Batch Excel to PDF Converter: spreadsheets to PDFs made easy

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  • Looking to convert multiple Excel spreadsheets to PDF? Check out Batch Excel to PDF Converter.
  • Batch Excel to PDF Converter can convert your spreadsheets into single or multiple PDF files.
  • The program is 100% free, and the simplified UI makes it accessible to anyone.
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PDF files are among the most versatile file formats on the market, as you can use them to showcase anything, from text, images, graphs, or tables, all without worrying about format incompatibilities from various devices.

Well, if you’re someone that prefers to use PDFs instead of native file formats, and you deal with a lot of tables that need to be presented, you can always try using an Excel to PDF converter, and few products are as good as Batch Excel to PDF Converter.

Turn hundreds of spreadsheets into a PDF file easily

If you’ve ever gotten your hands on one of those oversimplified file converters where all you do is specify the source file’s location and where to save the output file, then you already know how to use Batch Excel to PDF Converter.

Nonetheless, here’s how you can use this tool to easily convert hundreds of spreadsheets into a PDF file:

  1. Download and install Batch Excel to PDF Converter
    • The software is completely free, with no trial, demo, or hidden fees
  2. Launch the program, and open a PDF by using one of the following methods:
    • Press the big green Plus icon to add a single PDF file
    • Press File, and the Add files
    • Press Ctrl + O
  3. Select the conversion parameters from the lower part of the program’s UI
  4. Press Start Now!

Depending on how many Excel files you’re dealing with, and what your conversion settings are, this process should take anywhere between a few seconds to a few minutes.

Among the conversion parameters that Batch Excel to PDF Converter, we should mention the following:

  • The ability to merge converted PDFs into one PDF document
  • The ability to add a password to the outputted PDF
  • The ability to convert each sheet as a single PDF
  • The font used post-conversion
  • One page per sheet
  • Compatible Mode
  • Page orientation
  • Page size
  • Global PDF permissions
    • Prevent printing
    • Prevent copy function

Get it completely free

Batch Excel to PDF Converter

Batch Excel to PDF Converter

Transform your Excel spreadsheets into PDF files easily with the help of this lightweight tool!

Free downloadVisit website

As mentioned earlier, the program is available completely free, without any hidden costs, and it can be downloaded by anyone at any time, without the need to log in with an account or input your credit card data.

There is no limit to how many Excel files it can process at a time, and the resulting PDF will not feature any kind of watermark.

That being said, go ahead and give Batch Excel to PDF Converter a try!

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