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Best adware removal guides & tools

Adware, or advertising-supported software, is a type of program or virus that displays unwanted advertisements on your device. While some programs show adverts only during installation, some will keep them running during the usage of the program. Here you will find all the guides and tools to fight them off.

🛡️ How can I protect my PC from adware?

Unfortunately, the only way to get rid of adware is to either buy the premium versions of the program itself which are always ad-free or use an antivirus program. The latter solution is far more efficient, since most antivirus tools come with real-time scanning, allowing you to detect installation kits that have adware before you even launch them in the first place. Here’s a list of the best antivirus tools that you can use against adware:

Avast Antivirus  •  Bitdefender Antivirus   •   Bullguard Antivirus  •  Kaspersky Antivirus  •  Norton Antivirus

Additionally, you can manually remove adware from your PC using more common methods, although specific steps need to be followed. Fortunately enough, most of the time it is enough to simply uninstall the program that hosted the adware for it to go away as well.

Most common adware reported

Adware can come in a variety of shapes and sizes and act out differently. However, we’ve covered some of them in the articles below, as well as some methods of how you can remove them:

🏴󠁥󠁥󠀴󠀴󠁿 Best guides to get rid of adware

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