Best antivirus for Windows Vista to use in 2020

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  • Surprisingly, there are still some antivirus developers that offer a security product for old PCs running on Windows Vista.
  • In this article, we explore these options, with pros and cons, so keep reading.
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best antivirus for windows vista

Are you a Windows Vista user worried about the choice of antivirus to use? This post is meant for you.

Windows Vista OS is one of the oldest Windows OSs but it is still relevant. Meanwhile, there are several antivirus software packs suitable for Windows Vista operating system.

Keep in mind that given the evolution of the Windows operating systems, and that Vista is no longer supported by Microsoft for some years now, antivirus developers have also adapted and offer limited applications, or the best the respective program can do for your system.

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Which is the best antivirus for Windows Vista to use in 2020?

panda for windows vista

Safe, simple, and light, this is the antivirus to use to secure your Windows Vista PC.

Here are its main features:

  • Malware protection with built-in firewall
  • Free VPN
  • Scanner for external devices / USB
  • Parental control
  • Protection of personal data
  • Secure browser
  • PC optimization

Other even more advanced security options are available in the paid Panda Dome versions (Essential, Advanced, Complete and Premium)

In addition, the first month of subscription is free.

Panda Dome

Panda Dome

Keep your Windows Vista system protected with one of Panda's security solutions.

Free trial Visit website

antivirus for vista

Kaspersky solutions are very good and compatible with the Windows Vista (32-bit and 64-bit). They have everything you would need in a suite and its components are very effective.

This security software has a strong firewall that can give your system maximum protection against unknown connections. It has an anti-malware security suitable to detect viruses before they infect your PC.

You might need to change some product configuration before installing and using Kaspersky on your computer.


  • Effective anti-phishing software.
  • It has an advanced disinfection scan.
  • It has a firewall with powerful application control.
  • Automated security patching.
  • Webcam protection and so many other bonus features.
  • RAM usage is low.


  • Mediocre scores in hands-on malware protection tests.
  • It slows down the operating system.
  • The database update is slow.
Kaspersky Internet Security

Kaspersky Internet Security

With Kaspersky, your Windows Vista gets real-time protection against the most recent malware.

Free trial Visit website

antivirus compatible with windows vista

AVG’s Internet Security is an efficient program still compatible with Windows Vista, which is still updated by the software developer, unlike most similar products.

AVG takes up less storage space, runs fast, and it’s light on system resources, so it’s perfect for older devices as well

AVG comes with drive encryption, plus the latest cloud-based protection feature.

Other supporting features include antispam, firewall and email protection, web browsing protection, and protection for your data and identity against theft online.

Get real-time, on-demand, and on-access scheduled protection to safeguard your system and devices against threats such as rootkits or any malicious links.

Protects your PC forever
AVG Antivirus website logo
  • Block unsafe links, downloads, & email attachments
  • Stop viruses, spyware, ransomware
  • Real time-security updates

windows vista antivirus

First of all, Avast antivirus does not require much introduction. Because it is quite popular among many users and one of the best security software available for Windows Vista (32-bit and 64-bit).


  • It has the Wi-Fi-Scanner which continuously investigates and removes potential threats from your router and network.
  • A modern UI
  • Very light on the system.
  • Good detection of malware capabilities.
  • A customizable installer.


  • It does not have parental control.
  • Too many ads.
  • After one of use, you are required to have an account.
  • Anti-ransom ware module is needed.
  • Lacks great signatures for real-world protection.
  • Web plug-in contains ads.

Note that that the version for Windows Vista comes for free. However, the software does not provide program updates for the latest bugs and malware signatures.

It is therefore recommended that you upgrade the system to a later version, and get at least a basic paid plan for Avast.

Essential antivirus protection
avast logo official
  • Secure password manager
  • VPN
  • WebCam Shield
  • Browser Cleanup

eset antivirus for vista

ESET is a PC protection company that has been in operation for about two decades now.

The ESET NOD32 is an antivirus software still compatible with Windows Vita and uses very little of your computer’s resources.

Some notable features:

  • User-friendly interface.
  • Comprehensive protection against spyware, viruses, worms, adware, and rootkits.
  • Protection for removable media such as external hard drives and USB flash drives.
  • Thorough scanning is just for about fifteen minutes, after which a report of the status of your PC’s security is provided.
  • Gaming mode blocks unwanted pop-ups and intrusions during gaming activities.
  • Online safety tool educates new users on how to stay safe online.
  • Tech support consists of video tutorials, email, forums, as well as phone support and live chat.

Note that ESET will support an antivirus product for Windows Vista only until February 2021, after which your antivirus will become non-functional.

2020 Edition Software
eset website logo
  • Protects you across multiple platforms
  • Uninterrupted gaming and videos
  • Masterful in the stealthiest threats

All the antivirus products mentioned in this post are suitable for Windows Vista. All that is needed is just click on the download link of the antivirus that suits the need.

In addition, all the Antivirus software is genuine, easy to get, and reliable.

If you have any other suggestions or questions, feel free to reach for the comments section below.

FAQ: Learn more about Windows Vista

  • Is it safe to still use Windows Vista?

Although Windows’ support for Vista has ended, the OS is still functional, although maybe more vulnerable to security risks and viruses. That’s why we recommend using a dedicated antivirus that still supports Vista.

  • What browser still works with Windows Vista?

Although Mozilla or Chrome are no longer compatible with Vista, there are a number of more lightweight alternatives.

  • How much does it cost to upgrade from Vista to Windows 10?

Until some time ago, you could have benefited from a free upgrade to Windows 10. However, you can surely follow the topic for the best deals and still get the package at a good price on certain occasions.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in January 2018 and was revamped and updated in June 2020 for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.