8 best free antivirus for one year: Grab any of these in 2019

Milan Stanojevic
by Milan Stanojevic
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Knowing which antivirus to invest in to protect your personal or office data and devices from potential threats can be tricky if you don’t get to test drive it first.

While there are free download versions for most, if not all, antivirus software, getting antivirus for one year free is a steal.  What’s even better is getting the best antivirus for one year free, so you can run it on your devices and see its features at work before updating to a paid version.

We checked out the top antivirus for one year free and here are our favorite picks.

Best antivirus for one year free

  1. Bullguard
  2. Bitdefender
  3. Panda
  4. AVG
  5. Avast
  6. McAfee
  7. Kaspersky
  8. Avira Antivirus

1. BullGuard (recommended)

antivirus for one year free

BullGuard is a user friendly, easy to navigate and effective antivirus with innovative multi-layered defenses block malicious threats to ensure optimal performance for all your devices whether at home or at work.

It combines traditional signature-based protection with behavioral-based protection to guard against malware outbreaks, with industry-leading detection rates.

It also has a vulnerability scanner to detect easily exploited, outdated software, strong backup for file safety in case of a system crash or computer loss, antispam filter, and automatic PC tune up.

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2. Bitdefender (suggested)

antivirus for one year free

Bitdefender is hailed for its all round, continuous and powerful protection against sophisticated threats whether for home or business use.

While using this antivirus for one year free, you get to enjoy on-demand and on-access virus scanning and removal, advanced threat detection using its behavioral detection that monitors your active apps and takes instant action.

It also comes with anti-phishing feature which sniffs and blocks websites that pose as trustworthy to steal your data, plus anti-fraud advanced filtering system that warns when you visit scam websites.

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2. Panda

antivirus for one year free

This antivirus pools advanced protection technologies, detection and remediation features, to classify all your running processes on all endpoints from a centralized platform.

You can control and manage your systems from your home, office or remote locations, plus protect all your devices against all forms of malware and spam. It also has antispam protection modules, and contextual intelligence used to reveal patterns of malicious behavior, and generate defensive strategies to counter any threats.

It is easy to use and maintain, minimizes resource usage, gives guaranteed service availability, and constant system monitoring.

Get Panda free version or buy the paid version for maximum security of your PC and personal data.

4. AVG

antivirus for one year free

AVG’s Internet Security is an efficient program that keeps malware away from your system and devices.

It takes up less storage space, runs faster, and you can also use it on old or slow devices.

With this antivirus for one year free, you can enjoy antispam, firewall and email protection, web browsing protection, and protection for your data and identity against theft online.

AVG also comes with PC tune-up, drive encryption, plus the latest cloud-based protection feature, and is compatible with Windows 10.

Get real-time, on-demand and on-access scheduled protection to safeguard your system and devices against threats such as rootkits or any malicious links.

5. Avast

antivirus for one year free

This powerful antivirus delivers 100 percent uninterrupted and certified protection, for data and identity.

You can enjoy features such as File/Web/Emails shield that monitor malware hiding in your programs for suspicious activity, an easy to use VPN, and protection for your inbox and share points, URLs and email attachments.

It also detects unrecognized file downloads, updates software automatically, and has browser add-ons for easy and secure auto-filling in online login forums.

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6. McAfee

antivirus for one year free

McAfee offers advanced security that protects all your devices against threats, compatibility with every operating system, and ease of use with its robust user-friendly software that is both easy to install and manage.

It provides protection such as data encryption security for online use, antiphishing filter, and 24-hour data theft protection.

It is so easy to use, plus you can monitor the security status of your devices, and get automatic updates on the latest threat definitions.

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7. Kaspersky

antivirus for one year free

Kaspersky has evolved over the years and now offers easy management from a cloud-based console.

With this antivirus, you get endpoint security, strong protection, easy management, and a multi-layered protection with enhanced mobile security and device management.

Other features include a security center that detects and remediates threats, plus a Fraud Prevention tool for proactive detection of cross-channel fraud in real time.

Its APT Intelligence feature delivers comprehensive practical reporting so you are always in the know, and/or aware of high profile, targeted attacks.

8. Avira Antivirus

avira antivirus free antivirus

Another great antivirus that you can get for free is Avira Antivirus. The Free version of this tool can detect and remove both malware and ransomware from your PC. In addition, Avira Antivirus will also block ads and make your browsing experience faster.

The software can also analyze your home network and let you know if there are any security vulnerabilities that you need to address. Avira Antivirus can also analyze your privacy status and let you know if there are any privacy threats. In addition to these features, the free version of Avira can also update your software and work as a basic password manager.

Internet Security Suite requires a subscription, but it comes with phishing and advanced ransomware protection. This version also has an advanced password manager, so you can easily create secure passwords. There’s also Identity protection feature that will inform you if any of your online accounts have been breached.

Lastly, the Prime version can clean your PC and free up extra space, but it can also protect your online identity and let you surf anonymously. Avira Antivirus in its Free version offers solid protection, so if you’re looking for a free antivirus, you might want to try this tool.


  • Protection against malware and ransomware
  • Ability to block ads
  • Home network vulnerability analyzer
  • Phishing protection (Internet Security version)
  • Advanced ransomware protection (Internet Security version)
  • Password manager (Internet Security version)
  • Anonymous web surfing (Prime version)
  • Identify theft protection (Prime version)

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in December 2017 and has been since revamped and updated for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.