5 best browser to play Pogo games [2021 Guide]

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  • Choosing the best browser to play Pogo games with your friends can be a demanding task considering the number of available options.
  • The best browser for playing online games should offer gaming integrations, as well as other features.
  • Privacy and online security are yet other essential factors for determining which browser is best for playing Pogo online.
  • A highly customizable browser with a strong emphasis on efficiency will definitely create a unique gaming experience.
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Since it has been first launched, Pogo quickly became one of the most loved and popular web-based games for lots of users.

After recent changes with Flash in 2020, many players wondered where and how they can continue to play their favorite game.

If you are also searching which browser offers the best gameplay experience with Pogo games, keep on reading, we have made the search for you already.

What browser works best with Pogo?

Opera GX

Opera GX is our first recommendation, since this is a browser that has been created for gaming.

The browser comes with unique and dedicated integrations designed to enhance the gaming experience.

Opera GX allows for CPU, RAM and network control of your browser for a better performance.

Moreover, the browser comes with a free VPN and a built-in adblocker, that are designed to protect your online data and also block all annoying pop-ups from interfering with your game.

Opera GX

Opera GX

Take advantage of all the innovative features this browser has to offer and enjoy a gaming experience like never before.


web browser for Omegle

Firefox has been updated constantly over the years and is now more faster and reliable than ever before.

It can use multiple processor cores on your device, meaning the pages will load quicker and you can perform multiple tasks at the same time.

The browser it uses less memory than almost any other browser which translates in more memory available for gaming.

Thanks to it’s strong focus on privacy and security, your online data and activity will be protected at all times.

⇒ Get Firefox


Chrome is another great choice for gaming and we would also like to recommend you give it a try.

This browser is fast, reliable, and is the go to for playing online games, directly in your browser.

Chrome can handle multiple tabs open and you can navigate and manage them without crashing it.

Although the browser has not been built for gaming, it has definitely undergo through great improvements that makes it a perfect choice for playing Pogo.

 Get Chrome


edge for secure transactions

This browser is yet another great choice for Pogo enthusiast that will not let them down.

Edge has been improved a lot over the years, and is now a much faster and reliable than it’s predeccessor.

The customizations included such as Privacy and Security page, Site permission page and many offers more control over what the accessed websites can do.

Moreover, the browser has other useful add-ons available such as password manager, ad blocker and VPN.

 Get Edge


web browser for Omegle

Vivaldi is a browser, great in customizations that allows you to make pretty much all the changes you need, from how navigations work to the user interface design.

Chromium is available here as well, which means you can use most of useful Chrome add-ons without a worry.

When it comes to tab management, Vivaldi is on top of its game allowing you to pin sites to the sidebar, stick toolbars, adjust pages’ fonts and colors and many more.

And on top of it all, it’s a great browser for playing games, especially Pogo, allowing for a great gaming experience.

 Get Vivaldi

As you can see, you have some fantastic options to choose from when playing Pogo online.

Let us know in the comments section below which browser have you tried and what was your experience.

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