4 best antivirus for Windows XP to use today

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by Ivan Jenic
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  • Windows XP is still used by millions despite being no longer supported by Microsoft for many years now.
  • Using an antivirus is mandatory in this situation, so in this article, we'll be looking at the best options for you.
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best antivirus windows xp
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Windows XP was released for manufacturing on August 24, 2001, and was supported by Microsoft until April 8, 2014.

During those years, the operating system became widely adopted, and to this day still holds over 5% of the desktop market share according to NetMarketShare.

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If you happen to be a part of those Internet users that are on Windows XP, finding a good third-party antivirus should be a high priority.

It is very important since the operating system has gone unsupported for over 6 years now. But before that, you should make sure you are as up to date as possible.

BullGuard, Panda Security Cloud Antivirus Free, Kaspersky Lab, and Avast are some of the best antivirus solutions that you can install on your Windows XP computer. Some of these tools are free, while others come with a price tag.

Read on to learn how each of these antivirus solutions can protect your Windows XP PC.

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What Antivirus works with Windows XP?

BullGuard (Recommended)


Bullguard is a trialware antivirus option that looks clean and has a great protection rating.

In addition to file scanning, Bullguard also brings a spam filter to your local email client as well as traffic scanning for when you are browsing the web.

These automated protection schemes coupled with the 24/7 support make Bullguard antivirus a solid choice for the budget-conscious users.

The software is as easy to use as it gets, providing powerful layered protection against all types of malware, such as trojans or phishing attempts.

Also, it doesn’t slow your computer down, maintaining the speed of your device.

Let’s quickly look at its key features:

  • A custom-built secure browser that protects you from web-based attacks while focusing on privacy
  • Machine Learning powered detection algorithms to identify even the most advanced threats
  • Triple-layer next-generation antimalware protection
  • Game Booster mode to block pop-ups during your gaming sessions
  • Integrated Vulnerability scanner and Firewall
BullGuard Antivirus

BullGuard Antivirus

In love with XP? Don't give up on your OS - Team up with BullGuard to keep it safe and keep on using it forever.

Panda Security


So, is there a free antivirus for Windows XP? The answer is yes, and Panda Antivirus is one of the best options out there.

This virus protection tool for Windows XP SP2 and up has a sleek looking UI that might look too modern compared to the gradients of old XP along with top-notch protection and no noticeable performance hit.

Panda’s offering differs from many of its competitors by running scans in the cloud, meaning users will not have to deal with daily updates.

Let’s quickly look at its key features:

  • Great protection scores
  • It always keeps itself up to date instead of nagging the user to download update files one or more times per day
  • Keep virus definitions up to date with no user interaction or knowledge
  • Does not impact the performance of your system
Recommended antivirus
panda dome
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Personal firewall
  • Device management
  • USB Protection

Kaspersky Lab

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Kaspersky Lab has had a great reputation for a while now, and it will certainly not be a bad choice to secure your Windows XP SP3 machine from viruses.

With similar scores given from AV-TEST, Kaspersky‘s reputation along with low system requirements helped place it up to the number two spot.

Not taxing a computer too much to keep it protected is a big deal for Windows XP machines since many of them are underpowered.

Kaspersky only requires an 800MHz processor, 512MB of available RAM, and a minuscule 480MB of disk space.

This lightweight configuration gives room to breathe on most machines, especially older Windows XP 32-bit ones that tend to have 1GB of RAM and slower processors.

Essential for Windows
kaspersky website logo
  • Blocking ransomware, cryptolockers & more
  • Preventing cryptomining malware infections
  • Real-time protection


Avast is the official home security software for Windows XP, another reason why 435 million users trust it.

AV-Comparatives claims Avast to be the least impacting antivirus for PC performance. In addition, it comes with advanced cleaning and optimization features for your PC to further improve its performance.

Avast Free Antivirus protects users in Windows XP through regular updates.

However, software updates (including new features, hotfixes, or support) are no longer available due to the fact that Microsoft has stopped publishing security updates for this version.

Essential antivirus protection
avast logo official
  • Secure password manager
  • VPN
  • WebCam Shield
  • Browser Cleanup

Looking for the best antimalware tool for your old PC? Here are our top picks.

Keep in mind that the number of malware and virus attacks are growing by the day. Moreover, hackers love to exploit security vulnerabilities on old operating systems.

So, if you want to protect your Windows XP device and make it bullet-proof against the latest cyber threats, do install one of the antivirus solutions listed above.

With these tools and with our other guide posted throughout the entire article, we show that you can keep Windows XP forever.

There are still third-party tools available for this old operating system that will make Windows XP work smoothly even in today’s world dominated by Windows 10.

If you have any recommendations for the protection and installation of Windows XP Service Pack 3, do let us know in the comments below.

FAQ: Read more about Windows XP

  • Is Windows XP still safe to use?

While there are more advanced OSs available, you should be able to keep using Windows XP safely, with just a few easy tricks.

  • Can Windows XP still connect to the Internet?

Yes, it can. You will need a more lightweight browser for the job, though. Since Windows XP is no longer supported by Microsoft, it’s recommended to use a VPN such as NordVPN for safety.

  • Is there a free antivirus for Windows XP?

Actually, yes. There are both free and paid antivirus solutions that still work with Windows XP such as Bullguard or Panda antiviruses.

Editor's Note: This article was originally published in June 2017 and was revamped and updated in December 2020 for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.
  • As of 2020-12-02, the Bullguard website (at the bottom of the page) states that Windows system requirement is Win7 or above.

  • I just tried installing BullGuard on Windows XP, but it gave me a message box stating that it no longer supports Windows XP. Sorry Ivan Jenic. Rewrite your article.

  • Dec 2020. Nice to see someone out there still has love for good old XP.
    Keep up the great work with articles like this to keep the old O/S alive.
    Oh, and for browsers for XP, Mypal is brilliant!

  • I have used Norton for over a decade now, but they inform me they will no longer support XP in early 2021. My subscription ends in November, So I’m looking for a good security provider for $30-$50 a year is fair… Any help?

  • I caught Avast ignoring a virus once (was caught by AVG at the time) so it’s off my list for a while.
    And AVG has been a little too naggy in the last few years. I no longer recommend it to people.

  • Actually I just cancelled my long-term subscription with Bitdefender as they had advised me last month that nothing they have will work for Win XP any longer as of 06/07/2018.

  • You state that Bit Defender is the best for Win XP, but their website states that the System Requirements are Win 7, 8, 8.1, 10.
    Will it really be useable on Win XP SP3?