5+ best collaboration software for small businesses [2021]

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  • Collaboration software became more essential than ever in any company. However, do keep in mind that software tools don't always do what they claim.
  • Good software of this type will offer a variety of tools that make working remotely feel like an office-based collaboration.
  • Task management and assignment is a very important element of collaboration software, and all the options we present you with cover this topic.
  • Reading through this article will help you make an informed decision that fits your small business requirements without issues.
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Teamwork wins the game, and collaborative software is the solution that offers real-life application of complex office inter-personal relationships and the related intricacies.

That’s what all reasonable coaches teach their players, but this phrase can be used far beyond the court and applies especially to small businesses.

With today’s technology, it has never been easier to work in a group than it is now, thanks to the Internet. Companies and businesses can function flawlessly, without employees being in the same room, or the same continent.

There are numerous tools that allow people to work remotely while keeping communication and productivity on the maximum level, like video conferencing software.

But because our professional needs are different, it’s sometimes hard to choose the best, most effective software for remote collaboration when running a small business.

In that manner, we did some research and created a list of the best collaboration software compatible with Windows 10.

So, read our article, pick the best software for you, gather your team, and start getting the job done.

What are the best collaboration software options to try out?



Wrike is a cloud-based project management tool, suitable for any team or organization. This software has all features required from a serious project management service.

Wrike allows you to create a project, and add various assignments to it. Assignments can be further assigned to team members.

There are also some additional options, like the ability to set deadlines, write comments, manage tasks, and more. Integration with other services works great, so users can add various attachments.

Privacy in Wrike is highly valued, unlike in some other project management tools. You’ll have to invite people to join the project, even if they’re part of the team.

If you’re not working on a project, you can create folders, where other types of files are put. Folders even allow you to sort projects, for better management.

Communication in Wrike is not on the highest level, because there’s no built-in chat app.

For more info about Wrike, visit its official website. You will also find there a free version to use for small projects.



If you need a project management tool based in the cloud that offers amazing capabilities, you’ve just found the best option.

Check priceVisit website


This powerful software was designed especially to offer amazing speeds while also ensuring your online identity is not compromised while using the service.

To ensure that no third parties can collect or record your data, AnyDesk uses TLS 1.2 encryption with an RSA 2048 standard, which is the latest and most secure version available on the market.

Besides the amazing features contained in this software, like powerful encryption, amazing optimization capabilities, and cross-device compatibility, this app also offers you quick access to any of the features, and the power to customize the user interface to your liking.

You will be able to use the entire set of AnyDesk features on platforms including macOS, Linux, Chrome OS, iOS, Android, and, obviously, also the Windows platform.



Unleash the full capability of this remote access software while also staying protected online with state-of-the-art encryption.

Get AnyDeskVisit website


OnlyOffice is a cloud-based collaboration tool that a lot of companies trust for their remote work needs and not only that.

In order to use it, you will need a steady Internet connection but you won’t need such a wide band to use it.

And because all happens only, you don’t need to install any big software packages and you don’t need to clean the registries after uninstalls.

Switching to benefits, OnlyOffice comes with an excellent, built-in instant messenger that can replace any classic tool with features including file transfer and multi-user chat support.

As with any successful collaboration software, this app is updated automatically and frequently, but you don’t need to do any modifications to your interface.



Do all your online work in perfect conditions with this excellent cloud collaboration app.

Free trialVisit website

Bitrix 24

Within a work environment, not all things need to be serious and boring. Bitrix24 is a software service that will revolutionize the way your team will manage projects and communicate with each other.

The service is available non-stop, and it brings all of the tools you may ever need in order to improve collaboration within the workspace.

Activity stream, group chat, calendars, workgroups, and other collaboration tools at your disposal, and up until a certain level of functionality, the program is also free as well.

However, if you want to take advantage of all of the features that this program has to offer, then you might as well subscribe to the premium version. The return-on-investment will come soon enough from the improved workflow.

More so, Bitrix is extremely customizable, as you can use the self-hosted version of Bitrix24 to run on your server.

This will give you full control over data, source code access, and additional tools, such as helpdesk and e-learning, as well as integration and customization options.

Bitrix 24

Bitrix 24

Bitrix 24 offers some great capabilities including great collaboration features to enhance your team’s workflow.

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Monday is another top-notch team collaboration software‎. Why is it considered a complete tool that gets your team on board and keeps members focused on the main goals?

Well, Monday provides a generous energy-boosting set of features.

Some of the main ones include ready-to-go 60+ templates to eliminate a previously tedious task, Automations that help you forget all about endless email chains, and even a 24/7 support team ready to answer all your questions.

To collaborate quickly with your team and get work done in time, Monday unifies both people and resources. After all, it keeps all your work, email, calendar, spreadsheets, and much more in one place.

You clearly get instant access to all the information you need from your team to make the right decisions and never feel like working from home. In fact, chances are you’ll feel like it’s always Monday on your team.

If you want to boost users’ engagement and participation for meetings, you can hardly find a better tool.

Get Monday


Slack is one of the most popular collaboration software in the world, and definitely is among the most effective ones.

This program offers so many options, that will allow you to organize the communication of the whole team, or organization.

At first look, Slack is just another messaging service, but it’s actually much more than that. You can create group chats, so-called Channels, to communicate with different people from your organization.

Channels are public, so everyone can see what’s going on. Additionally, you can create private channels, where only people within that channel will have access.

Slack is also integrated with many services, like Google Drive, Dropbox, Twitter, and more. Sharing external files with channels is also easy because it works on a simple drag-and-drop principle.

There are free (Lite), Standard, and Plus versions of Slack. Each version offers it a set of features according to the price.

