Battlefield 1 latest patch fails to fix DirectX Function Error

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Today, EA rolled out a new Battlefield 1 patch, addressing a series of annoying issues that have long been plaguing gamers. The fall update brings a plethora of fixes and new features that will definitely improve the Battlefield 1 gaming experience.

However, there’s one major bug that still hasn’t been fixed: the annoying DirectX Function Error that has been literally haunting players ever since the game was launched. Battlefield 1 fans put all their hopes in this update, only to get really disappointed.

Gamers quickly hurried to download the patch, but once installed, they realized the DirectX errors are still present.

To clarify, i just wanted to inform you guys that this patch isnt fixing the issues this thread is about. But we are all in good hope and looking upwards to our great company EA and that they may bless us with another patch in the future to solve this problem. Lets have a cup of tea instead.

For many Battlefield 1 fans, this disappointing patch is the straw that broke the camel’s back. Tired of waiting for EA to roll out a hotfix for the DirectX error, many players simply decided to uninstall Battlefield 1. They already got used to the idea of losing $60.

You got to love these companies. Great. I’ll just uninstall this massive junk, and deal with the fact that I just lost 60 €. It has been weeks since I contacted the support and I still haven’t received an answer. Nice ! Best company of the month.

It appears that the annoying Battlefield 1 crashes caused by DirectX errors are here to stay. Unfortunately, EA has yet to issue any comments on this situation although the forum thread dedicated to this particular error already has more than 300 pages.



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