7 best antivirus with adware removal tools to get rid of ad popups

By: Elsie Otachi
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antivirus with adware removal

Adware (advertising support software) is a type of software that keeps showing you adverts or popups that you don’t want.

Alternatively, adware can also be free software that comes with ads that popup on your toolbar or your browser while using your computer.

Such software can be both annoying and frustrating, but some of them come with malicious intentions – to steal your personal data, besides tracking sites you visit online, and recording your keystrokes.

Adware usually comes from different sources such as free software, browser add-on, or through a security hole in your computer’s operating system. As mentioned earlier, it manifests as popups on your desktop or while browsing the internet.

In order to remove adware, you need to first backup your files, then get the best antivirus with adware removal feature or tool that will scan for, detect, and/or remove any adware lurking within your computer’s system.

Best antivirus with adware removal tool



antivirus with adware removal

Bitdefender is an antivirus with adware removal tool for your PC, which frees your computer from annoying adware, malicious hijacker programs, unwanted toolbars, and other browser add-ons that are installed without your consent.

It uses the award winning Bitdefender technology to scan and detect unwanted apps in your computer, then gives you a list to review and select those you want to remove.

If you’re using a PC with Windows XP or later releases, or Internet Explorer 6 or later version, then Bitdefender Adware Removal Tool for PC is your best bet.

When using this tool, you are assured of less annoying apps installed in your PC.

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antivirus with adware removal

With the BullGuard Internet Security suite, this antivirus with adware removal tool protects your computer from annoying pop-up ads and installation of unwanted programs.

It also comes with the Game Booster gaming mode that optimizes CPU performance while blocking popups and other annoying interruptions for smoother gaming without any lag.

Other features include Parental Control module to block access to suspicious websites, put search filters in place, limit your children’s time online, and monitor their activity while blocking certain apps.

Its new firewall has added layers of protection against malware and intruders, is fully optimized for Windows 10, plus it tracks security updates, and uses less CPU power. You also get Application Filtering feature for end-to-end protection before, during, and after you download apps.

The Vulnerability Scanner keeps you safe by blocking access points hackers like to exploit, by automatically alerting you to missing security updates, or connections to insecure Wi-Fi networks. It also prevents applications that could contain malware from downloading automatically.

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antivirus with adware removal

Panda’s security solution is easy to use and maintain, cuts on costs and minimizes resource usage, plus you get guaranteed service availability, and constant system monitoring.

If your computer is infected by adware, Panda offers various solutions to safeguard your computer, including protection from other threats like viruses, hackers or phishing.

You can check your computer using Panda Active Scan, a free online scanner that quickly detects any lurking or possible threats. Panda detects adware and automatically offers you the option of deleting it.

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antivirus with adware removal

Avast is consistently rated as an excellent antivirus with adware removal tool by industry experts, and is trusted by more than 400 million people worldwide.

It has the lowest impact on your PC’s performance, with the best features such as unbreakable password security, home network and business protection, browser cleaning and so much more, all for free!

It is simple to use, and leaves nothing to chance with its powerful antivirus, data and identity protection.

Avast is tested and approved by the most prestigious anti-malware institute and is an award winning antivirus security tool, with 100 percent certified protection against zero-day threats.

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antivirus with adware removal

This antivirus with adware removal takes only 20 seconds to check your computer, which is 60 times faster than the average scan time of tested competitor products.

In addition to this superfast speed, it doesn’t take up much space so you have plenty of room for all your files and documents.

It is the right choice as it has won more awards than any other anti-spyware program owing to its advanced technology in spyware (including adware) research in the world, in addition to detection, removal and blocking of all forms of malware with one fast sweep of your PC.

Its features are easy to use ensuring maximum protection, and you get free world-class customer service with a 100 percent guarantee if you’re not satisfied.

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antivirus with adware removal

This antivirus with adware removal has you covered with the Kaspersky Internet Security program.

It offers an installation wizard that hides ad windows, and blocks installation of additional programs.  If you are installing several legit programs simultaneously, it may also block this as a suspicious process.

In order to activate the adware removal tool, go to the Settings window in Kaspersky, then choose Protection>System Changes Control and tick the appropriate boxes.

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antivirus with adware removal

This antivirus with adware removal gets rid of the annoying ad popups or adware installed without your consent and restores your PC’s performance.

If your PC has adware, PuPs or a browser hijacker, Malwarebytes AdwCleaner removes these programs that slow down your computer’s performance.

It removes adware, unwanted toolbars and add-ons, PuPs, browser hijackers, and has a light footprint.

Get Malwarebytes

In order to prevent adware, make sure to use one of these best antivirus with adware removal tool or cleaner, turn on a firewall when online, and ensure your browser, OS and software have the latest updates and security definitions or patches.

Have you settled on the best antivirus with adware removal for your computer? Let us know in the comments section below.

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