Best baby monitor cameras [2020 Guide]

Radu Tyrsina
by Radu Tyrsina
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Babies need constant attention, and obviously, you can be in their room every minute of the day. This is exactly the reason for which baby monitor have been developed.

At first, baby monitors emerged only as audio devices targeted at infant care but over time they developed into more complex machines and they now come with added video cameras and connected features which allow you to always keep an eye and an ear on your little one.

Today’s baby monitors open up a gateway to a new exciting world of infant based gadgetry.

Modern connected baby monitors main features

Most modern connected baby monitors are home security cameras, and the devices allow you watch your child’s location with color video, night vision and also sound. But as baby monitors are targeted at watching your baby, and not, your home, they sport pretty different features than security cameras.

For instance, night vision is crucial for watching your little one sleep from another room, and it is included in most baby monitors these days. On the other hand, motorized pan and tilt, a feature that allows you to swivel the camera from another location is not such a popular feature but it sure comes in handy if you want to scan your baby’s entire room.

High definition is also great, but you really don’t need the highest-res sensors to keep an eye on your child, and that’s why most monitors feature 720p cameras instead of 1080.

So, the traditional analog monitor was replaced by app controlled, HD video, temperature analyzing, and motion sensing tech that can put most home CCTV systems to shame.

Watching and entertaining your baby at the same time

Watching your kid from one moment to another is much more important than browsing over footage from previous nights, and this is why most baby monitors don’t make a big deal out of saving videos even if they do use built-in storage of the ability to store data via a cloud service.

Most of them will take snapshots when detecting movement, but won’t offer time-lapse videos. These features are usually useful for security cameras when you want to identify a burglar, but they won’t be helping you a lot with watching your baby.

Most baby monitors will offer various options instead for letting you know if something’s not right. As a result, the devices usually feature humidity and temperature measurements and alerts and notifications in case of movement and lack of movement.

Most baby monitors are connected to the Internet, and they allow you to watch your child with your mobile device via an app. For this reason, you will not always get a standalone display to go along with the camera.

Two-way audio is another important feature of a good baby monitor because the built-in speakers let you talk to your baby from another room. In case your little one wakes up and starts screaming, and your device starts emitting weird noises, you won’t have to jump out of your seat spilling your dinner all over the place to reach you kid. You can just hit the two-way audio button and assure the baby that you’re coming.

Some devices will even play to your little one calming and soothing lullabies. Other models even have mini projectors or light that will display lovely images in your baby’s room with the push of a single button.

These being said, we’ll show you some of the best baby monitors we gathered in a collection.

  1. Withings Home

The Withings Home is a doddle to set up and it will work seamlessly with any iOS device. All you must to do is plug the unit, download the Withings Home app, locate your broadband router, type your password and you’re done.

It can be set to trigger on both noise and motion and it can stream HD footage to any iOS while also recording events to the cloud just like a security camera. More features that are baby-related include infrared night vision, the possibility of talking to your baby using the camera’s speaker and the option of playing lullabies.

You can buy the Withings Home monitor device from Amazon.

  1. iBaby Monitor M6S

The iBaby Monitor M6S is a full-featured baby monitor which uses your mobile device to keep tabs on your child. It will offer excellent 1080p video and a lot of features including environment monitoring, pan and tilt, two-way audio, and motion and sound detection. The device doesn’t feature web access and this may be its only minus.

You can buy the iBaby Monitor M6S monitor device from Amazon.

  1. D-Link EyeOn

This digital baby monitor sports lots of features to keep you relaxed and content while your little one is alone in another room. You have to download the Mydlink Baby Camera Monitor app on your Android or iOS device and all that’s left to do is to follow the setup wizard.

The app’s interface is an intuitive one that allows you to receive live streaming on its 720p camera and it can also record video and images to the unit’s MicroSD. It also includes a few lullabies and it can send alerts to your mobile device in case the room’s temperature drops below a preset range. It also features a two-way audio button which will come in handy.

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