5 Best Browsers That Are Heavily Protected Against Malware

by Afam Onyimadu
Afam Onyimadu
Afam Onyimadu
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  • Every opportunity to connect with the internet is a potential entry point for malware.
  • Choosing a secure browser reduces the chances of getting infected by computer malware.
  • Even though browsers do not take the place of anti-malware, they offer options to reduce the chances of infection. 
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Browsers have come a long way since the early 90s. Back in the day, they were constrained and offered little in the form of functionality and customizations.

However, the modern browser has evolved a big deal. You can now be served virtually all data and media types using a browser. Unfortunately, this growth also exposes you to a broader spectrum of malware.

Hence, a modern browser should have features that keep you safe while on the internet.

These five browsers for speed and security will be excellent choices for any Windows 11 user.

Can you get malware from browsing?

Yes, you can get malware from browsing. Any exposure to the internet could be an opportunity for malware to creep into your device.

best browser against malware

It would help if you also were mindful of the links you click while browsing because some of them could be backdoors to some malicious program.

How do I remove malware from my browser?

You should download a trusted antivirus, scan your device and accept all the antivirus recommendations. At the end of this process, all viruses should have been removed.

What are the best browsers against malware?

Opera – Most inbuilt integrations

With so many integrations packed in one browser, it may seem like a sitting duck for malware attacks; however, the Opera browser goes some extra mile to ensure you can safely browse the internet.

Firstly, it integrates VPN. Even though this is very limited compared to many full-scale VPNs on the market, it gives you adequate IP masking and ensures your identity is always hidden.

Additionally, since many of the features you need are integrated into the browser, it reduces the chance of you downloading infected malware from third-party software vendors.

Its incredible features offer you a robust Private browsing mode that ensures you are not tracked or do not leave footprints behind.

Additional features:

  • Search in tabs
  • Workspaces
  • Ad blocker

Get Opera

Google Chrome – Most expandable

Chrome is undoubtedly the internet’s most used browser, but its success comes with the consequence of being constantly attacked, which makes other web browsers seem safer than Chrome.

However, it has a substantial development staff, making it one of the most adaptive browsers. As a result, you’ll be able to use it with practically any anti-malware program without worrying about compatibility difficulties.

We love it because it is a fast browser with modifications and features that make the web browser flexible to the demands of the person.

Additional features:

  • Password check
  • Incognito browsing mode
  • Expansive extension library

Get Google Chrome

Firefox – Best privacy browser

best browser against malware

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This browser has risen from its ruins thanks to a complete rewrite of its code base and is now on par with Google Chrome in terms of performance.

Mozilla is the most significant internet browser for security and has a lot of flexibility.

The browser remains relevant by releasing updates regularly and adding new functionality like password-less logins and automated ad tracker detection and blocking.

Additional features:

  • Unified search/address bar
  • Enhanced tracking protection
  • Private browsing mode

Get Firefox

Safari – Safestfor Mac users

best browser against malware

It’s a no-brainer to include the Safari browser in this list, and Mac users will nearly always choose it as their preferred browser and the safest alternative for a good reason.

To begin with, it is a market leader in terms of online privacy, thanks to key features such as intelligent tracking avoidance and its privacy report.

In addition, the Privacy Report provides details on how your internet privacy is safeguarded. As a result, you’ll get a selection of site trackers that your browser will not allow to profile you.

Finally, if you lose your credentials, its password manager will come in handy to save and manage your information.

Additional features:

  • Text Copying and Quick Sharing
  • Tab Management
  • Bookmark Management

Get Safari

Avast Secure Browser – Best for Anti-malware integration

On launch, you’ll note how similar it appears to Chrome, which is unsurprising given that both use the Chromium engine.

Avast Secure Browser strives to improve your security with a few distinctive functions.

It contains all the privacy and security functions in its toolbar, and you can activate them with a single click. As a result, it will be the most secure browser in 2022.

Get Avast Secure Browser

Does resetting the browser remove malware?

When a browser is reset, it returns to how it was initially meant to be. This means your search engines and home page return to the default settings. But more importantly, it clears cookies and disables extensions that may have introduced malware to the browser.

Remember that none of these take the place of antivirus but may offer customization needed to improve your security.

Remember that these best browsers for enterprises may be an excellent pick for more organization and scaling.

Let us know in the comments which of these are your favorites.

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