5+ best automated calling software [2022 Guide]

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  • If you're a sales manager, the best automated calling software can help you automate the dialing process and connect your call.
  • NCH provides you with software that allows you to form a list of phone numbers sequentially.
  • Another great program makes automated calls with a predictive dialer.
  • You can also choose an auto-dialer solution for call centers, small businesses and more.
automated calling software

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We all have heard the phrase If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it at least once. In this fast-paced world, only a few things can survive without being replaced by a new and better method or technology.

Telemarketing is one such domain that has survived for decades and still considered to be one of the best ways of marketing to generate revenue through sales.

Now, it isn’t to say that telemarketing strategies haven’t changed, but have changed for good. Automated calling software or Auto-dialers are the results of the evolution of telemarketing.

If you work as a sales manager or have employed someone for the same job, the task probably involves calling hundreds of phone numbers every week.

Automated calling software can help you to automate the dialing process and connect the call to you only when the potential customer answers the call.

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This way you don’t have to dial all the numbers manually and focus more on generating sales and meeting the quota than sort through big numbers of clients every day.

If you are in the market looking for the best-automated calling software, there are a couple of things to consider before finalizing the purchase of software.

Based on your requirement, check if the software offers predictive dialing, inbound call routing, voice broadcasting, CMR integration, and fixed dialing functionalities.

Go ahead, take a note. Make sure you add anything else that you want your auto-dialer to do.

Now that you know what type of automated calling software you need let’s delve into the list of best auto-dialers and predictive dialers for call centers and marketing agencies.

What’s the best automated calling software for business and call centers?


JustCall is an all-time phone system for international calls in 70 countries that can be ideal for your business’ sales and support teams.

With this tool, your agents will forget about manual dialing and all the logging will be done automatically, without any hustle. That will trigger a productivity increase.

And you will be able to monitor their performance live, by monitoring their calls and provide instant coaching by whispering them advice during the conversations.

You will also be able to check the agent’s availability, working hours and access the call recordings to assess their quality of service.

If the agent’s competence is limited in solving the client’s problem, he can also use smart IVR to route the call to another agent or a superior.

The tool also comes with smart management so that the calls get routed evenly for all your agents or even connect VIP clients to certain agents or managers.



The smoothest and fastest solution to manage your phone support.

Check priceVisit website

NCH Express Dial

Express Dial NCH automated calling software

Express Dial is a premium software and comes with 14 days of trial. If you chose to upgrade to the premium plan, the price starts at $29.99.

You can also opt for the NCH telephone software suite which includes all types of automated call center recording software and automated calling software.

Coming back to Express Dial, it is an automated predictive dialer that allows you to dial list of phone number sequentially. It is ideal for the environment where a large list of phone numbers needs to be dialed every day.

The application can also be used as a call receiver with a welcome message, customer feedback collector, to conduct customer research survey and to make sales calls.

It can also be used as an add-on to Express Talk, a call center recording program from NCH software.

Express Dial is easy to use with a simple user interface that allows you to create a new contact list, add, edit and dial contacts with ease. You can also add notes to any contact and mention the status of the phone number.

Get NCH Express Dial 

Axon VoIP PBX with Axon Agent

Axon Agent Auto-dialer automated calling software
  • Price – 14 days trial / Starts at $99 – perpetual license

Axon Agent is an add-on for Axon Virtual PBX. The add-on allows you to take advantage of software’s auto-dialer functionality and make automated calls with a predictive dialer.

Axon Agent is an ideal solution for small outbound call centers, customer service centers calling for feedback, for political and charitable donation campaigns.

The Axon Virtual PBX software allows you to make VoIP calls to reduce phone bills. It can connect up to 64 telephone lines simultaneously depending on the plan. The software costs $99 for business edition and includes Axon Agent add-on which needs to be downloaded separately.

You can create agents from the control panel and assign calling list and campaigns independently. The campaign consists of a script feature that shows the information on the screen that the agent will follow during a conversation with the customer.

Apart from making outbound calls, you can put calls on hold and play on-hold music using IMS on-hold player, transfer or forwards calls to superiors or concerned department and set up multiple instances on a network for operating a call center.

Axon Agent auto-dialer makes it easy to make automated calls and keep tabs on dialed numbers to avoid redundancy to improve productivity. The software comes with a 14 days trial for you to try before you buy.

Get Axon Agent

EVS Dolphin Power Dialer

EVS Dolphin Power Dialer automated calling software
  • Price – Free trial / $89.00 per month

EVS Dolphin Power Dialer is an auto-dialer solution for call centers, small businesses, insurance companies, marketing agencies and more, The application allows you to automate the calling process to reach potential customers in less time.

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Dolphin Power Dialer is different from NCH Software and costs a whopping $89 per month, but that’s because EVS also offers truly unlimited calls to Canada and USA. The caller ID can be changed to any Canadian or USA phone number that you own.

