What is the best browser for enterprise you can fully rely on?

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The best browser for enterprises is vital to a company’s online activity and success. Having the right online tools will make business operations, communications and Public Relations effort easier.

Therefore, companies are careful about their choice of the browser as well as the interface or features offered.

Factors that ranks top as features for a business browser include security, extensions, privacy, speed, and mobile compatibility. In this article, we consider some of the best browsers for enterprise operations in 2019.

5 best browsers for Windows 10 Enterprise


UR Browser


UR Browser best browser for enterprise

When it comes to enterprises, UR Browser is arguably one of the best browsers for Enterprise due to its robust features. With a tool like UR Browser, businesses can enjoy secure transactions plus site unblocking features using VPN cover.

UR uses technological innovations to protect business operations online. UR innovations include the Ninja Mode, HTTPS Redirect, AdControl, Anti-tracking and Anti-fingerprinting to protect business operations online. It offers three privacy levels depending on your business needs.

Do you want to learn what’s so special about UR Browser? Then check out our review.

UR browser is developed by Adaptive Bee. It includes Chrome extensions to enable the inclusion of add-ons and extensions required for safe and secure online operations.

UR browser eats-up fewer system resources when running. Therefore, it is fast in downloading with the 4 x faster download technology. It opens website pages with speed to save business time. UR browser is compatible with most sites, operating system and devices.

Download UR Browser now


Google Chrome


Google Chrome best browser for enterprise

Google Chrome enjoys one of the most popular support from organizations. With the decline in patronage for Internet Explorer, Google Chrome enjoys more market share. It works on almost any device and platform with exceptional user-friendly features, privacy, security, and speed.

Google Chrome offers one of the best browsers for the enterprise when it concerns apps and extensions. Businesses can enjoy extensive business experiences with multiple apps and extension functionality/ add-ons.

For instance, the ‘Add to Amazon Wishlist’, Ad-blockers, and LastPass Password Manager are the go-to tools used popularly by businesses.

Google Chrome is a default browser for Android devices, means ease of business operations. It has a clean, clutter-free User interface. With the Chrome Enterprise, you enjoy more features to include third-party add-ons, over 100 auto-updating features and apps with a business-focused Chrome app store.

Also, Chrome two-step verification provides an additional layer of security. When the browser crashes or closes suddenly the user still has access to the last tab visited. Chrome’s major drawback includes storing client data which might contain vital information or breach of privacy.

Download Google Chrome


Mozilla Firefox

Firefox browser for businesses

Mozilla Firefox tries to make a comeback this 2019 from its gradual fall some years back. It now offers more security and privacy to its users following several technological improvements. Hence it would be okay to say Mozilla Firefox is one of the best browsers for the enterprise in regards to privacy.

Its impressive private browsing feature helps keep business operations safe online. Businesses can keep their data secure from ad companies and other phishing activities using the Mozilla Firefox browser.

Another interesting feature of Mozilla Firefox is its compatibility among several devices, PC and mobile. It makes doing business across boards easier and possible.

Download Mozilla Firefox


Microsoft Edge Chromium

Microsoft Chromium Edge browser for Businesses


With the re-launch of Edge this 2019, Microsoft is set to make a positive statement for business security. Microsoft Chromium Edge synchronizes with Windows 10 to offer business and individual users excellent features. Edge offers one of the best browsers for enterprise security online against phishing URLs and malware.

Microsoft Edge also incorporates the app extension features and the Chromium extension allowing users to install add-ons for better functionality.

Try Microsoft Edge Chromium




Opera best browser for enterprise

One of the first things to note about Opera is its speed technology for faster browsing using the Opera Turbo Mode. Even with slower browser speed Opera functions with ease whether on your mobile or desktop.

Beside faster browsing Opera also include Virtual Private Network (VPN) to help secure your browsing experiences.

Opera also has the Adblocker and other security features that keep you safe from hackers, phishing, malware, fraud, etc. Opera’s access to extensions and Add-ons give users more tools for their business operations.

Download Opera

Getting access to the best browser for the enterprise helps keep you in business and profitable. And using UR Browser with its all-encompassing features or any other browser mentioned above can help secure your business from losses or Public Relations issues.



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