WiFi Advertising Software: 8 Best to Use in 2024

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Key notes

  • To keep your customers up to date with the latest deals while they're accessing your Wi-Fi network, then you need the best Wi-Fi advertising software.
  • We offer you a marketing and monetization solution for sponsored mobile data, 4G networks, Wi-Fi and beacons.
  • Another great program allows you to measure and monitor customer behavior in real time.
  • Find here also a tool that gives you Wi-Fi monetization through the ad network.

Consumers today want to engage with your brand, or their favorite brands online, mostly on their mobile devices, so there is need to find a common ground where your brand and target customers meet and share an amazing experience.

Wi-Fi has brought both brands and customers together, which means that clever brands will find a brilliant way of leveraging on this intersection to monetize and grow brand loyalty.

Most companies or stores have free Wi-Fi which they offer to their customers. This is a good place to meet your customer where they’re at by using the best Wi-Fi advertising software that helps you keep them engaged, as they stay updated on your latest offerings.

Let’s delve into the best Wi-Fi advertising software you can get for your brand, and some of the benefits you get from making this investment.

What’s the best Wi-Fi advertising software?

1. Socifi

Wi-Fi advertising software

With its headquarters in Silicon Valley, this Wi-Fi advertising software is a marketing and monetization solution for sponsored mobile data, 3G/4G networks, Wi-Fi and beacons.

Features include the following:

  • Guest and social Wi-Fi, provided as a service with an easy to use cloud-based management with lead generation, paid internet plans, vouchers, marketing, data mining, brand awareness, billing, and authentication.
  • Beacons that provide nearby notifications, data mining, proximity marketing and heat maps, plus smart technology that lets you update beacon ads without internet connectivity, all in one cloud-based management, free of hassles and maintenance.
  • Sponsored data. With this, you get the worth that comes from mobile data. Solutions include user engagement, data mining, targeting, sponsors management, ad campaign management, data gifting, plus an easy onboarding process for carriers and sponsors.

Wi-Fi, sponsored data and beacons are changing how connected brands function, and this can transform your business if used correctly.

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2. Purple Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi advertising software

Purple’s promise is turning insight into action. How? By delighting your customers and delivering ROI for your business.

This Wi-Fi advertising software is the global leader in guest Wi-Fi analytics.

Some of the benefits you get from choosing Purple Wi-Fi advertising software include:

  • Guest Wi-Fi, which delivers valuable insights from physical spaces so you can promote your business through a beautiful, branded and seamless interface. Customers simply login once across all your venues, or turn on social login that you can leverage to drive social engagement to the top.
  • Social login, a free and frustration-proof way for guests and customers to access your Wi-Fi network because people want a quick and simple login process without the sign up forms and many pages. You can also understand your customers using this feature.
  • Bespoke campaigns. You can build targeted marketing campaigns relevant to your users, such that when they use social login, you can send creative e-shots or SMS that are targeted and relevant to them.
  • Wi-Fi analytics lets you measure and monitor your guest behavior in real time plus access a wealth of rich analytics with bounce rates, conversions, dwell times, return visits, which help you understand your customers even more.
  • Reports through visual graphs based on the analytics with user demographics information so you can even wish your regular customer a happy birthday or offer free services to them.
  • Engagement tools that reach your guests at the right place and time with geo-fencing technology and cloud software for your venue(s) for triggered messaging.
  • Messaging and emails, from which you can send relevant SMS in real time, or use the drag and drop email editor to send e-shots in different templates, colors and fonts without coding.

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3. Parbou

Wi-Fi advertising software

This Wi-Fi advertising software offers smart targeting with high impact.

Some of the benefits of using Parbou include targeting of specific segments such as location, age and gender, so you can reach your guests in venues close to point of sale.

Features include:

  • Advertising, through which you can create maximum impact on your campaigns by leveraging the power of mobile, local and Wi-Fi
  • Easy reach through smart devices once people connect to your Wi-Fi
  • Real time reporting so you can view status and reports of your ad campaigns in real time, and optimize or adjust accordingly
  • Smart targeting based on location, gender and age to suit your needs
  • Wi-Fi marketing to promote physical offline venues and reach customers on the go once they’re connected to your Wi-Fi
  • Hyper Local so you can advertise to those in local establishments and the ad is relevant to the area you promote to
  • Budgeting to help you control your ad spend by setting your own lifetime budget
  • High CTR based on highly targeted, responsive ads served in full page to your audience, plus a bidding system to get the most revenue per click
  • Wi-Fi monetization through the ad network
  • Integrations with any social Wi-Fi or hotspot systems you currently use
  • Multiple ad formats to choose from including website visits, app downloads, coupons, and video plays for the highest click through rates per ad served.

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4. WiFiAdz

Wi-Fi advertising software

If you want to know more about your customers, or promote your brand and earn money, WiFiAdz is your friend.

This Wi-Fi advertising software lets your customers be more engaged, loyal and satisfied, whether you’re running a small diner or huge company with many visitors.