The working of Dolphin Power Dialer is simple. You import the contact list onto Dolphin Dialer and start the dialing process.

When a live person answers the call, you can start the interaction and read from the pre-written script with a sales pitch. If the voice mail answers the call, you can leave a pre-recorded message with the customer’s name to reach you back.

This Power Dialer software also comes with popular CRM integration including  Less Annoying CRM, Leadmaster CRM as well as Zoho CRM. Once the leads are found, the reports can be sent to your CRM for follow-ups.

Dolphin Power Dialer allows you to instantly follow up by email to a potential customer, monitor sales agents, quick call distribution and transfer, and conference calls functionality.

You can begin by requesting a quick demo. The free trial should give you a fair idea of whether Dolphin Power Dialer can meet your requirement or not.

Get EVS Dolphin Power Dialer

CallFire Voice Broadcast System

CallFire Automated Voice Broadcast System automated calling software
  • Price – free trial / Pay as you go plan / Lite plan $99 per month

CallFire is an automated calling and texting solution and it comes with a number of plans. The basic plan starts at $99 and can go up to $599 for the Pro plan. There is a pay as you go plan available for companies that don’t need bulk calling and texting options.

CallFire’s Voice Broadcast System allows you to call multiple numbers at once. You can use it to send billing and overdue reminder for unpaid invoices. The system filters out busy signals, bad numbers and dropped calls for maximum productivity.

CallFire leaves a pre-recorded voice message if an answering machine is found. If a live person interacts, the call will be connected to a sales manager.

If you are running a campaign or conducting research, CallFire can help with surveys and polls without any human interference.

CallFire setup process is easy. Begin with setting up call recording and scripts for the campaign. Upload contact list in CSV or XLS format and schedule the automated campaign time.

CallFire is an easy to use web-based solution. It is not only cost effective but extremely easy to use. Anyone without the prior knowledge of using a cloud-based auto-dialer service can learn to use it in a couple of sessions.

Get CallFire Voice Broadcast System

Five9 Predictive Dialer

Five9 predictive dialer automated calling software
  • Price – Quote based pricing

Five9 is a cloud-based Contact Center as a Service solution. The company also offers a Predictive Dialer feature, allowing the business to increase efficiency by 300%.

The auto-dialer offered by the company is highly flexible and can be configured according to the time zones, list preparation, compliance laws, and business requirement.

The working of a predictive dialer is similar to other solutions. The system uses algorithms to predict both the average time for an agent to become available as well as the time for the call to be answered by the customer.

It can also predict if any phone number requires automated follow-up or manual handling by the sales rep.

Predictive Dialer only connects the agent when the call is answered by humans and not answering machine. It can leave pre-recorded messages into voicemails.

The real-time recording feature allows you to monitor agents. By going back to the recordings you can better train your employees based on user feedback. In addition, it allows you to create campaigns, list management, web call back, Web APIs, DNS Compliance, CRM integration and more.

Five9 Predictive Dialer is an easy to use contact center solution for large and small businesses. The company charges the customer based on the requested features and usage. The plans can be easily upscaled or downgraded based on the requests.

Get Five9 Predictive Dialer

CallHub Auto Dialer

CallHub Auto Dialer automated calling software
  • Price – Free trial / Usage-based pricing

CallHub is an automated and manual phone banking tool that allows you to make automated calls to run campaigns and surveys using predictive and auto-dialer service.

CallHub does not have any ready-made packages. The users will pay based on usage. It is a cloud-based solution, so you don’t need to install any software on your PC either.

CallHub offers Predictive and Power Dialer solutions. The Predictive Dialer allows you to make automated calls to thousands of numbers and only connect the agent when real people answer the call.

Power Dialer, on the other hand, allows you to make automated calls in sequence but allows you to skip answering machines and bad calls.

If you want to handle things manually, the Preview Dialer offers the flexibility to call the numbers you want after looking at the contact details in the preview window.

CallHub supports CRM integration and works with SalesForce, NationBuilder, ngpvan, Zappier, CiviCRM solution and more.

In addition, it also offers features such as dial-in campaigns, computer telephony integration, live call monitoring, volunteer management, built-in notes, and survey data collector and the ability to manage contact and profile data.

Get CallHub

Auto-dialer or predictive dialer is among the most popular technologies used for outbound marketing. Automated calling software makes it easy to filter out bad numbers, removes the hassle of waiting for the customer to pick up the call with quick mathematical calculation and only connects calls when a person receives the call.

This software can also be used to send large numbers of voice-guided messages to conduct surveys, promote new services or to remind of payment over dues.

We have tried to include different types of automated and predictive dialers that can cater to the needs of different businesses. Make sure you check all of our recommendation one by one. Since most of them offer a free trial, you got nothing to lose but a few minutes of time.

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