4 best auto SMS sender software for PC [2021 Guide]

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  • In this article you will find the best automated SMS software for a Windows 10 PC as a strategy for emergencies.
  • You'll find below a great tool that allows users to send SMS through their desktop using its messenger.
  • Another program reads messages from the main server and sends them to a remote server.
  • You can also find a smart app here that comes with powerful text messaging and SMS marketing tools.
bulk SMS sender software

In the world of smartphones and busy people, a large chunk of the population relies heavily on sending SMS. Whether it’s a personal message or a business message, sending SMS in an emergency is the best communication strategy. It’s fast, saves time, and costs minimal.

But what if you want to send it from your Windows 10 PC? Well, there are auto SMS sender software for PC that do the job.

These are especially useful for businesses where they need to send service reminder, courier details, for booking confirmation, and more. The auto SMS sender software for PC help users send messages in bulk for marketing purpose. They also have auto responding facility send where messages are automatically sent to customers on their birthday.

We have shortlisted some of the best automated bulk SMS software that makes life easy for businesses.

4 best automated bulk SMS software for PC

Text Magic

automated bulk sms seender software for PC

Text Magic is an auto SMS sender software for PC that allows users to send text messages via their desktop using its messenger. In fact, it’s an all-in-one bulk SMS software program that works two way.

It allows users to send text messages to employees and customers, and even bring over contacts or manage lists. It also smartly converts emails to SMS and send it, with replies received in emails.

Users can sync the app’s SMS access with their website that uses SMS API tools. This helps add text messaging facility to their business process. Moreover, the app helps users send targeted messages to their customers in bulk or one at a time.

In addition, users can also use take advantage of the two-way online SM chat option, facility to forward an email as an SMS to a distribution list, receive messages online, and more.

Best of all, incoming messages can be automated that includes auto response and adding subscribers.



With TextMagic you can send bulk sms to over +190 country around the world in real time.

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Atomic SMS Sender

automated bulk sms seender software for PC

Atomic SMS Sender intends to save on costs, small level investments, and maximum ROI using bulk messaging. It boasts covering more than 800 networks across 200 countries in the world.

It offers quick and secure communication with customers by delivering marketing notifications, alerts, and other messages using bulk messaging.

One of its significant features is scheduling the SMS delivery based on a certain date and time. This helps customers on the receiving end who are based in a different time zone. The scheduler can also send reminders for a specific event, pre-set, and deliver greetings.

The software sends a link to unsubscribe with each batch of free bulk SMS using the subscriber’s phone number. The customer is then added to the Exception list.

Best of all, it offers delivery reports of the messages sent specifying the detailed statistics. It includes the delivery time, price, and the number of parts. It does not just allow users to send bulk text messages, but also help them keep a check on the efficiency in real-time.

Atomic SMS Sender

Atomic SMS Sender

Very efficient bulk SMS platform that makes it simple to plan, create and plan your customers.

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automated bulk sms seender software for PC

Another great automated bulk SMS software is RapidSMS that pulls up or reads messages at the main server and sends it over to a remote server. This is done at frequent intervals using an automated workflow.

From sending SMS for service reminder, invoices, or premium due date reminder, to sending notifications for outstanding to customers, it covers all.

What’s interesting is, it works alongside with the current software and automatically sends SMS from the stored data. It’s a business standard software that’s designed to meet requirements related to auto or manual text messages.

Among its major features are, sending automated SMS, group and bulk messages, and messages that are excel customized.

Prefix and signature, delivery reports for sent sms with time, managing groups and contacts easily, etc. are among its other significant features.

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automated bulk sms seender software for PC

TextWik allows you to create a free account to start using its robust voice and assimilated email marketing software. It’s a smart app that comes with robust texting and SMS marketing tools. It’s a simple and dependable tool that’s also user-friendly.

The brand is connected to mobile networks across the world helping users send bulk SMS to customers from any location. Best of all, this facility is available at extremely reasonable rates.

Mobile keywords are another aspect that boosts the charm of mobile marketing campaigns to a specific market. It offers getaway to an endless number of keywords helping users send text messages from PC or while on the move.

While users can schedule bulk SMS, it also sends messages automatically to the person who subscribed for it. MMS or photo messages, 2-way messaging, automatic birthday messages delivery, SMS contents, or detailed analysis for campaigns are some of its other major features.

Price: starts from $24 per month.


Sending SMS online is one of the most competent ways to deliver important information to your customers. Whether you want to notify a single person or a group of them, the auto SMS sender software for PC helps simplify things.

So, select one of your choices and get going with your marketing campaigns.

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