4 best audio interface software [2020 Guide]

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Key notes

  • In case you want to amaze your audience with a high-quality and audible live sound, getting the perfect audio interface software is imperative.
  • With plenty of audio editing options, Adobe's tool is a great digital audio interface software.
  • You'll find in our list a free audio interface software, that features a multi-format audio engine.
  • Our top choices will help you get the right audio interface program to make your recordings sound crystal clear.
Download audio interface software for Windows

Although audio interface software isn’t exactly a standalone thing. since, you know, it requires the actual hardware component which is the audio interface itself.

It can sure make things easier for hobby musicians and professionals alike by ensuring that those audio signals routed through the interface are not going to waste.

We have listed below some of the few best software solutions that are oriented towards efficient handling of audio interfaces on your Windows 10 computer.

What is the best audio interface software that I can get?

Adobe Audition

Adobe currently holds a huge slice of the multimedia editing software market and Adobe Audition is currently one of the reasons why this happened.

If you’ve been in this field long enough, you’re probably welling up remembering the good old days when this tool was simply called Cool Edit Pro.

Nevertheless, this utility is among the power players when it comes to recording audio and editing the input on your computer as efficiently as possible.

To get that crispy, crystal-clear sound, professionals use an audio interface between the mic and their Windows computer.

Among its most popular features, one can find Adaptive Noise Reduction, Spectral Frequency Display, a built-in metronome, and support for VST and AU plugins.

You can download Adobe Audition as part of the Adobe Creative Cloud software suite, but that doesn’t mean you have to purchase the whole bundle just so you can perform recordings and edit them.

Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition

The best audio interface software that comes with a multitude of features designed to bring your work to the next level.
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Total Studio 2 MAX

Total Studio 2 MAX is an all-in-one music production software solution that can be used as a collection of standalone applications or in conjunction with specialized IK Multimedia audio interfaces.

It provides a wide variety of synthesizers, a massive library of samples, instruments, an outstanding collection of mixing and mastering effects, as well as a broad range of guitar and bass amps.

It is safe to say that Total Studio is an army of one, making it possible for amateur music producers and professionals to ditch their outdated studio equipment and embrace the era of digital instruments.

Of course, and this can’t be stressed enough, all of these fantasy-like scenarios would be absolutely in vain without proper instrument-computer communication via a supported audio interface.

That being said, make sure you’ve got the right tools before making the commitment of purchasing Total Studio 2 MAX.

Get Total Studio 2 MAX

Guitar Rig

As the guitar is one of the most famous and instantly-recognizable instruments out there, Guitar Rig is, without question, one of the best amp modeling software solutions.

However, things are not exactly that simple, as more often than not you can’t just plug the guitar into your computer and expect everything to be smooth sailing.

Sometimes an extra tool called an audio interface, is needed to transfer the instrument’s signal to your computer in a way that’s as lossless as possible.

Guitar Rig, is here to cater to all your guitar processing needs, providing you with means of yielding the best tone for your instrument without breaking a sweat, twisting knobs, and flicking switches.

Currently, this tool holds roughly 17 amp models, 27 cabinets, and 54 effects, which is more than enough considering that in real life this kind of equipment would take more than two bedrooms.

Guitar Rig can be downloaded and tried for free from the official Native Instruments website and features all the Guitar Rig 5 PRO components, but there are two downsides to this convenient situation:

  • The demo only runs 30 minutes per session (can be re-launched);
  • The Save and Total Recall features are disabled;

Get Guitar Rig

Virtual Audio Cable

Virtual Audio Cable is one of the most widely-used software that specializes in providing seamless integration with various audio interfaces and organizing these devices as effectively as possible.

This tool is actually a software device that emulates an audio cable. So it does everything that a real audio cable is capable of doing, but as lines of code on your Windows 10 computer.

Therefore, Virtual Audio Cable takes all the audio signals that reach its CABLE input and routes them to its CABLE output, much like what happens in real life.

Users are then capable of making computer recordings in a much easier way without going through configurations, but also perform tasks such as connecting a software audio player to a recording utility.

Getting a bit more technical, Virtual Audio Cable comes with a multi-format audio engine, which makes it possible for this tool to work with audio applications that use WASAPI, KS, DX, KS or MME interfaces.

Although Virtual Audio Cable is a free software solution (well, the correct term would be donationware), this version is limited to personal use.

However, the developers also provide you with other options, especially if you’re interested in volume licensing, commercial distribution and even company deployment.

Get Virtual Audio Cable

Whether you’re a professional musician or an aspiring one, you’ve relied on software solutions at some point, since they give you the possibility of lifting a huge burden off your shoulders.

Since connecting your favorite instrument to the computer is most of the time a difficult job, you’re also probably relying on interfaces that simplify this task for you to the point of plugging and playing.

Audio interface software was designed to help you go through the whole creation itinerary, from getting the PC to recognize your instrument to recording those signals and editing them to your liking.

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