9 Best Antivirus Software for Exchange Servers

Safely use an email server by choosing the right antivirus below

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  • If you want to add extra layers of protection to your company's data, you need an antivirus for Exchange Server.
  • The products in our list have multi-layered security measures and malware detection algorithms.
  • Don't stop at protecting your database. These antiviruses will also protect your local files.
  • You should keep in mind that the products have multiple price plans, and some include free trials
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Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 comes with a set of technologies and features that support people and organizations at work with a focus on communication and collaboration.

It also helps lower the cost of ownership if you deploy it on-premise or on the cloud.

With Exchange 2013, you can get a reliable email, calendar, and contacts, with helpful tips for managing your email services securely and efficiently.

It delivers a rich, business-class email experience across your computers and other devices with an easier setup and maintenance.

In addition, you’ll benefit from security and privacy with built-in antimalware protection and data loss prevention capabilities, plus many more features.

If you feel you want added security, you can get the best antivirus for Exchange Server 2013 or 2016 besides the built-in antimalware and antispam filtering it comes with for your mailboxes.


What is the best antivirus for Microsoft Exchange?

ESET Internet Security – Most complete set of options for security

ESET’s Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange server is an antivirus that safeguards your email with simple set-and-forget protection against malware and spam.

Features include antivirus and antispam to eliminate all types of threats with high interception rates, or Local Quarantine of spam and undelivered messages.

They are accessible and manageable by mailbox owners via a standalone browser, plus optimization for virtual environments with snapshot independence and native clustering support.

You also get the benefit of fully managing your system remotely using ESET’s Remote Administrator web console.

ESET offers protection for your complex infrastructure and a wide range of combinations for handling every message with standard and advanced parameters.

device control to ensure no unauthorized offline media are used in your network or to allow different access levels and database on-demand scanning to conserve server resources.

ESET Internet Security

Protect your devices and network from internet threats with ESET Internet Security!
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Bitdefender GravityZone – Best security against all threats

Bitdefender’s GravityZone delivers top security for your mail servers on-premise and is proven as the best antispam protection for mail servers.

It ensures a secure messaging and collaboration environment while protecting physical and virtual mail servers.

Some of the key benefits of using Bitdefender antivirus for Exchange 2013 include simple and fast installation, real-time antimalware, antivirus, antiphishing, and antispam.

The software also covers any email transfer protocol used in Exchange, plus you enjoy the award-winning protection for your mail servers.

Features include multiple layers of security for messaging with behavioral analysis and zero-day threat protection, email traffic filtering with attachment, and content filtering.

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Benefit from antimalware scanning which is offloaded to centralized security servers, on-demand scans, support for database availability groups, and cover for email transfer protocols among others.

For business or enterprise, you can deploy any or all security services in Bitdefender’s GravityZone including Security for Exchange.

Bitdefender GravityZone

Most secure tools protect your data from malware, adware, and other harmful software.
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Panda Security Essential – Best for big servers and businesses

router antivirus

Panda’s Security Essential protects the productivity of your business with the best antivirus for Exchange 2013 and your workstations.

It features antispam and web filtering so you can say goodbye to saturated inboxes thanks to antispam protection against malicious messages in Exchange servers.

It also monitors and filters website categories that are unproductive or dangerous during working hours without installing add-ons on your browser.

As long as you have the necessary licenses, you can use the web console to enable protection for the Exchange Server and apply it to any Exchanger servers you are managing, as it supports Exchange 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2016.

You get protection in three modules: antivirus, antispam, and content filtering, which let you scan for viruses, hacking tools, and malware sent to the Exchange server mailboxes

The software also detects and neutralizes spam, and filters email messages based on the extension of attached files.

You can also monitor the status of the protection for the Exchange server in the window of the computer, plus reports generated by Panda Cloud Office Protection Advanced.

Panda Security Essential

Panda Security Essential is reliable protection software for your company.
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Vipre – Best data-breaching protection

router antivirus

Vipre is a full cybersecurity software that can defend your system against popular attack vectors like endpoints, email, and networks.

This complete antivirus software provides high-quality security for both professional and personal activities.

Regarding email protection, you will get reliable support to defend your emails from serious malware threats like trojans and rootkits, spyware, and so on.

Vipre can deliver improved antivirus tools for your company’s safety by protecting the email database with multi-layered support and virus detection tools.

In addition, every business owner can benefit from endpoint security. This cloud-based product shows a dashboard with relevant information for each endpoint of your business.

