6 Best Browsers for Google Drive, Google Docs & Google Sheets

The browsers in this list are ranked by speed & features

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Key notes

  • The best browser for Google Drive will load your documents fast without consuming lots of data.
  • Lots of our browser choices have free VPN features to keep you safe and your identity private.
  • We've also included the best browsers for Google Sheets and Google Classroom, which are perfect for work.
  • You won't have any compatibility issues with Opera, Google Chrome, and any other of the picks below.
best google docs browser
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We will explore the best browser options for Google Drive (Docs and Sheets). Here is what you should know.

Google Drive is famous for being a well-structured and organized cloud storage option. Within Google Drive, however, there is much more than storage. Two impressive components are Google Docs and Google Sheets.

You can create the most impressive text documents between the two and perform some magic on numbers, records, and general data.

However, since these are web-based applications, manipulating them will require only the best web browsers.

For these reasons, in this article, we will explore some of the best browser options on the market that will improve your workflow with Google Docs and Sheets and enhance your overall text-processing experience.

If you use Docs and Sheets alternatives, you may be interested in the best browsers for Outlook 365.

What browsers work with Google Drive?

Google Drive is famous for being a file-syncing and storage service created by Google. Drive was introduced on April 24, 2012, and enables you to sync, share, and save files on the cloud.

Officially it works with Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Safari. Still, interestingly, there are other browsers where it performs excellently even though they are not part of the official listing.

We will take a look at the best of this lot.

Does Google Docs work with all browsers?

At the moment, Google Docs is not supported in every browser. Even though it may work on many browsers, you will get the best out of the web app using it on supported browsers.

Now let’s explore the best browser options for Google Drive.

What are the best browsers for Google Docs & Sheets?

Opera One – Best for social integration

We recommend Opera One as the best browser for accessing, editing, and sharing Google Docs documents because it has fast webpage loading speeds and excellent security and privacy features. Hence Google Docs and Sheets on Opera One work seamlessly.

If you want to access and view your documents on the platform quickly, Opera One will connect you to your Google account within milliseconds. The built-in ad blocker helps to reduce the webpage loading time.

Moreover, Opera One uses very little computer processing power, allowing your machine to direct resources where they are most needed.

If you use Google Docs for work and business purposes, you want to ensure nobody can access your documents. This is where Opera One’s excellent security and privacy options come into action.

You’ll love Opera One’s data sync feature if you access Google Docs on multiple devices. This option syncs all your bookmarks, tabs, passwords, and other data types across all your devices.

The integrated messengers allow you to quickly connect with your colleagues and inform them about significant changes you made on shared documents.

Additional features:

  • Snapshot tool
  • Integrated messengers
  • Workspaces

Opera One

Improve your workflow in Google Docs using Opera One’s multiple productivity features.

UR Browser – The most lightweight

UR browser is a very powerful software built with speed and privacy in mind, and it’s one of our top picks for the best browser option for Google Docs and Sheets.

Its fast loading time for web pages is beneficial if you use this browser with Google Docs or any other application that depends on speed to save changes and find documents.

Another detail that makes the UR browser stand out from the crowd is the set of built-in security features.

You won’t need to download add-ons, and the operating speeds won’t be affected by the clutter of extensions running in the background.

UR browser also has potent filters for ads, trackers, and other online threats. It blocks access to any malicious third-party entity that would be able to get access to your private information and files.

You can choose from 3 levels of privacy: low, medium, and high. The last one also activates the built-in VPN (Virtual Private Network) to allow full anonymity online.

All these features ensure that your experience with Google Docs on the UR browser will be flawless, and we encourage you to try it. It is one of the best browser options for Google Drive.

Additional features:

  • Invisible tracker blocker
  • Third-party cookie blocker
  • Virus scanner

UR Browser

Make the most of your Google Docs experience with this lightweight, fast-loading, and fully secure browser.

Google Chrome – Most expandable

best browser for google drive

Google Chrome is the most used browser software option on the market, and for a good reason.

The wide range of customization options allows you to tailor the way it looks and choose from an extensive range of extensions.

This gives you the power to extend Chrome’s capabilities to fit your needs with just a few clicks.

In terms of speed, even though this software is quite an obvious choice for Google Docs, it doesn’t stand a chance against the UR browser.

The possible reason for Chrome’s less-than-speedy performance is that every new tab you open will start a new process on your PC. So, if you use many extensions and open many tabs, Chrome tends to get laggy.

The privacy settings you have access to in Chrome give you some protection from online threats. But Chrome doesn’t have a built-in VPN; today, it’s essential to protect your information.

Not to mention that Chrome removed the ad-block extensions completely for home users. Another detail to take into consideration. It is one of the best browser options for Google Drive.

Additional features:

  • Visual browser history
  • Workspaces
  • Task Manager for websites

Download Google Chrome

AVG Secure Browser – Spreadsheet optimized

AVG Browser is a suitable choice if you need excellent efficiency while working on Google Suite like Docs or Sheets.

The main advantage of this full private browser is its lightweight usage while working on multiple projects on Google services.

You can also utilize the anti-tracking utility and enhanced privacy in order to stop malicious websites that use personal information for marketing purposes.

It’s worth knowing that you have easy VPN integration and antivirus defense to stop cyber attacks from stealing official data from your worksheets.

Additional features:

  • Mandatory HTTPS security
  • Customizable homepage
  • Privacy cleaner tool
  • Anti-hack feature

AVG Secure Browser

Work on different projects on Google Suite apps with great privacy.

Mozilla Firefox – Best for privacy

best browser for google drive

Mozilla Firefox is another good software option to use with Google Docs. This classic browser’s wide range of features makes it a good candidate for our top pick.

In addition to a great experience using Google Docs on Firefox, Google Sheets also works seamlessly. Because the browser is not a resource hog, it is easy to work on extensive documents seamlessly.

You can customize how Firefox looks and how it reacts to different online threats.

The built-in privacy settings are not as extensive as the ones found in Chrome or UR browsers, but you can still browse the Internet securely if you add some extensions.

Because Firefox doesn’t have a built-in ad-blocker, you will need to download a third-party add-on to make sure your working process doesn’t get interrupted.

Regarding page loading speed, Firefox’s performance is above Chrome’s (though not by much) but significantly lower than Opera One’s.

Some extensions are available in the store promise to improve loading speed, but this implies installing and giving permissions to third-party applications. That can cause a breach in your online security. It is one of the best browser options for Google Drive.

Additional features:

  • New tab page
  • Page actions menu
  • Private browsing

Download Mozilla Firefox

Vivaldi – Most customizable

best browser for google drive

Nothing is better than using a highly customizable tool with a highly customizable browser. In this sense, Google Drive and the Vivaldi browser go hand in hand.

Although it has many great features, our favorite part is that practically everything can be changed, making it a browser you can call your own.

Because it is based on the Chromium engine, you may expand its functionality by utilizing Chrome’s web store extensions.

You may have numerous users on a single Vivaldi account, which lets you create profiles with specific themes to suit the job you need to do.

Finally, the developers have maintained a clean, user-friendly design despite the abundance of functions that are easily accessible.

Additional features:

  • Tab management and browser window
  • Bookmark management
  • User-friendly mobile version

Get Vivaldi

In this article, we explored some of the best browser options for Google Drive. Our top pick is Opera One because of the amazing set of privacy features and unchallenged loading speeds.

Please feel free to let us know about your experience with these browsers by using the comment section below.

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