The Lite version supports an unlimited number of people, but there are some storage limitations. Also, group chats are not possible, and users can integrate Slack with only one service.

Get Slack


visual collaboration and planning

Miro is the industry standard for visual collaboration and planning. It may be used by both small teams looking to boost their workflow and huge companies seeking enterprise-grade controls and support, depending on the chosen plan.

You know where you’re standing, so take a closer look at some of the vast Miro capabilities that are well worth the investment.

The main goal is to improve overall productivity, so this tool makes it extremely simple for users to communicate with each other and share valuable teamwork.

Adding pictures, mockups, sticky notes, and videos makes working together fun and relaxing.

The most important features are white-boarding tools such as sticky notes and freehand, unlimited external board viewers, real-time collaborative editing, and Asana integration, and more.

There are also more advanced tools, like private board sharing, Azure DevOps and CA Rally integrations, and domain whitelisting which make Miro even more appealing.

When it comes to design, this tool also easily outshines many of its competitors in aesthetics. Therefore, its functionality and the number of features here presented assure Miro a high position on everyone’s preferences list.

Get Miro


InVision is a powerful tool aimed at designers and artists. Its main purpose is to create prototypes of your design, but you can also use it as an effective project management tool.

If you’re working on an app design, for example, you can bring your ideas to life with Invision. And get useful feedback from your colleagues.

You can use designs from any program, like Photoshop, or Illustrator, and turn them into interactive prototypes. Everything works smoothly, and it will give you a clear idea of how your project will look like.

Anyone from your team can jump in, and leave comments, for an even better understanding. InVision also allows you to start interactive design meetings. Here you can discuss with colleagues about the project, and easily share ideas.

This web-based service is not a classical project management tool, but it surely provides great collaboration options.

InVision is available for free. However, the free version allows you only one project at the time.

Get InVision


asana windows

Asana is different than other project management tools. It serves as some kind of an advanced to-do list, with lots of additional options. With Asana, you can set goals for your team, in form of list items.

But these items are interactive, as team members can collaborate with each other through them.

This service is extremely flexible. When you create a ‘to-do’ list with Asana, you can assign it to a team member, set a due date, upload or link to associated documents, add tags, and more.

You can even subscribe to the project, and receive notification about any change.

In terms of communication, there are definitely better options than Asana. However, you can combine Asana with Slack, and other popular tools.

Additionally, there’s a general discussion board where team members can discuss the project.

Asana is generally available for free. The free version offers you all the basic options, that are enough for smaller teams. You can set up a team of up to 15 people, create unlimited projects and tasks, but with limited Dashboards.

Get Asana


podio windows

Podio is a web-based service that serves as a micro-social network, only for the members of your team (but it doesn’t advertise itself as a social network, though). Everyone from the team creates their own personal account on Podio.

These accounts allow team members to communicate with each other and participate in the working process. Podio is organized into workspaces, where different people from your team can be ‘placed.’

Just like real social-media sites, Podio also supports apps. Some of the apps are the group chat app, Project Management app, Meetings app, and more.

All these apps are available to users in Podio’s own web store. The ability to add various features and options through apps makes Podio extremely flexible and customizable.

Each workspace can have a different set of apps, and different people from the team.

Podio also offers a free account, but it’s quite limited because it doesn’t support project management.

Get Podio


trello windows

Trello is another tool that many people consider a ‘to-do list’ tool but is actually more. This project management tool is for visual persons, because it’s a nice mix of good looks and functionality.

Trello is organized into boards and cards. Boards can be characterized as a workspace, while cards can represent a certain part of the project.

Cards are highly customizable, so you can design each one by your needs. Cards can be a combination of text, images, or other documents.

You can combine different media, to get the most accurate picture of the current milestone. There’s a good integration with other services and file formats, so you can easily make a card out of PDF documents.

Every team member on board can have a card assigned to himself/herself. Tracking is enabled, so you can always see what’s going on on any card.

There are some missing features, like the ability to mark a milestone as done. However, Trello has the ability to set a due date to cards, and archive them.

Trello is available for free, but with some limitations. Users of the free version can attach cards up to 10MB in size, but the number of cards is unlimited.

There are also Gold, Business Class, and Enterprise versions, which, of course, remove some limitations.

Get Trello


Yes, you’ve read it right, we consider Skype a good collaboration tool. You probably won’t find Skype on any other ‘top collaboration tools’ list, but the fact is Skype is used by millions of professionals.

Some smaller companies simply don’t have resources for premium tools, so they choose to stick with Skype. If you ignore occasional bugs, Skype is still a decent choice.

Microsoft’s service has everything a smaller team needs to get the job done. As you probably know, you can call multiple people, chat, make group chats, share files and links, and more.

There’s also Skype for Business, for bigger organizations. Microsoft made Skype integrated with basically any platform, so you can even use the browser version.

So, if you don’t want to experiment with ‘less-known’ tools, and don’t need any advanced project management tool, Skype is just fine.

Get Skype

There you go, these are our top picks for collaboration software for Windows 10. Most of these services are suitable for any level of organization and teams of any size.

So, you can take a deeper analysis, and see what program is worth paying for (or not).

To make you, and your team even more productive, make sure to check out our picks for the best mind mapping tools, and timer apps for Windows.

Tell us what do you think about our choices in the comments, and let us know if you know about some other great project management tool we didn’t mention here.

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  • Wrike is one of the best team collaboration software tools you can find these days. There are more options, yet none matches this robust product that can be customized to fit any company.

  • Wrike, Bitrix24, Slack, and Miro are all great examples of collaboration tools.

  • The terms refer to products and systems created to facilitate collaborative work between users.

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