Best Browser for Google Meet: 10 Tested Browsers That Work Best

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Key notes

  • Google doesn't have a desktop application for its online meeting service Google Meet which raises the need for the best browser for Google Meet.
  • Not all browsers work well with this platform as there are some compatibility and privacy issues.
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If you are curious to know about the best browser for Google Meet, you can go through this article to see the top 10 list.

There is no doubt that Google WorkSpace has been gaining a lot of popularity. Thus, Google Meet has been the ultimate choice for online meetings, classes, or webinars for many users.

Though you can use it on your browser of preference, you still need to find out which browser works best for this platform.

A laggy or sluggish performance or problematic experience with Google Meet may create many inconvenient and unprepared situations. But, if you use it on a proper browser, you will get the best of it.

Can I use Google Meet on any browser?

No. You cannot use Google Meet on any browser. Though most modern browsers will work with this video meeting platform, some browsers which do not use the latest browser engine will fail to load it.

Also, you can use Meet on some specific browsers, but not all features will be available there. So, we have prepared a list of the best 10 safe and convenient browsers for Google Meet.

What browsers work best with Google Meet?

Opera One – Overall best for meetings

Opera One is among the best browsers for Google Meet for many reasons. If you want to use a Chromium-based browser but do not like Google’s UI, this is your getaway.

There is a built-in VPN and adblocker. So, you will not need several extensions to enjoy these extra benefits. Else, in our test, Opera One is also the fastest browser if you want to surf the web.

We have made Opera One the first runner-up in this best Google Meet browsers list for compatibility, performance, and privacy benefits.

Opera One

Work efficiently and join meetings quicker with this multi-purpose choice.

Google Chrome – First runner-up

Google Chrome - best web browser for Google Meet

When you want to use any of Google’s services, Google Chrome comes automatically as the best compatible browser. Chrome works with any complex or simple Google services out of the box.

In our personal experience, Google Chrome works best with Google Meet. As you need a Google account to sync settings and history on this browser, you will not need to log in separately again to use Meet.

For compatibility, performance, and reliability, Chrome has got the first position in our list of best browsers for Google Meet.

Get Google Chrome

Microsoft Edge – Best default browser

Microsoft Edge is another great Google Meet browser

Microsoft Edge has become one of the most preferred browsers for business and personal users. After adopting the Chromium browser engine, Edge has become compatible with anything that Google Chrome can run.

The UI is also different than Chrome. This browser uses relatively fewer resources and works great with Meet or any other Google services. Overall, it’s one of the best browsers for Google Meet to use in Windows 10 and 11.

The Edge has many features, including Collections, Vertical Tabs, Tab groups, Web Capture, a built-in VPN powered by Cloudflare, etc. That makes it a perfect choice for business users. If you often use Google Meet to discuss with your teammates, Microsoft Edge can give you a great experience.

Get Edge

Brave – A great Chrome alternative

Brave is a unique Chromium-based browser with excellent features. It works great with any Google services. Right now, this browser is one of the most suitable choices if you like to use Google Meet a lot from a desktop computer.

Brave has a built-in ad-blocker and crypto-wallet. But, the Brave Rewards is unique. This feature lets users earn real money by just browsing.

Overall features and these amazing benefits have made this browser one of the best for Google Meet.

Get Brave

Vivaldi – Experience Chromium with extra benefits

Vivaldi is another excellent Chromium-based browser for Google Meet. Like the previous four browsers, you can use all of the Google Meet features on it.

Built-in adblocker, tab tools, Chrome extension support, and some amazing privacy benefits ensure a better browsing experience. Vivaldi also has features like the Web Panels, and Web Capture feature, which makes professional activities easier without third-party extensions.

You can trust this browser for its performance, benefits, and better compatibility with Google’s services, particularly the Google Meet.

Get Vivaldi

SRWare Iron – Most simplified browser for Meet

SRWare is another Chromium-based browser that works excellent with Google Meet. While using it, you will not need to be worried about compatibility.

This browser is ideal for users who want to use Chrome but with more privacy benefits. The UI looks like the standard Google Chrome browser. But, SRWare protects you from being tracked by Google and third-party aggressively.

If you want a pure Chrome experience with more privacy, SRWare is a perfect choice to use with Google Meet.

Get SRWare Iron

Comodo Dragon – Privacy focused

For Google Meet, Comodo Dragon works really well. This Chromium-based browser has been made for Chromium fans who want to switch from Google Chrome to a different browser.

Comodo has another browser called Comodo Ice Dragon. We do not want you to use that one for Meet as that is based on Mozilla Firefox. The standard Comodo Dragon browser comes with the benefits of compatibility with Google services and more privacy features.

While browsing unsafe sites, its built-in virus scanner can warn and protect you from various online threats. There are also some other excellent privacy features.

This browser has a built-in secure DNS setup and pre-installed extensions that enhance your online privacy while doing your work smoothly. That makes it one of the best choices as a top Google Meet browser.

Get Comodo Dragon

Opera GX – Gaming browser that works great with Meet

Opera GX is an excellent Chromium-based browser from Opera software. Though this browser is optimized for gaming, it also works perfectly fine with Google Meet.

The UI is similar to the standard Opera browser. But, its dark aesthetic outlook will surely make you love this, particularly if you are a gamer who also uses Google Meet frequently.

Having all the standard features of Opera and extra performance benefits has made it one of the best Google Meet-friendly browsers.

Get Opera GX

Mozilla Firefox – Best non-Chromium browser

Mozilla Firefox is an excellent and one of the most trusted web browsers out there. If you are a fan of this open-source browser, you can use it with Google Meet. It mostly works great with Google services.

However, you may wonder why Firefox has 9th place on our list! It is because this browser uses a totally different rendering engine. Even though Firefox’s browser engine works great, you still may experience some issues with some Google and Microsoft services.

Google Meet doesn’t support virtual background or visual effect features on this browser. If you keep this part aside, this is a great browser.

Get Firefox

Safari – Best non-Chromium browser for Mac

Safari is another great browser that you can use for Google Meet. Unfortunately, this browser is available only on macOS. Apple has not released any new version for Microsoft Windows since 2012.

So, the only way to use this browser is to own a Mac device. Safari is a very fast and compatible browser. However, like Firefox, Safari doesn’t support Google Meet’s visual effect or virtual background feature.

If you don’t need to change or blur the background while opening the video camera on Google Meet, Safari is a perfect choice for Mac users.

Get Safari

You may see many other browsers that may work great. However, many of them belong to unknown companies. That is very risky for your privacy. So, if you need to use Google Meet from a trustworthy browser, we recommend any of the ones mentioned in our list.

Unlike some other online meeting platforms, anyone can join Google Meet meetings with the appropriate link. However, that doesn’t make it insecure. The host will need to approve each participant especially if the participant is outside of the organization.

This article has showcased the best browsers for Google Meet, which are reliable and privacy-focused. If you have an opinion or suggestion, feel free to let us know in the comment box.

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