Windows 10 Anniversary Update download gets stuck for many users

Madalina Dinita
by Madalina Dinita
Managing Editor
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It’s been two days since Microsoft officially rolled out the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, but some users managed to download and install the update only few hours ago. As surprising as this may sound, there are users out there still struggling to download the Anniversary Update package.

When users hit the “Install update” button, the download starts but somehow gets stuck halfway through or at 99%. This issue occurs when users try to upgrade using Windows Update as well as when they use the Anniversary Update ISO file.

Sometimes what appears to be a stuck download is only a process taking longer to finish due to various elements, such as your Internet connection speed or the available memory on your computer. However, there are cases when the Anniversary Update download still remains stuck despite user actions: formatting all the partitions on the computer, upgrading the drivers, or resetting the computer altogether.

The Windows 10 Anniversary Update download gets stuck for all users, from developers to regular computer users, on 32-bit versions as well as on 64-bit versions. However, it appears that this issue is indeed prevalent among Windows Pro users.

Windows 10 Pro users complain Windows 10 1607 download process stalls

It just randomly hangs (stalls, no cpu activity or so on). Sometimes downloading one update.. sometimes another.
I have not seen this behavior with previous version of Windows 10 (1511).

Another user offers more details about the workarounds he tried, to no avail.

after an update version aka new windows 10 version, i check my window update , and its stuck.
on downloading 0 %. already check windows update servicing, sfc, trouble shooting, dism, nothing works for me..

If the download process stalls when using Windows Update, try to install the Anniversary Update manually. For the time being, we haven’t been able to find any fix for the situation.

If you are trying to download Windows 10 version 1607 from WSUS, you need to wait a bit longer because the Anniversary Update will be available via the System Center Configuration Manager or Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) starting August 16, 2016. In other words, download stalls are normal if you use the WSUS.


  • My windows is set to self install and update as needed. I didn’t know something big was coming. I didn’t go looking or pick any particular way to do this update. I’m only 10 hours into this and the dots are continuing to turn. Will it ever stop on it’s own or continue on into eternity? Is it ever okay to turn it off? Will I ruin my computer if I do turn it off? Thank goodness I have a Mac to find out how to fix my PC…

  • Can anyone tell me how to stop this auto download….only taking my bandwidth uselessly 🙁 for over a week…and continuing…

  • For me, it download full and says installation failed…again download..again fail…again download..again fail…win 10 really sucks

  • I’ve been stuck now at 99% for 24 hours on this wonderful anniversary update. I downloaded manually from the website, as I often have problems on the automatic updates. It started just fine, but remains hung at 99%. I will let it run another 24 hours to see if it ever completes. Windows 10 sux.