Some benefits of using WiFiAdz include:

  • Free Wi-Fi connection, while delivering valuable content relevant to your business and customers’ needs through own brand promotion, increase of user engagement, advanced user analysis, and social media integration.
  • Earn revenues through Wi-Fi by joining WiFiAdz media network as a member, open your Wi-Fi to advertisers, and make money from it.
  • Free ad-sponsored Wi-Fi for your customers, while advertisers deliver content tailored to customers’ interests.
  • New media space for advertisers, revenue streams, visitor data analysis, plus you can set up and promote your brand.
  • Ease of use, plus you can customize your hotspot splash page with your logo, background and brand name, and they automatically prepare a responsive version for all devices and resolutions.
  • Social media integration for Facebook and Twitter increases fans and followers on your pages, while they read and share your feed content.
  • Valuable insights through responsive banners, surveys and offers sent to your customers for feedback.
  • Cloud-based platform, with a WiFiAdz dashboard so you can control and manage your brand, campaigns and hotspots, while watching your cash flow and getting user analysis.

Get WiFiAdz

5. WiFiGarden

Wi-Fi advertising software

As its name implies, this Wi-Fi advertising software offers a wide range of benefits for your brand and customers.

It is designed specifically for Wi-Fi advertising and offers features such as:

  • Cloud-based technology that doesn’t block apps or interrupt browsing to show ads, making the user experience perfect
  • Simple, fast installation with no need for tech knowledge to set up
  • Affordable pricing that’s clear and transparent regardless of the size of your network
  • You can create and/or choose banners from templates with options for either full-screen, in-page, pop-up or other types of banners
  • Social login feature that also lets you promote your social pages and reach your audience, earn likes and followers
  • Managing campaigns from any location
  • Statistics tool so you’re always aware of how your campaigns are progressing
  • Ad management tool that is easy and intuitive so the system helps you publish perfect campaigns even if you’ve never tried it before

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6. HotspotRx

Wi-Fi advertising software

This Wi-Fi advertising software touts itself as the prescribed solution for using Wi-Fi hotspots as a marketing medium.

With this software, you can build your own free Wi-Fi advertising network, or take advantage of HotspotRx network to capture your audiences with targeted marketing, so as to get direct feedback and contacts.

The features that make this the best Wi-Fi advertising software include:

  • A custom micro-site support system using templates or customize to your liking with easy upload and instant publication
  • Cloud-based management of advertising programs
  • Unlimited users and locations
  • Bring your own bandwidth (BYOB)
  • Advanced custom even tracking
  • Integration with Google Analytics
  • Wired LAN and cellular support

HotspotRx is an AaaS (app as a service) hotspot management system that deploys Wi-Fi hotspots across your locations using a range of physical hardware devices.

Each hotspot acts as a custom captive portal to serve targeted ads to your users, while tracking their activity and you get direct feedback in return.

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7. GoZone WiFi

Wi-Fi advertising software

With GoZone WiFi, your guests will easily connect with the long process or time taken by your staff giving out passwords, some of which are generated daily.

Some of the features this Wi-Fi advertising software provides include:

  • Safe and secure connection to smart Wi-Fi, without passwords
  • Branded login screen where you can promote your brand and customize messages
  • Social login that redirects customers to like your social media pages
  • Tool for sending surveys, promos, coupons, newsletters and more
  • Automated marketing with automatic list building to capture emails and social followers, then sync to MailChimp or other automated smart emailing systems for consistent messaging and marketing
  • Powerful dashboard with insights to client demographics and ad campaign performance
  • Promote guest loyalty through the intelligent tracking with each guest revisit, or scheduling of messaging with special offers
  • Smart Wi-Fi security for your network that separates your guest Wi-Fi from your venue’s point of sale

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8. CaptiveXS

Wi-Fi advertising software

This Wi-Fi advertising software was built to provide a secure and engaging Wi-Fi experience, by combining all essential Wi-Fi services into a unified platform managed in the cloud with the CaptiveXS solution.

Key features of this software include:

  • Cloud-based management dashboard with all features and configuration done through this tool, plus you get to view analytics reports and download logs per venue with one click
  • User management to control bandwidth speeds for all connected users with a custom landing page and session validity per user
  • Rich analytics with user data and demographics, user IP, device and browser type. You get information as detailed as logins and sessions per day or week, top accessed sites, clicks, CTR, among others.
  • Content filtering for web security, including categories, domains and URLs you can use to block unsuitable content for your locations like porn or heavy bandwidth sites
  • In-browser content insertion that lets venues insert venue-specific promoted content or ads on all webpages users visit using your Wi-Fi
  • Captive portal with social login options that capture user information, which you can use to target end users in real time. You also get monetization options via video and banner ads.

Get CaptiveXS

What you can achieve with the best Wi-Fi advertising software

A forecast by Gartner Inc. reveals that by the year 2020, the number of connected things that will be in use will stand at 25 billion. In fact, by 2015, this number was at 4.9 billion.

This just rubber stamps the fact that mobile technology is with us for a very long time, and connectivity is getting more personal and diverse as time goes by.

Some of the amazing things you can do with Wi-Fi advertising software include:

  • Capturing your target customers’ demographics, shopping patterns, habits, and purchases then use the data for more targeted and effective marketing
  • Converting browsers into buyers and loyal customers
  • Enhance in-store experience while offering extra platforms to engage with your brand – Wi-Fi is an added reason for them to stay on and shop at your store
  • Leverage beacons to alert customers about sales through detection of in-store locations
  • Offer loyalty rewards for return customers via mobile devices
  • Create a consistent, multi-channel experience to customers
  • Personalizing the retail experience to keep customers coming back for more
  • Help customers navigate the store for stuff they’re looking for based on shopping history
  • Improve management and tracking of your inventory
  • Enhancing your customer relationship management database

Have you decided on one of these Wi-Fi advertising software for your brand? Let us know your favorite in the comments section below.