The Network Protection functionality can successfully defend your company from malware like zero-day attacks or other advanced virus risks.

Hence, you should benefit from all the security benefits and shield users’ personal data, and avoid phishing attempts or data breaches.


Secure your business emails and collaboration assets using this antivirus with decisive email protection.
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Avast Business Antivirus – Great solution for business security

This antivirus for Exchange 2013 delivers Exchange server protection such that whatever is uploaded and emailed on your network is protected.

Avast Business Antivirus Pro offers Exchange server protection to keep out malware from your drive, inbox, or your business.

It scans and filters emails with malicious attachments or unsafe links to ensure internal communications are not threatened by malware.

The business hub allows you to easily manage and deploy the settings from one software to many other endpoints.

Benefit from powerful malware protection that combines malware and machine learning to detect the most recent and undetectable viruses.

The software also includes layered protection for your Sharepoint and Exchange server-sensitive data.

Avast Business Antivirus

Avast is the go-to Business Antivirus for all companies who need cybersecurity.
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Kaspersky Endpoint Security Business – Great endpoint protection

best antivirus software for small business

Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business protects your servers from crypto-lockers, malware, and spam which are usually distributed via email channels.

It comes for two types of business: Small (starting with 3 PCs) and Medium (starting with 10 PCs).

In order to prevent exposure to such risks and protect your business infrastructure, Kaspersky’s Security for Microsoft Exchange delivers a world-class mail server security solution against malware and spam for your mail servers.

Features include a powerful antimalware engine, comprehensive antimalware scanning capabilities, and intelligent spam detection.

It also includes a content-aware DLP module and Kaspersky Private Security Network support to prevent sensitive business data leakages.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security Business

Enjoy this feature-rich and premium product from Kaspersky and keep your company’s data safe.
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Norton 360 Deluxe – Great overall email security

Norton antivirus for Exchange 2013 provides email security software and prevents the spread of malware using Symantec’s malware prevention technology.

The software uses Symantec Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange directly to your on-premises infrastructure.

You get real-time email protection against malware, phishing, and targeted attacks, plus 99 percent spam blockage thanks to Brightmail technology.

Norton antivirus supports Microsoft Exchange server 2007, 2010, and 2013 in almost any scenario including hosting mode, on Microsoft Hyper-V, or VMware virtualization platforms.

Symantec Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange complements other layers of protection by preventing malware from spreading, and spam attacks while enforcing data loss prevention policies in your organization.

Norton 360

Norton 360 is a popular and trusted antivirus product that supports Microsoft Exchange.
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F-Secure Safe – Great server security and protection

This antivirus for Exchange 2013 offers protection using the F-Secure Email and Server Security, which can be licensed and deployed on a per-server basis or per-user or terminal connection basis.

Features include viruses and spyware protection, and DeepGuard for proactive and instant protection while monitoring behavior to stop potentially harmful activities in real time.

Moreover, the software also has web traffic scanning, browsing protection, spam control, software updater, and EMC CAVA environment support.

F-Secure’s antivirus for Microsoft Exchange protects incoming, outgoing, and internal mail traffic and public folders from malware and other threats while providing content and attachment filtering.

The email quarantine manager allows dedicated users to release, reprocess, and delete quarantined emails and attachments from the email quarantine.

F-Secure Safe

A straightforward and trustworthy cybersecurity software that works with Microsoft Exchange.
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Trend Micro – Good mail scanning features

This antivirus for Exchange 2013 uses the ScanMail Suite for superior protection for your Microsoft Exchange servers.

Most, if not all, targeted attacks start with phishing emails so your mail server’s security is more important today than ever before.

Unfortunately, most mail server security software relies on pattern file updates which don’t detect every type of malware.

They don’t have specific protections to detect malicious links, URLs, or document exploits used for attacks or advanced and persistent threats.

ScanMail Suite for Microsoft Exchange stops these attacks and phishing by using document exploit detection, enhanced web reputation, and sandboxing for defense which you won’t find with other security solutions.

It also blocks traditional malware with email, file, and web technology plus correlated global threat intelligence from Trend Micro’s Smart Protection Network cloud-based security.

Features include central management, data loss prevention, and role-based access, which give you benefits such as lower overheads and high performance for the fastest mail throughput speeds.

Get Trend Micro for Exchange 2013

Which of these antiviruses for Exchange 2013 do you like or have you used before? Share with us in the comments section below.

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