Arc Browser's Browse for Me: Everything You Need to Know

Quickly generates summaries for all your queries

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arc browser browse for me feature
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The way you perform searches and consume information online has transformed drastically in the recent while. And in the past few months, we have witnessed the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the search landscape, a prime example being Browse for Me on the Arc browser!

Browse for Me, in the Arc browser, revolutionizes how we search for information and has been a trending topic of discussion ever since it was introduced. After trying the feature, I was mighty impressed by its capabilities. But not everyone is of the same view!

What is Browse for Me in Arc browser?

Browse for Me is an AI-powered feature that instantly scours the web for information for any query and presents a condensed summary and any vital related information, along with the sources.

Having used it for the last few days, I found Browse for Me a vital addition to the entire search experience, especially when the searches are rather direct. For instance, match scores, product reviews, or informational content.

How can I use Browse for Me in the Arc browser?

  1. If you don’t have it already, download Arc Search from the Apple Play Store.arc search
  2. Once done, go through the initial setup and walk-through.
  3. Now, tap the + icon at the
  4. Enter your query in the text field, and tap on the Browse for Me button next to the entry that best matches your query or even the exact one.browse for me
  5. Wait for a few seconds as Arc Search generates a summary of the information available on the web.summary with arc browser browse for me

Similarly, I performed a bunch of other searches using Browse for Me on the Arc Search browser, and it delivered surprisingly decent results. Although, I recommend that you don’t blindly follow all the information presented in the summary, because, at the end of the day, it’s an AI-powered tool that can make mistakes.

For simpler queries, Browse for Me will help you save both time and effort and allow you to consume more information in a limited time!

Here’s how Browse for Me divides the information into various sections:

  • Related images and videos: This section includes several images and videos related to the query, sourced from across the web.
  • Search results: The section section includes quick links to the top search results, along with a direct option to search on Google.
  • Summary: This is the AI-generated summary from Browse for Me that includes information presented in the top search results.
  • Additional information and news: Depending on the query, you will find additional information presented in a condensed form in the next section. This complements the initial summary.
  • Dive deeper: At the bottom, you will find a list of links to websites that will help you explore the topic in detail.

Is Browse for Me available on Windows and Mac?

Browse for Me is currently available only in the iOS version of the browser, i.e. Arc Search, and is yet to be natively integrated into Mac or Windows.

I am not sure if it’s even under consideration, given The Browser Company’s focus on Arc Explore, a nearly identical feature that uses AI to discover answers to the query and present it in a summarised form.

Perhaps Browse for Me will be limited to Arc’s mobile browser and never make it to the desktop version. But as long as there are built-in alternatives, the user base won’t mind!

Also, I found mentions of web-based alternatives for Browse for Me, basically websites that claimed to perform the same job. Upon checking, most of them turned out to be completely non-functional. So, I would recommend you stay away from these.

If you are on Android and don’t yet have the Arc Search available for download on the Google Play Store, it’s best that you wait. In the meantime, sign up for the waitlist and get updates on the latest developments.

What are the disadvantages of Browse for Me?

While the topic so far revolved around the benefits of Browse for Me, let’s not forget that there are serious limitations as well. Here are the common concerns shared by experts and users:

  • Limits the scope of search: As opposed to a search engine that lists hundreds of results, Browse for Me presents a quick summary followed by a few links. This limits the amount of information we consume and prevents us from exploring other possible angles or sides to the story, if any.
  • Information is not always accurate: The quick summary presented by Browse for Me in the Arc Search browser isn’t always accurate because it reportedly doesn’t scour too many web pages but limits the research to the top search results.
  • Would affect content creators: Several content creators and websites earn through ads running on their websites. With AI-powered features like Browse for Me, the traffic to these websites will fall, thus resulting in reduced income for creators.

Personally speaking, I find Browse for Me to be a user-oriented innovation, even if we take the downsides into account. But, at present, it is only suitable for rather direct and simple queries. For complex ones where there are different sides to the story, I will still recommend a search engine!

Tip icon Tip
While we are discussing Arc Search, it’s imperative to highlight another useful feature, Summarize. With it, you can summarize the contents of any webpage, including the search results on Google. As expected, it doesn’t work alongside Browse for Me, meaning you can’t summarize the information even further.

If you like these features, I recommend you download the Arc Browser today and next, get into managing your browser extensions.

Or in case you are still unsure about its utility, read our detailed review of the Arc browser, highlighting all vital functionalities, quick tips, and even the bugs!

What’s your review of Browse for Me in the Arc Search browser? Share with our readers in the comments section.

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