users aren’t restricted in how far they go with this feature. When it comes to video sequencing Vegas Pro benefits from being resolution independent which gives it more opportunities overall.
  • If you’re looking for something that allows you to use all kinds of effects and intricate visual schemes, this might be the software you need as Vegas Pro comes with a ton of composing tools put at your disposal.
  • Vegas Pro comes with a high range of compositing and graphic manipulation tools that allow it to provide complete assistance to users. The toolset also includes useful capabilities like 3D track motion compositing. Vegas Pro offers users total control over spatial arrangement and allows for videos to play around with the visual plane (or planes). Users can even intersect multiple visual planes under one video for dramatic effect.

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Adobe Photoshop

We’ve put Photoshop at the very top of the list so we can pretty much get it over with from the very beginning. Adobe Photoshop can’t be directly used to make lyric videos but it can be used to create still frames which then can be imported into other software. This pick is not for average users and it is pretty much only viable for designers and advanced users that already know their way around Photoshop.

You shouldn’t commit time to learning Photoshop just for lyric videos since you would still need the help of other software. However, if you already know how to use it, it can be used to create some artistic lyric videos with the help of another program.

Photoshop is an Adobe product that most people are familiar with thanks to the photo manipulation capabilities that it puts at the user’s disposal. It is widely acknowledged as the universal software for manipulating photographs and creating completely new graphic design.

Windows Movie Maker

There was a time when this software was known as Windows Live Movie Maker but in the meantime it has a little name change. What hasn’t changed however is the software’s ability to help users create great lyric videos. Unfortunately, the line has been discontinued which means that there won’t be any new versions coming out.

Existing versions can still be found online and those that have an older operating system should check their system as the program used to be part of the incorporated software package that Microsoft would pre-install on every copy of Windows.

  • One of the perks of Windows Movie Maker is its ability to export files directly to online platforms such as YouTube, which can take a load off people that want their content to end up there in the first place. It is capable of editing both video and audio and it offers a range of tools which can be used to create your standard lyric videos.
  • The software features an interface split into two main components. These components are the storyboard and the timeline. Users will alternate between the two when editing videos frame by frame and then browsing through their collections and past projects. Windows Movie Maker operates on a basic frame layout which means that users will have the ability to closely examine every frame of the video. There are also options for adding other clips and files into the mix, directly onto one of the existing content bars.

Adobe After Effects

As its name suggests After Effects comes from Adobe and it features a long list of capabilities. Although it is praised for its many potential uses, it is mostly known as a complete motion graphics editor. Adobe After Effects is a great tool for processing and editing and compositing, and it features a wide range of visual effects for your videos.

Just to give you an idea of the kind of functions available in After Effects, it is a program often used for the post-production of movies and TV content. Video editing isn’t the only thing that it is capable of, as it also offers highly competent animation features.

There are people that might find After Effects a bit raw to use specifically for lyric videos out of the box, but the program’s capability to be paired with very useful plugins and addons allows users to take quite a bit of the work capacity off them, making the entire process a lot more manageable.

  • As mentioned briefly, After Effects benefits tremendously from its vast plugin collection and integration capabilities. It’s quite safe to say that it is hard to rival After Effects when it comes to aftermarket components that round up what’s already a very robust and fully functioning software iteration. Plugins are split into multiple styles, making things even more dynamic for users that want to add as much of their personal touch on a video project as possible.
  • There are a lot of 3D effects plugins but After Effects is able to process and render 3D on its own as well, making the third party market optional for those that don’t want to feel forced into accessing the large plugin library.
  • Plugins can be found for many categorize and while some simply offer more control over the final form of the video project, others add style and allow users to fully bring their vision to life, which can be great for a lyric video which is supposed to complement lyrics. Feelings and vibes can be easily transmitted through the various plugins in After Effects, ranging from sad to happy, and everything in between. It even has plugins that allow the video to look cartoonish or in the style of classic cinema.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Yet another Adobe product makes the list, this time in the form of Premiere Pro. Similar to other software solutions, Premiere works by using a timeline based structure in order to provide control and editorial solutions for users, over video content.

As the name might suggest, this product is aimed at the professional sector of the video editing consumer market but average consumers also have a lighter and more appropriate version in Adobe Premiere Elements.

  • Adobe’s Premier has an impressive resume as it has been used by major networks like CNN and BBC, but also for the production of movies likes Gone Girl. These accolades further speak for the kind of capabilities Premiere Pro provides.
  • Some might have seen this coming, but Premiere also relies heavily on plugins and external integrations. While it can be used as a video editor on its own, it benefits greatly from the implementation of not only third market parties but also of some familiar first party programs.
  • Those that want more of a kick to their video editing experience can opt to bring in the help of other Adobe products such as Photoshop, After Effects and others like Prelude, Story and OnLocation. Being able to equip a powerful application with such robust “plugins” is what makes Premiere a top solution for professional video content while the Elements version caters effortlessly to the average or more casual consumer base.


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