5 best browsers to use on your Samsung DeX mobile device

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  • Samsung DeX is a unique feature of Samsung devices, and today we’re going to show you the best browser for DeX.
  • When it comes to browsers, any browser that works on your Samsung device can work on DeX.
  • This means that you can use Samsung Internet Browser or any other browser.
  • If you need the best browser for Samsung DeX, we would recommend Opera due to its wide array of features.

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Samsung Dex Android tablets and mobiles enable users to utilize them more like desktop (or laptop) PCs.

These devices have a Samsung DeX mode that provides an alternative multitasking UI design, with a taskbar. Users can utilize their DeX devices with keyboards, mice, and full-size VDUs.

So, DeX devices are tablets that can provide a desktop experience for their users. The Galaxy Tab S4, S10, S9, and Tab 7 are some of the tablets and mobiles with DeX modes.

Most mobile browsers will open in the Samsung DeX mode. Yet, some mobile browsers are better optimized for that mode than others.

What are the best browsers for Samsung DeX devices?


This is a full-fledged Opera browser for mobile devices that shares many of the features from its desktop counterpart. The Opera mobile browser has a comparable Speed Dial page on which you can combine multiple shortcuts. It also incorporates a built-in VPN, ad-blocker, Night mode, and crypto wallet.

Another good thing about this mobile browser is that it includes a Desktop user agent setting. With that setting, you can configure Opera to always display the desktop versions of all website pages. So, that saves you needing to toggle the Desktop site option for every page opened.

With its great features, Opera is definitely the best browser for Samsung DeX.

Other great features:

  • Includes a QR scanner
  • Customizable news feed
  • Opera Flow enables users to share notes, images, and links between devices
  • Its Fullscreen option enables users to fully display pages on mobiles


Easily use this browser on Samsung Dex devices and get amazing browsing speeds.

Get it freeVisit website

Google Chrome

configure notifications in chrome

Google Chrome is a browser included with Android devices the world over.

Chrome’s mobile and desktop browser syncing feature and Android integration are good reasons to stick with it for DeX mode. The mobile version also includes handy voice search, Lite mode, and Dark theme settings.

Chrome includes a Desktop site setting. However, that option only applies to the specific pages you select it for. Some DeX users might prefer to utilize browsers you can configure to display all webpages in desktop mode by default.

In case you need a Samsung desktop browser, Google Chrome is always a safe pick.

Other useful features:

  • Built-in Google Translate feature
  • Extensive repository of Chrome extensions
  • Tap to search feature enables users to select search keyboards in pages
  • Includes a built-in password manager for users

Download Google Chrome


best browsers to save battery life

Brave is a fast Chromium mobile browser the publisher boasts is three times quicker than Chrome.

That better speed is largely due to its default Shields ad blocker that automatically blocks page ads and trackers. As this is a Chromium browser, its users can also add Chrome extensions to it.

Brave’s permanent Desktop Mode setting for website pages will appeal to most Samsung DeX users.

Its Android sync functionality is another good feature for DeX mobile users who also utilize the Brave desktop version on Windows PCs.

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If you need a privacy-oriented browser, then Brave is one of the best browser for DeX.

Other useful features:

  • Supports WebTorrent
  • Includes a Dark Mode
  • Enables users to support sites with its BAT cryptocurrency
  • Customizable search engines

Download Brave

Puffin Web Browser

browsers with the least data consumption

Puffin is a mobile browser with some novel and useful features. It incorporates a full-fledged download manager, incognito mode, dark theme, and data-savings mode to change the image and video quality.

Puffin’s more novel features are its Mouse and GamePad options for page navigation.

Puffin users can select a Request desktop site option for individual pages or as a default browser display setting.

This browser’s virtual mouse trackpad is also a handy addition for navigating desktop websites. Both those features provide a more realistic desktop experience for DeX mode browsing.

Puffin might not be the best browser for Samsung DeX, but it’s definitely worth checking out.

Other great features:

  • The Puffin Flash Store enables users to play Flash games beyond 2020
  • Its compression algorithm saves bandwidth
  • Flash Theater mode for Flash video content

Download Puffin Web Browser

Samsung Internet Browser

The Samsung Internet Browser is one included with Samsung devices. As this is Samsung’s browser, it is one of the best optimized for the DeX mode on Galaxy devices.

It displays all pages with desktop versions by default in DeX and reverts to mobile pages for the tablet mode.

Although Samsung Internet Browser is a bit more basic than some alternatives, it’s still a reliable and fast browser that incorporates some good features.

It includes advanced Video assistant controls, a QR code scanner, a Dark mode, and a High contrast mode.

Other great features:

  • Syncs with Samsung Cloud
  • Supports Gear VR headset for VR browsing
  • Includes an Autoplay video setting
  • Includes a handy Go to top button for jumping to the top of long pages
  • The Samsung Internet extension enables syncing with Google Chrome

Download Samsung Internet Browser

Those are some of the best browsers for more desktop-like browsing in Samsung DeX mode.

The Chrome and Samsung Internet browsers included with Android mobiles are perfectly adequate for DeX browsing.

However, Puffin, Brave, and Opera are good alternatives that work well with DeX.

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