Best Browser for Virus Protection: 5 Picks for 2024

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Key notes

  • Browsers are not antiviruses but can be an accessible medium for them to gain entry to your devices.
  • Features like antiphishing, ani tracking and integrated VPNs are essential for secure browsers.  
  • In addition to using the correct browser, you should use a good antivirus to guarantee privacy and security. 
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You stumbled upon our article because you need to know the best browser for avoiding viruses.

We understand the importance of staying connected to the internet and the integral role that a web browser plays. Hence, online protection is essential, and your browser may often be the virus’s gateway.

To avoid a virus attack, you must connect to the internet with the most secure browser.

In this article, we give you our educated recommendations for the best browsers for avoiding viruses on the internet.

What is an online virus?

An internet virus is a sort of malware (malicious software) that travels across computer devices, causing software and data damage. They intend to create severe operational challenges, system disruptions, data leakage, and loss.

Can you get a virus from websites?

The simple answer is yes. Hence, we recommend you only visit websites you are sure of and use a good antivirus.

Which browser has the best virus protection?

Opera One – Best for security

If you require virus protection, Opera One is the most acceptable option.

Its Malware and Fraud Protection feature, turned on by default, informs you about dubious web pages. Also, it examines requested web pages against multiple denylist databases of suspected malware and phishing websites.

Additionally, Opera’s VPN, built-in ad blocker, and tracker blocker are the most critical privacy features that lower the risk of being hacked.

Finally, its ad blocker detects and blocks ad scripts, protecting your computer from unwanted ad attacks.

Hence, it makes our list of the best browser for avoiding viruses.

Additional features:

  • Pinboards
  • Search in tabs
  • Messaging integration

Opera One

Browse safely with dedicated anti-malware features and protect your privacy with the anti-tracking and VPN tools.

AVG Secure Browser – Antivirus integration

AVG browser is the most suitable choice for those who need smooth navigation and virus protection all at once.

You have a privacy-oriented UI that is quite straightforward, plus you can access any website in a secure way. Due to its HTTPS feature, unsecured websites are a thing of the past.

In terms of capabilities, this choice comes with anti-tracking tools, an automatic ad-blocker, or a privacy cleaner to erase browsing data instantly.

Hence, you are entirely secured against malware due to AVG antivirus integration and VPN protection against personal data theft.

Additional features:

  • Malware threats shield
  • Adware guard
  • Anti-phishing tools
  • Passwords protection

AVG Secure Browser

Confidently pick this simple browser to avoid any cyber threats online.

Google Chrome – Most expandable

Does google chrome protect against viruses? Chrome is secure and reliable, safeguarding you against malicious and misleading websites that can capture your passwords or corrupt your machine.

Sandboxing, site isolation, and anticipatory phishing defenses are advanced technologies that protect you and your data.

The browser notifies you if any of your Chrome passwords are compromised, assists you in keeping your security measures up to date, and warns you about harmful extensions.

Lastly, you can also personalize your Chrome use with synchronization and Chrome’s privacy options, including restricting website permissions such as a microphone, camera, and location access.

Additional features:

  • Tabbed browsing
  • Synchronization with Google services
  • Integrated address bar

Google Chrome

Firefox – Most robust

best browser for avoiding viruses

Does Firefox protect against viruses? Well, it lists the best browser for avoiding viruses with good reason.

Firefox has several security capabilities, including malware prevention and security indicators. In addition, it provides an incredibly secure browsing experience thanks to its strong security measures.

Furthermore, the browser’s HTTPS sign will display if the site uses a secure connection. Look out for this emblem when inputting sensitive information such as your birth date or credit card info.

Lastly, like the other browsers mentioned, Firefox enables private surfing, which allows you to surf the internet without storing cookies and recording your history.

Additional features:

  • New Tab page
  • Page Actions menu
  • Enhanced Tracking Protection

Get Firefox

Vivaldi – Most customizable

best browser for avoiding viruses

Vivaldi provides the essentials, such as extension compatibility from the Chrome library and Google Safe Browsing.

You can also choose to allow or disallow JavaScript for individual websites. 

Furthermore, you can access its site settings by clicking the padlock icon in the address locator. You’ll find an extensive selection of service authorization controls, including your camera, location, payment handlers, microphone, etc.

Finally, Vivaldi is notable for being very customizable. It has enough capabilities to make extensions redundant and can be customized to meet your specific requirements.

Additional features:

  • Custom Search Engines
  • Split-screen tabs
  • Tracking Protection


There you have it; our list of the best browser for avoiding viruses.

If you need the most secure browser in 2022, the browsers discussed in this guide will be great options.

Remember that the browser does not do it all to protect you from viruses; you must take personal precautions such as not opening links you are unsure of.

Additionally, using any of the best antiviruses for your computer goes a long way in keeping you safe.